Kelli’s 25th Surprise Birthday @ Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights

On 9th October 2010, the day after Jamie’s private surprise birthday dinner, we had another private surprise birthday dinner for Kelli..

This time it was at Jarrod & Rawlins at Damansara Heights in Jalan Dungun..It’s a cosy restaurant with a combination air-conditioned dining hall and also al fresco environment..

Long story short, again no food review in this entry but a simple warning, the sausages and roast pork (siew yuk) is the bomb! Pasta was good too..

*Cupcakes from WonderMilk and name card by Elaine*

The two early birds who were there to set up the balloons..

*Jenzten and Cassandra*

They were in-charge of preparing the balloons and some other party stuff..Then Daphne and I arrived, followed by April and Elaine..

After everyone has arrived, we were feasting on the awesome sausages and roast pork while waiting for Nigel ferrying Kelli from home..

Surprise party is the way to go..Normal parties or hit the club is a bit boring..

*L>R – Daphne, April, Elaine, Kelli*

All photos credit to the loving guy, mastermind, planner, cameraman, photographer of the night, Nigel :D

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Kelz Birthday @ Vary Pasta, Atria PJ

On 11th of October, we celebrated Kelz birthday (13th Oct) at Vary Pasta at Atria Shopping Centre, Petaling Damansara Jaya..Well call me noob..I don’t know what area is that..

Vary Pasta is quite a hidden restaurant..Atria is quite hidden for me already, what’s more Vary Pasta itself..

Note that you might want to bring your part time girlfriend to this place as it might save you from being bumped into friends or acquaintances..

Now, introducing the people in da house..Photo credits to Kel’s cam, David, and yours truly..Sorry for some of the photos’ quality, a bit yellowish..

*The birthday girl*

*The purple invasion, Josephine, Me, Kelli*

*Nigel the cameraman*

*The randoms, Hsu Jen, David, Aaron, Joshua*

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