Tiger Big Away Game, Manchester United vs Liverpool

It was a fun night at Sunway Giza where rival supporters met each other at Beer Factory to watch the Manchester United vs Liverpool at the Tiger Big Away Game event.

tiger big away game

It’s nice of Tiger to put up this Big Away Game event with cool games, photo booth, lucky draw, and Tiger booze!!

For Manchester United fans, this game is definitely a game to prove the team’s strength to make up for their deteriorating performance under David Moyes.

For Liverpool fans and supporters of other clubs, it’s important to them, too, that Liverpool should beat Manchester United in the big rival match to take advantage of that situation.

For an Arsenal fan like me, with the Gunners not doing too good this season, it’s enjoyable to watch Liverpool’s and Manchester City’s performances.

Liverpool took the lead in the first-half through penalty, scored by none other than Stevie G. Entered the second-half, Stevie G almost scored a hat-trick from the spot, only denied by the goal post.

Suarez completed the victory with a nice goal on the 84th minute. Most of the patrons at Beer Factory jumped in joy!

Congrats to the lucky draw winner who have guessed the score correctly and won himself a PlayStation 4!!

It was a good fun experience and thanks to Tiger Beer and Beer Factory!

UEFA Champions’ League Final – Barcelona vs Manchester United

On 28th May 2011, the UEFA Champions’ League was first to be held on a Saturday instead of the usual weekday of Wednesday or Thursday..

Went to Sid’s Pub at Bangsar South to watch one of the most memorable football matches so far with my friends..

The match between Barcelona vs Manchester United would be awesome with a capital A..

The starting line-up was as following :


1 Victor Valdés

Man Utd

1 Edwin van der Sar

3 Gerard Piqué 15 Nemanja Vidic
14 Javier Mascherano 5 Rio Ferdinand
22 Eric Abidal 3 Patrice Evra
2 Dani Alves 20 Fabio
16 Sergio Busquets 11 Ryan Giggs
8 Andrés Iniesta 16 Michael Carrick
6 Xavi 13 Park Ji-Sung
7 David Villa 25 Antonio Valencia
10 Lionel Messi 10 Wayne Rooney
17 Pedro 14 Javier Hernández

All photos being used are taken from UEFA Champions’ League Official Website Photo Gallery..

*Starting line-ups*

The match kick-started and everyone was hoping for a good match as it was a match between Spanish champion and English champion at the Wembley Stadium..

Two years ago the two met in the Finals in Rome and Man Utd got whipped by a classy Catalan side but this year, Man Utd is back with a stronger side with stronger mentality..

The first 10-minutes Barca looked shaky as if their good form is jinxed by Man Utd’s good form..

*Gerard Pique challenges Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (white)*

For a moment I thought it would be a disappointing match because Barca had been making mistakes and shitty passes, very different from the passing-experts of Xavi and Iniesta..

Man Utd have been making waves of attacks and Barca looked pretty weak..I was dumbfounded..

*Park Ji-sung challenges Lionel Messi*

Fortunately, after about 15-minutes, Barca fine tuned their passes and they finally played the game on par with Man Utd, with their usual slick passes..

If that’s not enough, Pedro slotted in a goal on the 27th minute and it was a moment to cheer for..

*Pedro’s goal*

Seven minutes later Rooney found the back of the net to levelled on 1-1..

*Rooney’s goal*

It’s frustrating but it’s good to see a good fight from both sides at just 34-minutes, with almost an hour to go..

The first-half ended with Barca dominating almost 60% of ball possessions..

More photos and brief match coverage after the jump, like loads of it!

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Watch Chelsea vs Manchester United With TM Everyoneconnects

Two days ago, I watched the Man Utd vs Arsenal match alone in McDonald’s because it’s at freaking 4am Malaysian time! Friends gotta work, so there I was watching Arsenal lost 1-0 with some sloppy defense, alone..

Sometimes, I think the Barclays Premier League (BPL, used to be known as EPL) is all fixed up but on a second thought, how could it be??

You see, last weekend, MU gotta face Arsenal for the top spot..This week, MU gotta face Chelsea to stay on top spot and for Chelsea to redeem their current bad form..

Other than this, there’s always some other matches which involved other decisive spots such as the mid-table battles, UEFA Champions’ League spots, and not to forget the relegation zone..

But it’s impossible to fix them because the whole season’s match schedules have been decided before the season started!

Anyway back to Chelsea – MU..Guess I won’t be watching this match alone anymore coz there will be a LIVE viewing party going on Padang Timur PJ this coming Sunday, 19th December 2010, with the acclaimed largest TV screen in South East Asia..

As the campaign has been live up to its name, TM is connecting everyone with events, hence Everyone Connects..The party is starting around 12-noon and be there to watch the LIVE match at 12-midnight..

Just head over to The Stadium in Everyoneconnects.net to catch the latest news of Man Utd and also leisure talks with fellow fans alike..

Thanks to its avatar (that comes with name of your choice) and a chatbox, I actually met the so-called moderator and he brought me around ‘the world’ to check out the special features..

As you can see, there’s actually day and night in ‘the world’ and there are different features between day and night..

For instance, the fireworks..

Just click on the ‘Click Here’ button and one can ignite the fireworks..There are other little things and you can explore ‘the world’ by just clicking anything you see..You might find something interesting..

You can also enter the Kopitiam (the coffeeshop look alike building next to Unifi signboard) and srat up some conversations with other users..That’s how everyone connects! :D

So in conjunction with Chelsea – MU match, consumers have a chance to get exclusive TM Man United merchandise and FAN ZONE seats when signing up for any TM products or services..

Also, ‘Like‘ Everyoneconnects on Facebook at http://facebook.com/everyoneconnects and get a cool Everyoneconnects wristband at TM booth..

See you when I see you there! :D

Smirnoff Manchester United Limited Edition Launch @ Quattro, Avenue K

Two weeks ago, Joshua invited me to go to the Smirnoff Manchester United Limited Edition Launch at Quattro, Avenue K..

Thanks to Xaviera for inviting us to the event on 18th June 2009..

The event is actually the launching of Smirnoff limited edition promotional pack design that celebrates its partnership with Manchester United Football Club..

Photos credit to Joshua..

*The Smirnoff Manchester United Limited Edition Bottle*

So here’s the look of the bottle where you can see the faces of Park Ji-Sung, Ryan Giggs, Dimitar Berbatov, and Rio Ferdinand..

I would say Smirnoff (or maybe Man Utd) is pretty smart in here for not including the most high profile player in the package, that is Cristiano Ronaldo..

It’s like they already knew he would leave the team for good..I feel happy for Man Utd for offloading such arrogant and self-centered player, even if he’s a great player on-field..

*United Against Drink Driving~!!!*

Well for a moment I thought Smirnoff is promoting football hooliganism, where it’s one of the most serious issues in UK, I guess I was wrong..

One of the reasons behind this partnership is also to promote consciousness and awareness, that is to drink with responsibility and not creating chaos..

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