Super Tom Yam Cup Noodle

When you are lazy to cook and getting hungry at any time of the day, instant cup noodles are the best!

*Super Tom Yam Cup Noodle*

Not only at home, you can also bring it for your 1-night trip to anywhere..

Instant cup noodles was a favorite back in pre-U times when we are staying for a night up in Genting..Things weren’t cheap, what’s more for a student!

Not to mention finding food at late night in Genting can be quite a headache if you are not familiar with the hidden eateries..

It saves time..Just boil sufficient amount of water, pour it in with the seasoning powder, wait for about 2 minutes, and you are ready to eat..

Instant Noodles – PAMA Kua Teaw Segera

Instant noodles are my best friends during the midnight..

PAMA Kua Teaw Segera is definitely one of my favorite brands and flavors..Other than the Kua Teaw (Kuey Teow) PAMA also have Vermicelli (Bihun/Mihun/Mee Hoon), which is the only Bihun that I would buy..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*PAMA Kua Teaw Segera*

It’s not the clear chicken soup kinda flavor..It has curry powder to be added on..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*The finer kuey teow*

This kuey teow is of course firmer than those kuey teow you usually had for fish ball noodles or pork noodles..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*Hot boiling kuey teow and curry powder*

This kuey teow is almost same like vermicelli, you don’t have to cook it for too long if you want the firm texture to stay..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*Smooth slurpy kuey teow*

Add an egg into the noodles is a must for most of my instant noodles supper..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera

Now you know you just have to try this, if you don’t dislike vermicelli :D

Nong Shim’s Korean Claypot Ram Yun

At a wholesaler market nearby my house sells some very cheap Korean noodles as compared to other supermarkets..

At conventional supermarkets/hypermarkets they are selling at RM12 above, the one nearby my house selling at less than RM10..

So I got one for myself, not knowing how it tastes like..

*Nong Shim’s Korean Clay Pot Ram Yun*

Being a Korean noob, I don’t think this is kimchi or udon or whatever..

But anyway, as usual, soup noodle goes very well with an egg..I must add in an egg into my soup instant noodles..

*Boil it hot*

Put everything into the steel pot..Noodles, spices, boil for about 45-seconds..Then add in the egg..

Cook for about 1-minute and you are done..Check the texture of the noodles to own preference, soft or firm and bouncy..

*Korean Noodle*

Pour it into the bowl and your are done..For me, a nice perfect firm and bouncy noodles are for the win..

The taste, a bit sourish with slight mushroom-ish taste..The soup is a tad similar to the Sapporo Ramen I had at Ichiban Ramen..

Not everyone likes this tangy taste but I’m fine with it..What’s more you can ask for when you are drop dead hungry in the middle of the night? :P

*Chopstick licking good*

Korean? For the win I would say..


Instant Noodle – Yum Yum Tom Yum

Okay, I’m going to start up an instant noodles series, where the nocturnal me will be buying different different kind of instant noodles to feed my hunger at night..

First up would be Tom Yum flavor, goes by the brand of Yum Yum..

It’s my first time buying it and I seriously not a Tom Yum eater, what’s more loving it..I can’t really take sour food nor drinks..

But still, I’ve decided to be a bit adventurous and gave it a try..Bought this at Tesco..

*Yum Yum Tom Yum Shrimp Creamy Flavour*

So that’s how the packaging looks like..As usual, I eat my soup instant noodles with an egg..

First boil the soup..The put in the noodles..

*Noodles in the pot*

Cover the pot for about 30-45 seconds, then add in the egg and cook as you wish, whether mix it with the soup or without breaking the egg yolk..

I prefer to mix mine..Then cook for about another 1-2 minutes..

*The Yom Yum noodles*

Here’s the result..Like I said, I can’t take sour food nor drinks, not even a single bit..I hardly eat orange, imagine the seriousness..

My comment about this flavour? Not bad..I actually love it..Not really THAT sour, I can still take it..

Not too sure if Tom Yum should be more sour or this is the right taste but, it’s just right and nice to me :D


Can’t believe I actually like this Tom Yum..Now I can add one more soup flavour into my favourite lists of instant noodles..


MyoJo Mee Goreng Pedas

As a Malaysian, Maggi Mee is very synonym to our culture..

As much as I like Maggi goreng, to find a nice Maggi goreng is difficult task..

Indo-Mee wise, I don’t buy it coz I usually it out at mamak stalls, other than Maggi goreng..

The Cintan Mee Goreng Pedas is one of my favourite in terms of mee goreng..But the epic of all hot and spicy mee goreng is from MyoJo..

The MyoJo is back with a new branding and new look..How much I miss it, cannot describe at all..

MyoJo has been missing in action for few years and it was the best mee goreng ever..

I still remember when I first ate it when I was in Primary 2..For that one packet of mee I had to drink at least 3 glasses of water..

Now that it’s back, it brings back old memories, though the taste has differ a bit, it still taste good..

*MyoJo Mi Goreng Pedas*

This is the new packaging of MyoJo..It’s slightly more expensive than usualĀ  Maggi/Mamee instant noodles, where 5 packets of MyoJo cost RM6..

Just put the noodle in hot boiling water and cook it as usual..

*After cook*

That’s the usual thing that you get after cooking/boiling the noodles..

Then, mix thoroughly with the MSG powder and all that is provided..

*Delicious Mi-Goreng Pedas*

Shit, now I feel like having one..