Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival 2010

The Mid-Autumn Festival is here again for 2010 and it falls on Wednesday, 22nd September 2010..

Other than have a blessed family reunion dinner, it’s also the time to exchange boxes of mooncakes again and mind you, it’s hell of a price this year..

According to a friend’s mother who bakes mooncake almost every year, the price of lotus seed to make the lotus paste has gone up from about RM13 (2009) to RM30++ (2010) per kg..

So indirectly it affects the market price of the boxes of mooncakes as well..My family doesn’t really has the formality to buy mooncakes so it doesn’t really affect us..

But of course, it’s a way to show our sincerity in any way to give someone close to our family a box or two..

I’m not quite a BIG fan of mooncake so it’s alright if I don’t eat it for a year or so, but of course I don’t mind to have few slices if there is any :P

Well one must be thinking hard how to celebrate on that very day or any day close to the actual date..

You can always invite your friends and extended family to have a small gathering at your place and play lantern together..

Other than old fashioned-kiddo lantern-playing, as grown-ups we can also do it the Chinese style, gambling, but moderately..Don’t get addicted to it, it’s hazardous..

*Some old pictures from 2008*

If you are old enough to have kids, celebrate with them and teach them those Chinese customs that we have and we must cherish them in this modern day..

All these customs and traditions might be forgotten if one doesn’t remember their own roots and when the world is becoming more technology dependent..

mooncake lantern
*Taken from 2008 pictures*

Well of course, if you were to play old school lanterns which require candles and paper-made lanterns, do play with caution, else you might end up with burning lanterns..

Check out what I did with my friends back in 2008, celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival the DGMB style..

pandan mooncake
*Pandan mooncake*

Plan well, celebrate well, and hope you will celebrate again in the next many coming years.. :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you..Happy Mooncake Festival to you..Happy Tanglung Festival to you..Happy Whatever-You-Know-What Day to you :D

DGMB Mooncake Festival Party @ My House

Yes, this is kinda late because I was waiting for the photos from the others..

Then waste a bit of time to edit the photos..Amatuer like me need to spend a tad bit of time okay..

So it was on 12th of September, Friday, where friends came over to my house and celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a Mooncake Festival in advance..

It was quite a nice coz that’s my very first time to hold a lantern after so many years..I think the last time I carried a lantern was somewhere Primary 3-6..

Photos contributed by David, Nigel, Joshua, and myself as of what you see on the watermark..

*Some of the early bird and slackers*

*Pamsong playing with my dwarf hamster*

*Sheng Mae too but she damn afraid of it..Tikus konon wtf*

*All left Aaron do the candle and old school paper lantern alone*

Then we proceeded to the playground just situated opposite of my block..There are slide, swings, tree, and many other useless things wtf..

*We play at the playground in the housing area*

*Clockwise from left – David, Kelli, Joshua and Aaron, Nigel*

*Hsu Jen and Sheng Mae with their lantern wtf*

After lighting all the candles in the old school paper lanterns, we decorated it on tree branches and on the swings..

*They do the lantern decorations*

Nothing is complete without camwhores and camgigolos..And also playing with fire and using slow shutter with DSLRs..

*Group photo and shadow photo*

*Thomas the flame thrower*

*Thomas showing his kung fu shadow skill*


*Me the lantern arsonist*

Well, that’s why old school paper lantern is not so user-friendly now..It burns easily and fire is not good for children..

With the technology and all, all modern lanterns are now battery-fied with the shape of tanks, rabbit, helicopter and all sorts of stupid stuffs..

Think they’ll come out with the shape of DSLR, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and PSP in the near future..

*Can you see the orb walking past Joshua?*

*Group pic 1*

*Group pic 2*

After all of the decent group photos and on high from all the burning candles and lanterns, why not some stupid pose wtf..

*All on high after all the candles and lanterns*

*Ass photo*

After some wicked and kinky photoshoots, we went back up to my house coz it’s getting a bit late and we didn’t want to make noise and cause furore in the neighbourhood..

*Like I say, they are on high*

Then Hwei Ming needed to leave for the night coz it’s getting late and he’s got curfew..So, we bade farewell to Hwei Ming coz he’s leaving to UK on Wednesday, 17th September 2008..

Yeah..According to him, he won’t be back for the next 7-8 years coz he’ll be taking the CSI-related (Crime Scene Investigation) course in UK..

Yes..He likes all those technologies and bio-chemicals and a potential to be the first Chinese-non-Cantonese-nor-Mandarin-speaking terrorist..

*Then we bid farewell to Hwei Ming*

*Well these are a bit gay-ish*

After he left, we proceeded our secret plan..To paste nice nice photos of us on the BIG BIG card we bought him..

The size is damn huge okay..Now that I think back, we should get him a compilation booklet of our photos..Easy to carry and mobilize-friendly..

*Composing the farewell card*

*Taa-daa~~We’ll miss you like mad Hwei Ming*

At about 1am, the people left and headed home coz all of them stay quite far away, from Kepong to Damansara to Subang to Klang..Damn far right?

Yes, I’m done with this already..Can rest now..