Homemade Kee’s Creampuffs

The other day I tried the homemade creampuffs by Kee’s Creampuffs, a small neighborhood venture, delighting people with delectable cream puffs in the form of surprise packages or catering for a special occasion..

Kee’s Creampuffs is now venturing into online world where you can order via email or the conventional phone call..

A minimum purchase of 25 creampuffs would cost you RM0.80 each (RM20), 100 creampuffs for RM0.70 each (RM70), and 300 creampuffs for RM0.60 each (RM180)..

This is the standard box package for the 25 creampuffs..Additional charges apply if you want to customize the packaging, which is upon request only..

It’s cash on delivery (C.O.D) and a deposit of RM50.00 is required for orders above 300 creampuffs..

A delivery charge of RM7.00 applies within Petaling Jaya area and delivery to KL areas are currently not available as of the date of this post..

However, if you are able to pick it up at USJ19 Mall, then there will be no delivery charge..

The creampuffs are very soft and ‘juicy’ with the cream all melt in your mouth, not in your hand! :P

The sweetness is just right, should be suitable for people of all ages, that includes not too sweet for both kids and the elders..I can eat at least half box here..It’s too tempting!

How to order?

Email or SMS Kee’s Creampuffs at keescreampuffs@gmail.com or contact number at 017-3842813..For more info and updates, check out their Facebook page..

Orders must be placed 2 days before the delivery date and creampuffs are delivered FRESH!

Maybe you will need some for the upcoming Chinese New Year?