Langkawi Trip – Cable Car, Sky Bridge, Black Sand Beach, and Waterfall

Okay here I’m picking up where I have left of like, some time ago..It’s my trip to Langkawi yay wtf..

It’s on the final day of our Langkawi trip and we have plenty of time until our flight at 7pm, which we need to be at Langkawi Airport by 5pm..

We checked out rather early, had our breakfast, and started to wander off to the places that we’ve missed on the first 2 days..

We were also trying to finish up as much fuel as we can because we over-pumped, thinking that we might travel alot..

langkawi harbour
*The yachts at Telaga Harbour Park*

langkawi telaga harbour park the loaf mahathir
*The Loaf, bakery owned by Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir*

I’ve heard much about this bakery, The Loaf, owned by our ex-Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr Mahathir, and this is my first time seeing it..I heard there’s a branch outlet in KL as well..

After a short visit at Telaga Harbour Park, we proceeded with Langkawi Cable Car in Oriental Village, which is about 5-minutes drive from the harbour..

langkawi cable car
*Langkawi Cable Car*

This is where we took off on the cable car to reach to the top of Mat Cincang Mountain, where 2 stations are built up there..

The Langkawi Cable Car fare is RM30 for adult and RM20 for children..They are offering 50% for Mykad users aka Malaysians..

langkawi cable car
*Animal Farm*

This is the entrance to the mini animal farm where they have rabbits and deers..

Nothing much in there as the rabbits were kept in cages when we were there at that time..There are certain times where the farmkeeper will let them out in the farm..

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*Cable Car – Station 2*

This is the Station 2, where we saw from Station 1..

Earlier on before we went up, the management had closed the operation of the cable cars due to heavy rain and strong wind..

Lucky enough, operation resumed not long after the rain stopped and the sky was quite clear after that..

More photos after the jump *toink*..

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Langkawi Trip – Part 6, Buffalo Park, Pasar Malam, and Lang Square [Day 2]

Right after our lunch at Nasi Kandar Tomato, we decided to search for the Buffalo Park, where they use buffalo milk to make cheese, yogurt, and many other things..

After some thorough research and looking through the map, we finally found the buffalo park somewhere deep in the island..

langkawi buffalo park
*Buffalo Park Langkawi*

This is the so called Buffalo Park in Kampung Nyior Chabang, quite a secluded place in Langkawi..

By the way, an entrance fee of RM 3 is being charged wtf..

langkawi buffalo park
*The buffalo park*

We thought that we could have a look at the process on how the cheese are made by using these buffaloes milks but the processing team were off that day..

It’s said that they don’t process them everyday due to limited demands and also to maintain the freshness of the milk, hence the off day..

I reckon that you should not come here if you think you could not stand the strong stench of the buffaloes and their dungs..

It’s not your average playground..

langkawi buffalo park
*Buffalo milk products*

We tried the ice-cream, made of buffalo milk, I must say it’s very nice..The strong smell of milk is there but it’s not that bad because I can’t stand the smell of milk..But this is nice..

langkawi chocolate
*Haji Ismail Group – Chocolate heaven*

After the Buffalo Park we went on to search for more hidden gems but to no avail, a lot of places were either under construction or renovation..

So we decided to call it a quit and headed to Kuah town instead..We stopped by at this Haji Ismail Group shop, a chocolate heaven..

If you are looking for halal chocolates, they definitely have it..Or maybe there’s no halal chocolate but alcohol-free chocolates..

Then we proceeded to the pasar malam in Kuah town in Pandak Mayah..Just ask the people in town for the pasar malam and they will direct you..

What we bought at the pasar malam? Move on and it’s for you to find out..

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Langkawi Trip – Part 5, Pulau Beras Basah And Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato [Day 2]

Right after the eagle feeding activity, our last destination for island hopping was Pulau Beras Basah, a place for some seaside activities..

langkawi pulau beras basah dale

That’s Dale posing for some nice shots..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*The jetty*

Boats of tourists were flooding the island in and out..Fortunately the beach stretch long enough to accommodate the people..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*The beach side*

Lots of people were swimming with their shirts on, which is not really a good sight for me and Dale..They should show more flesh and all, instead of clothes..

If you are bored of swimming, you can pay extra money for Banana Boat or Paragliding..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah banana boat
*Banana boat*

The banana boat is a torpedo-shaped tube that can accommodate 4-7 people..

There’s a trick to play this banana boat in order to stay put on the boat without falling int the sea..

When the boat swerve to the right, the person at the back most should give instruction to its crew to pressure the left side to make-balance the boat..

More photos of the beach and also nice mamak food..

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Langkawi Trip – Part 4, Island Hopping – Pulau Dayang Bunting Geoforest Park and Eagle Feeding [Day 2]

Back to my Langkawi trip, the first day ended with a big smile on our face, thanks to Fat Mum..

On the second day, we got up quite early in the morning for our activity, island hopping..

We set off at a beach nearby Awana Porto Malai Resort, where you can see lots of boats parked at the seashore..

langkawi island hopping
*The bitch beach*

The island hopping includes the Lake of Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Dayang Bunting), eagle feeding at Pulau Singa Besar, and also beach visit at Pulau Beras Basah..

Pulau Dayang Bunting, is an island that surrounded a so-called lake of freshwater in the middle of the sea..

island hopping life jacket
*Life jackets*

When you are in the middle of the sea, it’s better to be cautious even if you know how to swim..

Who knows, as like what you always watch in movies, your legs might get cramped or something..

Or too much or scientific facts are not good too..It’s easy to float in the sea because of the saltwater but you won’t float if you don’t know how to swim!

lake of pregnant maiden pulau dayang bunting
*Lake of Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Dayang Bunting)*

That long stretch of hills is the famous Pulau Dayang Bunting, where you can really see the shape of lady pregnant lady..

Why it’s a lady and not a man you ask? Can you see the boob shape right below the chin? Hahahaha..

Then on the way to the Pulau Dayang Bunting, I think I found a new island..

island hopping bearbrick
*Bearbrick Island*

See this island, isn’t it look like Be@rbrick? Yes it does look like one..Don’t defy it..

I bet not many people notice this island..

island hopping pulau dayang bunting*Dale and the few other passengers boarding the jetty*

It took us somewhere 10-20 minutes to travel from Awana Porto Malai to the Pulau Dayang Bunting Geoforest Park..

I never thought Pulau Dayang Bunting to be a geoforest park..I thought we’ll be playing around the beach side..

island hopping pulau dayang bunting
*Pulau Dayang Bunting Geoforest Park*

The island has been exploited and turned into a tourist spot..

The developer still managed to maintain the habitat (I’m not sure how much of it) and promote eco-friendly environment..Keep the island clean!

island hopping pulau dayang bunting
*Welcome to Dayang Bunting*

It wasn’t quite a lucky day as it rained  very early in the morning..We had to take cover under the toilet..

Much more of the lake and the eagle feeding after the jump *jumps – toink*..

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Langkawi Trip – Part 3, Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant @ Pantai Tengah

It’s on the first day that we were deprived of food after some long hours of landscape shooting..

Then I remembered that Wilson told me there’s a restaurant called Fat Mum but he didn’t tell me where’s the restaurant located..

Upon driving around Pantai Cenang and back and forth from Awana Porto Malai, we stumbled upon Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant in the middle of Pantai Cenang and the road on the way to Awana Porto Malai..

If not mistaken it’s called Pantai Tengah where you will see lots of Javanese influenced restaurants or spas and some Western restaurants plus resorts along the way..

Do spot the Sunday Bistro and Restaurant, Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant is just nearby and you need to drive/walk in a bit..It’s not quite visible from the main road..

map to fat mum seafood restaurant langkawi
*Map to Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant*

I know it’s a bit simple and nonconstructive but I hope you understand the map and that’s one of the reason I took up engineering wtf..LOL

*The dodgy-looking restaurant is the best hidden gem*

Yes, believe it or not, this dodgy-looking restaurant is by far the best hidden gem in Langkawi, IMHO..

It’s quite well-known to some but it’s still not that famous, which I’m quite glad..Why so? You’ll know later on..

fat mum seafood langkawi
*The restaurant’s main area, the upstairs*

The main area is on the upstairs, so do proceed to the upstairs instead of sit at the lower level waiting for no one to come to take your order..

Like I said, it’s quite well-known to some but it’s not THAT famous, just yet, hence the emptiness you see in the photo above..

*Alcohol feast in duty-free land*

What’s more to drink in Langkawi if not the alcohol? How can you miss out the alcohols or chocolates in Langkawi, right?

Dale and I were very hungry at that time coz we had our lunch quite early, that’s in KL..

Even though there are just two of us, but we ordered enough portion for 3 pax..We were surprised as well..LOL..

fire on noodle fat mum langkawi
*Noodles On Fire*

What we had ordered? That’s for you to find out after the jump..

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Langkawi Trip – Part 2, Bright Sky At Awana Porto Malai And Sunset On The Beach At Pantai Cenang

After we stepped down at the airport, it’s a wise choice for us to look for room from the ‘agencies’ at the airport..

There are tonnes of them shouting at you and basically their prices are almost the same..

Else, you can always rent a car first, then drive around Pantai Cenang to look for a hotel/motel/resort/chalet that you feel comfortable with..

*We rent a Potong Proton Saga*

Since we arrived Langkawi quite late, we decided to not waste much time anymore, we rent a car, rent a room, and even paid for the island-hopping package with the very same agency instead..

We got ourselves a Proton Saga..Wanted to get a Nissan Sentra, if only we have more people, like 4 or 5..

We chose Malim Resort as it’s just in front of Cenang Beach (Pantai Cenang)..

If you want something more comfortable or could accommodate more people, you can check out Aseania, Landcons, or the nice Awana Porto Malai..

langkawi dale malim resort jenkinyat yatz paddy field
*My current header image*

As you can see, this is my current header image for my new blog layout..The effect is still lacked a bit coz the paddy field doesn’t really look that wide..

The camera should’ve placed furthere away to the back..

This is a paddy field in between airport and Pantai Cenang..

langkawi dale malim resort
*Our room at Malim Resort*

After Dale and I had settled down in our room, we decided to go out to take a stroll before dinner..

Equipped with our guns DSLRs, we drove around Pantai Cenang and airport area..

We ended up at Awana Porto Malai Resort due to its nice sea view with a bit of islands under the bright sky..

So here I’m sharing some of my favourite photos..No major post processing been done..Only resizing and watermark..

langkawi dale awana porto malai resort sea view
*One of my fave photos*

This photo actually looks quite symmetrical with the natural cloud shape, the two yachts, and the island..

langkawi dale awana porto malai resort sea view
*Deep blue sea*

My camera was set to aperture-mode (A-mode), I’ve been playing with its shutter speed to adjust a photo’s brightness..

By taking advantage of that, I’ve focused on different area to get  a mid-range shutter speed, then pull down the size of the frame to make the photo looks as shown..

As much as I want to share the whole folder, I can’t be serious to make a long post full of photos..Maybe I’ll upload into my Facebook soon while you enjoy with the few photos here first..

Continue on for sunset at Pantai Cenang ahead..

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