Jojo Little Kitchen @ Kuchai Entrepenuer Park

Well, for no reason, I’ve got like don’t know how many so-called spam comments from valid commentors in my blog post about Miharja Pan Mee..

Not really spams, but, they discussed bout Kuchai Jojo Little Kitchen in my Miharja Pan Mee entry..Weird..

Anyhow, the comment thingy was quite effective wtf..So I went to try it out with both of my sisters..

If you know where is Kuchai Entrepenuer Park, then I shouldn’t be a problem to locate Jojo Little Kitchen..

It’s behind a row of shoplots nearby well-known shops like Winson Fish Head Noodle and Wingz Cafe..

*Jojo Little Kitchen*

If you are not familiar with the place, you might missed the corner shop with its not quite striking signboard..

But that’s not really a problem to them coz they have quite a lot of regular customers..

*The place and my two younger sisters, Min and Shan*

Then we ordered different type of pan mee..Didn’t really know what to choose, we just made random orders..

Other than pan mee they also sell other kinds of noodles and finger food..

Read on for more mouth-watering pics and pan mee..By the way, all of the pics in this entry are NOT photoshop, only resizing and watermarks..It’s all straight from my camera..

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