Miss Hypertune Finale @ Mist Club

And so, after much delay I’m now posting the Finale of Miss Hypertune happened last month at Mist Club..

Browsing through my folder of Miss Hypertune Finale photos, a lot cannot make it..So I’ve decided to only post up the winners..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*Second runner-up, Nataliz Chiaw with former Miss Hypertune 2004 Julie Hoi*

Nataliz Chiaw, the second runner-up for Miss Hypertune 2009 together with Julie Hoi, one of the familiar faces in Hypertune Mag..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club patricia
*First runner-up, Patricia Phang with Miss Malaysia Universe 2009 JoannaBelle Ng*

Hypertune even invited Miss Malaysia Universe 2009 JoannaBelle Ng as one of the judges..

She’s the presenter for Miss Hypertune 2009 first runner-up Patricia Phang..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club mizuki
*Newly crowned Miss Hypertune 2009, Mizuki with Andrea Cheah, Miss Hypertune 2007*

The winner of Miss Hypertune 2009 is hailed from the country of the rising sun, Japan, Ms Mizuki-san..

IMHO, Mizuki was the standout one among other candidates because of her outspoken English-command during the Q&A session, even compared to the Malaysians..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*Congratulations to Mizuki*

Other than her good English-command, she’s also one of the very few ones that carried the quality of being a model..SHe’s just got the look..

She also holds a Master degree, mind you..

And of course, she’s one of the crowd’s favourite..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*Winners of other subsidiary titles*

The other winners of some other subsidiary titles include Rebecca Chan, Yen Chua, Aliana, etc..

I’m so disappointed that my favourite Evonne didn’t even get a single sub title, let alone getting into the Top 3 list..Sigh..My fingers crossed for Mizuki nevertheless..

Other than all these participants, there is another sexy lady who was the crowd’s favourite as well..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club sarah yap
*Sarah Yap*

The host Sarah Yap, the type of girl that I, or I would say most guys would really like..I’m very sure about that..

She’s one lady that I pretty sure everyone would vote for if she were to participate in Miss Hypertune..

Miss Hypertune – Semi-Finals @ Mist Club

Last weekend I joined the fellow Alphanatics to the semi-finals of Miss Hypertune, an annual model search made popular by the car magazine, Hypertune..

SONY Xplod was one of the sponsors so we Alpharians got to get some “media” passes and went to the event as photographers and all..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*Participants from all over Malaysia*

IMHO, some of the girls really cannot make it, as in their appeal..But I should applaud them for their courage to join such events..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*The 2009 Miss Hypertune candidates*

In the crowd there were one Japanese, one Russian, one Kazakh, one Indonesian Chinese, one Korean, and the rest were Malaysian Chinese..

Like many other events, most of these girls are student and/or freelancers..

*Group pic of 33 participants*

So the models were all posing in front of Mist Club before they went on stage to be judged by the panel judges, who half of it were previous winners or runners-up..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club

I’ve found my new love among the contestants..My favourite contestants of all is no other than Evonne..She’s the tallest among, standing at 172cm if not mistaken..

She’s a tad bit skinny, but it’s okay..She’s sweet, tall, and thin..My love~~

Look who is my new found second love..

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