MASTravel Facebook Fanpage 1st Anniversary @ M.O.S Euphoria, Sunway

Few weeks back, MASTravel organized a birthday bash for its Facebook Fanpage at MOS Euphoria in Sunway..

It was quite a big event with performances by local artistes including Joe Flizzow, One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, Altimet, Deja Voodoo Spells, and also Joanna & Co..

It’s been already 1 year since MASTravel launched their Facebook Fanpage with lots of goodies to be won, as well as low fare tickets to grab..And it’s time to celebrate their success..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria ruirui
*Me and Ruirui*

Brought Ruirui as my guest and of course the few regulars were there too, include Kristine, Flora, Wingz, Hsu Jen, and Wenpink..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria joanna & co
*Joanna & Co*

Joanna & Co kicked start the event with their mellow yet energetic songs..The one and only female artiste of the night..Hehe..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria one buck short
*One Buck Short*

Next was One Buck Short, been in the music industry for some time and have gained successes in the local scene..One of the many local bands that I like :D

mastravel facebook mos euphoria altimet
*MC Altimet*

Altimet, a member of Teh Tarik Crew gave his best and it was a very entertaining one..Love his lovey-dovey rap songs talk about slice of life and Malaysian culture..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria deja voodoo spells
*Deja Voodoo Spells*

Deja Voodoo Spells, one of the hard rock outfits in Malaysia and they were indeed rocking the house down! Their instrumental piece was kinda euphoric and their cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was rocking too..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria joe flizzow
*Joe Flizzow the Mr President*

Joe Flizzow made the crowd moved with his “Bergerak” and also a cover of “Isabella”, in hip-hop style..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria pop shuvit
*Pop Shuvit*

Last but not least, one of the most successful Malaysian bands playing abroad, Pop Shuvit, closed the curtain with their “Marabahaya”..

It was quite a rare scene to see so many top notch local artistes together in an event and it’s FREE~!!! Well let Rock The World alone coz you have to pay for it..LOL..

Kinda enjoyed myself and I didn’t have to push around and they gave out so many freebies including air tickets to abroad, including Bali, Phnom Penh, and few more destinations..

Though I didn’t won any but I’m looking forward for more low fare tickets! :D

Langkawi Trip – Part 1, First Flight Of My Life, With Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

I have traveled and walked around Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) for few times but in my 25 years of life I have never boarded a plane before..

Last Friday, 9th Ocotber 2009 was my first time to board a plane and of course, travel in it..

It’s almost year-end with the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia fever is in the air, Dale and I decided take a short break before the start of my internship..

So we checked out the availability of the safer flight and at a reasonable price, MAS Get-The-Deal packages..

After much search and discussions, we devided to make a wasted weekend trip to Langkawi, at just RM69, not inclusive of tax..Quite reasonable I would say..

My first and last trip to Langkawi was in 2006, traveled on land and sea (bus and ferry)..It was quite fun..I could’ve guessed this trip would also be a simple yet fun one..

kl sentral mas
*Dale and I checking in at KL Sentral*

We booked for the 2.15pm flight so we checked in at KL Sentral at 11.45am..Now only I know that if we were to check-in at KL Sentral we have to do it 2 hours before the flight..

If we were to check-in at KLIA we can do so 1 hour before the flight..Hope I’m right about this..Do correct me if I’m wrong..

*KLIA Express*

Since it’s a Friday and no one could give us a ride to KLIA, we took the KLIA Express happily..RM35 per pax and we reached KLIA in just 30 minutes..That’s pretty express..

If we have like 5 people I think it’s better to drive..Otherwise, KLIA Transit or KLIA Express is the way to go..

I did a bit of panning while sitting in the train as well..

klia mas
*We arrive at KLIA*

That’s our flight MH 1446 Pulau Langkawi..Before you board the plane, if you are bringing any hand-carry bags do remember to put in any bottle of liquid, cream, or solid-liquid items into the re-sealable transparent plastic bag..

I bet you don’t want to be mistaken for a 9/11 terrorist right?

klia mas
*Check-in point aka Departure Gate*

At the departure gate we have to empty our pockets and put down our bags into the scanner..

Then we proceeded to Gate B3 to wait for our flight..More photos on B3 and Boeing 737 as soon as we landed Langkawi Airport..

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Plane Spotting @ KLIA With MAS

PLANE SPOTTING FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise your hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*..

It’s been some time since my last Hard Gay gesture..FUUUU~!!!!

Last Saturday, 22nd of August 2009, was the day where I go against all odds to wake up at 5.30am, instead of going to bed at that time (which I’ve been doing in recent days)..

That is also the day after I’ve awaken for 32 hours for my final 2 papers, before going to bed at 1.30am on Friday midnight..

Dale was the driver that day, fetching Wingz, Jess, and yours truly, from Cheras all the way to KLIA..

Million thanks to MAS for getting permission for some of us, so-called photographers to shoot at KLIA runway..

By right and by law, pedestrians are prohibited from stopping at the roadside and taking pics of the hangars and runway in KLIA..

With MAS’s PR department, we were able to do so, and to be able to attend it, MAS selected a group of about 20 so-called photographers for this event..Thanks a bunch..

The meeting was suppose to start at 7.30am but due to the early-ness of the meeting, some of us arrived a bit late and some got lost..

Then we gathered up on a hill facing the runway..

*Some of us*

The hill was quite strategic because it covers the runway..Unfortunately, we couldn’t really see planes taking off nor landing because it’s in the middle of the runway..

*MAS Kargo hangar*

Soon after that, the PR people, Jonathan, Jung Yee, and Salina, asked the officers on-duty whether we could go to another site that could feed our fetish, somewhat..

The officers right on asked us to hop on our cars, drove all the way to somewhere behind LCCT, where we were just beside the runway..

Quite close indeed..

*MAS plane taking off*

This photo is taken from my many batch of bursting photos..Very hard to capture it as it was moving quite fast, very good for panning..

With the range of our lenses, even zoom out to maximum of 210mm or 300mm, we couldn’t really focus on the plane..

A lot of cropping needed to be done..

*High up in the sky*

The weather on that morning was quite gloomy all the way..It made the background wasn’t really that great due to the dark clouds..

So the photo above is the result of cropping, level adjustment, and curves adjustment as well..

*Some snack courtesy of Salina from MAS*

Thanks a lot to Salina from MAS for preparing the snacks, home baked orange and chocolate muffins, and some hotdogs..

It’s very nice of her for doing it, and she’s the one who’s fasting! LOL~!! STIM~!!


Caught it maneuvering, somewhat..

Other than all these highly processed photos due to the weather condition and usage of lenses, I’ve played a bit with Continuous Shots a.k.a burst mode..

With this Continuous Shots and with the help of Photoshop, I’ve made them into GIF images..

Recently I have a new fetish, that is Continuous Shots, or Stop Motion or Time Lapse works..Whatever you call it..

*Aaron skodeng-ing the plane*

Aaron was standing at the edge and I saw the plane incoming..So I tried to get a bit of angle from this photos..

Continue on~!!! There are 5 more GIF images..

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Pasta Zanmai And Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince @ Signature Gardens, Non-Spoiler

Well, got an invitation from MAS Travel for a movie meet-up at Gardens to watch Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince..

I’m not a Harry Potter fan to begin with but who would say no to a movie which I’ve got good feedbacks from fellow friends..

Satkuru even shared in his Facebook, “If you think Transformers 2 is 10/10, Harry Potter is 15/10″..I was like WTF when I read that sentence..

So without hesitation I agreed and went to the movie with the gang..

Before the movie, Jun and I had dinner at Pasta Zanmai, which is like one of my favourite place for dinner in Midvalley..LOL~!!

Pictures grabbed from Jun and Jess..

*Pasta Zanmai*

On the top left was Jun’s Ebi Fry Curry Rice..She said it’s nice, and as I know Japanese curry is always quite thick and very rich, but I’ve yet to confirm with my taste bud..

The bottom two are my set meal of Mini Hotate Pizza and Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta..

Both were moderately good..Something worth mention is just the oysters on my Mini Hotate Pizza..They were good, at least for me..The pasta, so so only..

After dinner we went to Gardens and met up with the others..Got our tickets and enjoy the movie..

IMHO, it’s not quite enjoyable for me..Not that I’ve watched the previous movies, let alone reading the books..

I had only watched the first two movies..The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secret if not mistaken..

The movie is like, no climax at all..Some of the scenes it tried to be funny or indirectly with subtle jokes, some were laughing very hard, but not for me..

Those are not really funny, as it’s nothing majorly funny..

And the most annoying part, Ron Weasley‘s relationship with Lavender, is such a joke..A not funny one..

It’s almost the most exaggerated acting or scenes, let alone the annoying nickname Lavender gave to Ron Weasley, Won Won wtf..

Okay, some might say I’m bias because I’m not a fan to begin with but if you are saying so just because I’m not af an, don’t you think you are biased as well, if you are a big fan?

Other than me, some of them who joined us for the movie also said that they were disappointed with the ending and all, coz it’s like just halfway through if you’ve read the Half Blood Prince book, so I was being told..

Not to mention Boss twittered that he fell asleep when he was watching that movie with Audrey..Stim!

*L>R – Me, Aaron, Jon, David, Zheng Hwuang, Kelli, Jess, and Hsu Jen*

All in all, I don’t think it’s worth watching..Not that I anti Harry Potter, but from now on I’ll call it Hairy Pohdah-chit..

I’m not really looking forward to the rumored 2-parters finale, Hairy Pohdah-chit And The Deathly Hollow..

Now I’m very anticipated with G.I Joe, Inglourious Basterds, and Iron Man 2..

Let’s Go Now! MAS Photography Workshop

Last Saturday, 27th June 2009, I’ve attended the Let’s Go Now! MAS Photography Workshop at Studio V, One Utama..

Well I thought, since I got myself a DSLR I’ve not attended any formal photography seminar nor workshops..So I guess I should register and give it a go..

It’s a workshop collaborated by The Star and MAS..

*The V Studio at Rain Forest, One Utama*

The workshop turned out to be a very basic photography workshop, which I’ve known most of the things from fellow peers..

Just that this session is somewhat formal because it’s a workshop..LOL~!!

The workshop was conducted by Lai Voon Loong, a photographer and videographer for The Star..

*Lai Voon Loong, known as Voon*

So, I was taught and introduced what is shutter speed, aperture, Rule of Third, and, umm, ISO..

Weird enough, the workshop didn’t teach anything about white balance..I was surprise, very surprised..I must say that white balance is one of the fundamentals in photography..

When you know what’s shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and ISO, you are ready to play and learn on your own..

And actually I was surprise that almost half of the attendants really didn’t know anything about shutter speed and ISO, let alone Rule of Third..

*Kristine with her group*

Got to know Kristine was there as well..It’s good for her since she didn’t really know what photography skills is all about, after owning her DSLR for quite some time..

After the workshop, we were given a short period of time to shoot around and submit the pic as a material of a so-called contest..

The followings are my shots and it’s actually not that nice, so I just decided not to submit any of them..

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The Great Escapade

It’s been hectic in uni for the past semester and I only had 1-week holiday, it’s always not enough for a student..

1-week, it’s like hanging in the middle of nowhere that you can’t do anything of it..

To work part-time during this global economic downturn period, 1-week is not sufficient enough..

To travel, last minute planning will always ended up with no-planning..

I’ve always wanted to go travel either domestic, or ASEAN, but tight budget and bad planning always ruined the day..

I’ve always heard of the nice resting spot in Bali, the great shopping heaven of Chatuchak in Bangkok, or the nice beach of Krabi, but I’ve never had a chance to visit these places..

Domestic-wise, it’s been 3-years since my last visit to Langkawi for some duty-free shopping, 5-years since my last and only visit to Redang, and more than 10-years since my last visit to Pangkor Island..

*My bunch of friends and I on the hanging bridge*

With the global economic downturn, expenses is always well-planned and preferred to be as minimal as possible..

We can see the trend of shopping malls and some other branded outlets are having storewide sales and all to encourage money-spending to stabilize the economy..

The same goes to travelling..Travel airlines have been giving out promotions and all to encourage travelling despite the economic downturn..

Malaysian Government too, stressed on Cuti-Cuti Malaysia campaign to boost the domestic tourism industry..

If I were to travel again, be it Langkawi for its cheap chocolate and liquor, Bangkok for its Chatuchak, or Bali for its mesmerizing beach, I would travel with Malaysia Airlines (MAS)..


Now that MAS has given 9 Stimulus Package in its attempt to boost tourism industry and travelling, I would choose “80% Off Domestic” Package..

The reason I chose this package is because of its discount and low fare..

And to be able to enjoy my holiday, to plan ahead is always my choise and this package is given the choice to do advance reservation..

Also the good thing is, I’ll be able to choose between domestic flight or ASEAN flight in this package, which suits my needs very much..

As I’m a student, I have more free-time compared to working people so I’ll be able to manage my itinerary..So I don’t see the need for me to change my flight date, in which this package doesn’t allowed any changes in the flight or date..

I do believed I’ll travel better with MAS in this package as MAS has the reputation of having the best cabin crew service in the world..