DGMB Pot Luck + BBQ @ David’s House, Klang

Two weeks ago on 29th August 2009, the night where Diaby scored an own goal that caused Arsenal lost 2-1 to Man Utd, we, DGMBians had a somewhat annual private BBQ cum Potluck at David‘s house in Klang..

The house is rather big and a bit far from KL..We’ve planned that for almost one month and boy, glad we made it..Of course with a bit hassle here and there, on and off, but it doesn’t matter anymore because we’ve made it..

*Early birds*

Some of the early birds, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Jamie, Nigel, and Andrew were there to help out the chores and preparations..

Andrew became a fireman that night, literally..No, he’s not a fireman who puts out the fire but put on the fire on the BBQ pit..Well done Drew! :P

*Some of the foods*

Since it’s a BBQ cum potluck dinner, everyone brought their best choice of food..

On the pic above, that’s Jamie’s mashed potatoes, Kelli’s fried bee hoon, Andrew’s cai kueh, and Chung Lern and Stephenie‘s brains otak-otak..

That’s not all..We also have Chris Tock‘s raw squid for BBQ, Ren‘s Ramly burger patties, Joshua and Aaron‘s chicken wings, and my mini egg tarts, to name a few..

*Makan time*

While I was BBQing the chicken wings, everyone was chit-chatting around, and waiting for my chicken wings at the same time..

Well it’s not that I’m complaining because BBQ chicken wings is my forte, so it’s my pleasure to serve them with my stim chicken wings..

Not to mention PinkPorkChop (PPC), Vivien, and Linda were literally sitting there and waiting for the chicken wings..LOL~!!

There’s more collage images, a group pic GIF, and we played some games of course..

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My First Ever Qing Ming Trip To Klang

Okay, last Sunday (not the day after Nuffnang Music Bash..The one before that) I got up at freaking 6.30am for Qing Ming, and I slept at freaking 4.30am..Sheesh..

Honestly, it was my first ever Qing Ming trip to visit my grandfather and it’s in Klang, coz he died at his second wife’s home, hence placed over there..

Anyway, my father and his siblings did make a trip to Klang every year during Qing Ming, just that I didn’t follow..I also don’t know why and my dad didn’t once asked me to..

But this year a bit different, was being asked to get up early, to make a trip to Klang..So, I did..And I was the driver..

The only place I am familiar with Klang is somewhere Berkerley, the Jusco area where Qe Xiang BKT is situated..The cemetery is somewhere deep inside Meru..Not that familiar so wth..

At about 7am, met up with other aunties and uncles (my dad’s siblings la duh) at Pudu Majestic..Then sped off to Klang via Federal Highway..

Just before the Sunway Hanging Bridge or whatever you call it, just in front of Guinness factory, there was a serious shit accident..

A car (Waja if not mistaken) dragged for quite a distance on the highway in front of GAB and it hit the metal bar divider in the middle of the road, if you get what I mean..

It caused a massive jam at freaking 7.30am on Federal Highway on the way up to Klang..I think it’s quite a rare sight..

Then, at about 8.10.am, we reached the destination, don’t know what name of the cemetary..

*The cemetery in Klang*

So I was there, the cemetery where my grandfather is buried since……I don’t quite remember when..Year 1994 i guess?

Then parked our cars, walked up the hill, not that high up, so it’s fine..

Fortunately, the crowd wasn’t that packed as well..Still bearable and cars still movable..

Also, the weather was moody and cloudy..Very nice for outdoor activities such as Qing Ming, coz there are a lot of elderly people..

*My family and relatives*

Yeah, those are my cousins and father and sister and uncles..It’s my first visit okay, don’t play play..

Well it’s NOT my first visit to a cemetery of course..I mean my first tri to visit my grandfather..

Other than visiting my mom every now and then since 2006, this is really my first..

*The graveyards and all*

Well, I’ve known that usually this kinda event, cemetery or religious or temple thingy, involves the whole family members..

So, usually there are a lot of pretty girls or wannabes walking around following their parents or wandering off themselves coz they are already so familiar with the ritual and all..

And it’s no surprise for me to see some pretty ladies hanging around the cemetery with their family members, chit-chatting and laughing out loud..

*Lo and behold*

I actually wondered what’s with the culture and all..The people there laughed out loud, at cemetery?!?!

Okay, maybe their sense of believe is to bring happiness and joy to the deceased family member by LOL, lighting up firecrackers, and many other things..

But, how some might explain that you have to behave when you are at the cemetery as you might indirectly offend the “neighbours”..

That’s why, culture and beliefs of each family is totally different..

As for my family being all free-thinker, we are just doing it because it’s a Chinese custom, not because we are religious and what’s not..

So we skipped most of the hectic part and just went on with the joss sticks and the box thingy..

*Sunshine is bright*

Just about time when we were done, the sun is brightly lit up on the sky and it’s about 9.45am..

Then I suggested to bring my family to Qe Xiang Bak Kut Teh, since we were already in Klang..Why not a trip to Qe Xiang, it’s on the way exit to Federal Highway anyway..

So yes, we did and again, the breakfast cum lunch a.k.a brunch was splendid..

*Qe Xiang Dry and Soup Bak Kut Teh*

I’m so proud of myself that I brought my family to eat BKT in Klang..LOL~!!

Le Tour De Klang

Yes people..It was a hectic Sunday for me..Last Sunday, 23rd of November, Aaron and I went to Kapar, Klang to attend a friend’s wedding..

Initially Earl and Wingz supposed to join us so we went over to his place at Pandan Indah..

Then Earl got an urgent call and couldn’t join us for shit while Wingz fell sick and didn’t pick up my call at all..

And it proves it’s real shit for us because Earl is the only who one knows the way to Klang and the only one with GPS..So we Google-Mapped..

*Kampung Tok Muda, Kapar, Klang*

So, for those who have noticed in my Plurk, I traveled a very long journey, just to visit our friend’s wedding..

*My whole journey*

But of course, the whole journey was quite worth it..At least now we roughly know the way to Kapar, or at least Klang..

And the most important, Aaron and I got to attend our friend, Zeo‘s wedding but we were way too late..We reached his place around 4.45pm..

Most of the guests left the place already..But, we had some personal time chatting with him coz earlier on he was busy with his wife with all the bersanding stuffs..

Then we left at about 7pm..On our way back, we got lost, hence the long journey back to KL from what you saw in my Plurk..

Anyway, congratulations to Zeo and his wife..

*Zeo, Aaron, me*

By the way, I’m damn proud to be his friend because he is one of the very rare person with a site of PR7..KanaSai also lose okay..

Congratulations to the newly wed couple once again..