Blackberry Torch 9800 Maxis10 Review – Overview

Time flies and it’s been 2 weeks since I got the Blackberry Torch 9800 under the Maxis10 programme and my review will come to an end with this post of an overview of the BB Torch 9800..

I’m going to do a slight comparison with iPhone, not technically but how I choose my smartphones, and some other not-so-big technical glitch about this BB Torch 9800..

First of all, let’s go to the size of it..

*Taken from*

Height (closed) – 4.37 in / 111 mm
Height (open) – 5.83 in / 148 mm
Width – 2.44 in / 62 mm
Depth – 0.57 in / 14.6 mm
Weight – 5.68 oz / 161.1g

Well save your time from the measuring tape or ruler..The size of BB Torch 9800 when it’s closed is almost the same size as Bold2, just slightly longer by about 1-2 mm..

Although it’s a slider phone, the thickness is just exactly the same as Bold2..If you have no problem with Bold2, you got no problem with Torch 9800 at all..

The weight feels slightly heavier than Bold2 due to its solid casing on the slider..

When it comes to the keypad, it’s quite flattened as compared to Bold and Curve..One need some time to get used to it and I’ve achieved that in about 2 days..

*Flat keypad body*

Not to mention it might be a bit small for people with big thumbs..

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Blackberry Torch 9800 Maxis10 Review – Blackberry OS 6

After showing you the camera quality, here I’m going to show you the new operating system (OS) which is integrated into the Blackberry Torch 9800, the BlackBerry OS 6..

There are 5 significant new features that I can really see in this OS 6, which are..

- Home screen personalization
- Social feed
- New media player
- Faster and richer web-browsing with tabbed browsing
- Universal/Global search

I’ve recorded a video to show you the all-new experience of the OS 6 but I’m really sorry for the second-half of the video..

The focus-point was out of focus when I shot that video hence the blurry screen on the Torch 9800..

While I’m trying to shoot a better video for future improvement, please bear with this video first and here we go..


Detailed explanations if you can’t really hear what I said in the video..

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Blackberry Torch 9800 Maxis10 Review – 5 Megapix Camera

After a brief introduction on the Blackberry Torch 9800 smartphone, I now will venture a bit into the 5-megapixel camera in the point of view of a normal user, not a professional DSLR cameraman..

BB Torch 9800 joins many other smartphones such as iPhone 4 and some Androids in trying to provide high-quality video recording function and also boost a 5-megapixel camera..

As a Symbian-phone user, I’m always disappointed with its camera quality even when it comes to 3.2-megapixel or 5-megapixel..

I’ve tried with a BB Curve 8520 and also Bold2, both with 2-megapixel and 3.2-megapixel camera respectively..

Other than the video-recording, the BB Torch 9800 photos are not any better than Curve, Bold, or some of the Symbians..

On the BB Torch 9800, you can choose from 11 different modes from Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-Up (macro), Snow, Sports, etc, just like any other compact camera..

*Close-up mode*

Here’s a sample of photo I’ve snapped by using close-up mode at Snowflakes inside Pavillion..

With some sufficient lighting from the few spotlights on the ceiling, the photo is still a bit grainy (noisy) which is usually due to low-light condition..

That aside, this close-up mode can only be used from a certain distance which I deemed rather far for a macro mode..

*Close-up mode test two*

As we know about close-up (macro) mode, usually it’s to focus at a very near depth (or maybe something in the background)  when it applies in a compact camera..

But for this BB Torch 9800, I can only shoot at a certain range not too close to the object as you can see from my picture above where I’ve tried to snap a close-up photo on a BB Bold2..

On the other hand, I tried it with the Bold2 which doesn’t has any other mode or auto-focus (which maybe has that I do not know of), the photo is much clearer than the one I snapped with the Torch 9800..

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Blackberry Torch 9800 Review With Maxis10

Few days ago, the bunch of Maxis10 reviewers for Blackberry Torch 9800 have got the Torches in hand!

Before I start, I know some might think who am I to review the new savvy BB Torch? I’m no tech-blogger, I’m no famous person, I’m no pretty girl with super high traffic..

At the end of the day, a BB Torch is just used but tech people or famous people or lengluis with high traffic blogs!

I’m also a consumer so why is my review is not qualified? Instead of technical approach on the phone, as a normal consumer, I too can have my say on the phone as well..

And why I was chosen as a reviewer under Maxis10, that beats me but of course I was glad that I applied for the Maxis10 programme..

I was shocked when I got selected for the Maxis10 and really happy to be able to test the phone..

*The Blackberry Torch 9800*

The all new Blackberry Torch 9800 a.k.a Teledega is the first BB with a true touchscreen instead of tap-screen like the Storm series..

It’s also the first BB running on Blackberry OS6 and soon-to-come, BB Storm Refresh (Odin Refresh)..

I’ll discuss bout the OS 6 in upcoming entries and this entry is just to give you an outlook of how the BB Torch 9800 looks like..

*Blackberry Torch 9800 is a slider phone*

As you can see, BB Torch 9800 is a slider smartphone with both touchscreen-enabled and QWERTY keypad..

For a first-hand physical feeling, the QWERTY keypad is a tad too flat and small as compared to the Bold and even Curve..You can feel more of the buttons on both Bold and Curve..

But after using the Torch for 3 days, I kinda get used to the flat QWERTY keypad already but I must warn this to people with bigger thumbs..

*Home screen of BB Torch 9800 on a sideview*

Now the screen can even tilt side ways on either left or right side just like the iPhone and you can use a virtual keyboard for your typing..

This of course I’ll discuss further in the OS 6 blog entry too..

*I’m using Hotlink BIS Prepaid Plan*

Hotlink have this Daily BIS plan with only RM2.50/day but I kinda get confused with it’s usage and what’s not, I think I’ll try with the Weekly BIS plan for RM28/week..

Some friends said their credit got deducted for no reason and I defended Hotlink on the first day I was using it..

Unfortunately mine was deducted too, for almost RM20 in just 2 days..I was just using BBM, UberTwitter, and Foursquare..Not too sure how’s the Daily BIS plan works..

I only know that Daily BIS doesn’t include Internet Browsing..So after this I might just subscribe the Weekly BIS plan with 500MB data, inclusive of Internet Browsing..

One can activate the BIS plan at any point of time from their BB..Just dial *100# and press 7 to set your Internet settings..Then choose your plan, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly..

Okay don’t ask me bout the rates and T&C and all coz I’m not here to talk about the rates..So head over to Maxis Centre or any Hotlink booth for more info..

*BB Pin Barcode*

Once you have started your BIS plan, it’s time for BBM! :D Let’s BBM and start a whole new era of instant-messaging..

*Yours truly*

Do stay tune for more reviews on this Blackberry Torch 9800, namely the OS 6, functions, features, camera, and perhaps some applications..

Well it’s the Maxis10 Programme, so we have 9 other reviewers that you might want to check them out as well..

*Maxis10 for Blackberry Torch 9800*

From left to right >> Raracandyfloss, YnnLunia, Sham Hardy, Jason Lioh, Lightyoruichi, Jamie Chin, yours truly, Eizil, Bryan Lim, and Xiangcool..

Other than checking out their blogs, you can also follow us and other Maxis10 reviewers on Twitter by following the #Maxis10..

Blackberry Torch 9800 Launching By RIM @ Westin Hotel

On 1st of October 2010, Research In Motion (RIM) launched its newest Blackberry Torch 9800 at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur..It’s said to be the first launch of BB Torch in the Asia Pacific..

The launch event was pretty posh and I was delighted to be invited under the Maxis10 programme and be part of the first group to witness the launch of BB Torch 9800..

Was there with the few lucky bunch :D

Photos taken from Joshua Ong and Xiangcool..

joshua ong blackberry torch 9800 launch westin hotel
*L>R – Jason, Daphne, yours truly, Jamie, Didjital, Joshua*

Like I said, the event was pretty posh and it’s quite an exclusive one, only people from the few telcos, limited media people, and others were VIPs, if not mistaken..

*The crowd in Westin Grand Ballroom*

The finger food was great and the drinks were thirst-relieving..

It’s so posh and exclusive and VIP-ish where Datuk Jimmy Choo was there as well..

*Chammaine with Datuk Jimmy Choo – taken from Xiangcool’s album*

Stunning performances of Sand Art and a nice piano medley totally got the crowd in mood before DJ Goldfish took the stage with his antics..

Games ala “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” was being played as well where the few selected people were going against each other for a Blackberry Torch 9800!

*TuneTalk’s Jason Lo going against DiGi’s Charlie Chia – taken from Xiangcool’s album*

It was an entertaining game and the winner deserved it..

The Blackberry Torch 9800 is a sweet slide phone with both touchscreen and full Qwerty keyboard functions..I shall talk about the functions when I get the phone in my hands soon! :D

*The Blackberry Torch 9800 – taken from JoshuaOng’s album*

The event ended with a happy face on me, at least, coz everyone gets a complimentary door gift from RIM by Tiffany & Co..

The gentlemen got a money clipper and the ladies got a jewelry glass case..

*Tiffany & Co Money Clip*

Following is the 10 selected people for the Maxis 10 reviewers for Blackberry Torch 9800..

*Maxis 10 for Blackberry Torch 9800 – taken from Xiangcool’s album*

For more updates and reviews on Blackberry Torch 9800, stay tune for more!

Will be talking about it more when I get the sweet BB in hand soon, very soon!