Heineken Green Room 2013 Is Back @ KL Live, Life Centre

I’ve known Heineken Green Room as far as back in 2008, probably longer than that. Been quite an avid fan of such music events where we were introduced with indie and artsy artistes.

This coming 15th June 2013 sees Heineken Green Room return with yet another tantalising explosion of music and art in the shape of a line up that includes a live set from one of the United States’ most hotly tipped indie-pop outfits, The Drums, and a DJ set from the hands of British electronic mavericks Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) alongside a truly extraordinary collection of Malaysian acts and artists breaking new ground in the field of visual communications.

Heineken Green Room 2013 TEED
*Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED)*

Along with Heineken Thirst, Malaysia’s premier electronic music festival, Heineken Green Room forms the core of a music philosophy that is committed to bringing the best of the world’s music experiences to Malaysia and giving them a unique Heineken twist.

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Stereophonics “This Feeling” Live Gig @ KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

Stereophonics, a rock band hailed from Wales rocked Kuala Lumpur 2 days ago with their “This Feeling” gig/concert at KL Live at Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail..

First of all, gazillion thanks to Ginny for the pair of tickets that she bought but couldn’t attend due to high fever..THANK YOU! Makan and movie next time k :D

So I asked Dillon to join me coz he’s the only one who likes rock music and free to drive me to Mutiara Damansara during office-hour to pick up the tickets from her..Well my car was in the workshop, so yeah..

It was said that the door opens at 7.30pm and the gig starts at 9pm, so Dillon and I thought we could slack a bit because we were afraid if there’s no crowd and we got nothing to do there if we were too early..

We reached KL Live at about 7.35pm and we were shocked to see the crowd waiting in line..We’ve never thought that Stereophonics have THAT kind of fanbase in Malaysia..

One reason is Stereophonics is not a new band and it’s not quite a mainstream hits in local radio..I can understand those people who are of my era but some were pretty young..

I first heard of them in 1997 of their first ever single “Local Boy In The Photograph” from their debut album “Word Gets Around”..

Anyway, so we entered KL Live at about 8pm after waited for quite some time at the lower ground due to the packed crowd..

stereophonics kl live crowd
*The crowd waiting for the gig to begin*

Sorry for the photo quality but that’s all I have coz I was using my camphone only..Didn’t bring my gears..

So we entered and more waitings til around 9.25pm..The waiting had finally ended..

Owh, Hsu Jen, David, and Chris Tock were there too..And I’ve created a Twitter hashtag for it under #StereophonicsMY..

stereophonics kl live
*Stereophonics rock the house down*

The Welsh rock band now consists of Kelly Jones (vocal, guitar), Richard Jones (back up vocal, bass), Javier Weyler (drummer), Adam Zindani (back up vocal, guitar), and touring member Tony Kirkham (keyboard)..

And that night was Tony’s birthday, or somewhere around that day..We even sang birthday song to him wtf..LOL..

The gig lasted for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and another 15-20 minutes of encore..It was a great deal!

I’ve video recorded 2 songs on my phone, namely “Mr Writer” and “Have A Nice Day”..

*Stereophonics – Mr Writer*

*Stereophonics – Have A Nice Day*

The video quality was so so but the audio quality sounds pretty fine, not great..

So, enjoy! I hope those people who attended it enjoyed themselves too..

Hari-Hari Mau Tiger Beer In Tiger Year With Feng Shui Master Joey Yap @ KL Live

It’s the Tiger Year in the the Lunar Calendar this year hence Tiger Beer organized an exclusive event to get its supporter to go “Hari-hari Mau”..Pun intended..

Thanks to Tiger for such event and of course thanks to Elaine for the media passes..

Other than media people and reps from Tiger, there were also some local celebrities and other VIPs, not to mention some pretty girls..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Group photo taken from Wilson’s*

My flash kinda gave me a hard time that night thus I have to leech other people’s photos..

So you see we have Chris Tock, Wilson, Thomas, Joshua, Jackie, Jess, Kate, Hikaru, Nadia, Flora, and Kristine with us..

tiger beer joey yap kl live tiger dance
*Tiger dance*

Since I was little, I’ve seen so many performances of lion dance, until somewhere Primary 6, that is..

After I’ve entered secondary, not much sight of lion dances during CNY in houses of the rich or so..

Only can see lion dances on new shops opening and/or big events with China-man bosses..And now, our local performers bring you the Tiger Dance, which is SOMETHING new..

tiger beer joey yap kl live tiger dance
*Tiger dance*

It brought back sweet memories, maybe due to my tipsiness after drinking few bottles of Tiger Beer..LOL~!!

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*The top people of Tiger giving a toast to the crowd*

Those were the top people of Tiger (M) giving a long “Yummmmmm Senggggggg” to the crowd and never fail, the crowd for sure would reply back with the same words..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*The exclusive crowd*

After the toasting and all, the organizer had some of the guests to go on stage and played some games..

They played a bit of trivia Q&A games involving Tiger Beer then went on with something nasty and sexy *roars*..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 3*

This is Team 3 with Thomas the sexy long legs tiger..LOL~!! *inside joke*..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 1*

This is Team 1 with Chris Tock and newscaster/host Will Quah in the same group..They were roaring into the year of Tiger..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 4*

Joshua was in Team 4 and they were toasting “Yum Seng” to the crowd hoping to win as the best team to roar their way into the crowd’s hearts..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 2*

And the winner goes to Team 2 with 2 members of local group Friends in it..They were doing beatboxing so yeah, it was kinda cool..

After the games event, Feng Shui Master Joey Yap went on stage to talk about adultery and relationships..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Joey Yap, taken from Wilson*

If you want to know whether you or your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse is or will be involved in affair with someone else or loyal to you, the signs are on your face, lips, side forehead, and scars or moles..

It’s pretty interesting..LOL~!!

Well, that’s all for the crap and if you want to see the Ti-girls (tigers), do check out Wilson’s blog at HERE..

Wish everyone has a prosperous Tiger Year and hari-hari mau minum Tiger Beer..