Countdown to Heineken Kick-off to Ibiza Final 2013

Heineken is giving Malaysians the chance to watch the screening of UEFA Champions League (UCL) Final VIP-style in the party capital of the world – Ibiza, Spain.

The only catch is that the Heineken Ibiza Final tickets are hidden in a secret location somewhere in Klang Valley and you are encouraged to collaborate via social media activities to find out where the tickets are!

ibiza beach

Once the location is revealed, 80 lucky football fans will be invited to participate in the Heineken Ibiza Finale Challenge where they will have to display their skills through a combination of charm, imagination and inventiveness to be rewarded with this ultimate football and music experience.

The Heineken Ibiza Final contest officially ends this Saturday 20 April.

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Heineken Thirst 2012 Featuring Justice, Above & Beyond, and Avicii @ Sepang International Circuit, KL

It was one of the best party in 2012, probably the best in 2012!

Well I was a bit late for the event because the door opened at 5PM, and I reached the venue around 11.30PM.

So basically I’ve missed most of the local acts like Tommy Cham, Mr Nasty and Guru Guru, Phil K Lee, Goldfish & Blink, Lapsap, and international acts like Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, and Justice.

Just barely made it for about 20-minutes set of Above & Beyond before Avicii came on the podium.

The VIP area was really great! It has ample of space for the party revellers to move around. But I guess one of the reasons was some of them actually went into the normal area to party with the crowd.

*Yours truly, Adrie, Joshua*

Apart from the VIP area, there’s also the Heinekabana where you need to purchase a minimum amount of tickets to have the whole cabana for your company without having to push or get lost in the crowd.

Although the crowd was really packed and the place is of course, dark, I still managed to bump into few friends.

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UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour 2011 @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

The most prestigious trophy of football in the club level, the UEFA Champions League trophy made a pit stop in Malaysia in its Trophy Tour 2011..

The last time the trophy made a visit to Malaysia was 4-years ago and so it’s said that the trophy will not be coming to our shore for the next 4-years, at least!

So I made a visit to Sunway Pyramid to catch a glimpse of the trophy and boy, it was crowded!

*The stage*

Numbers of people queued up to have a photo with the trophy, all donned in their favourite team’s jersey..

The Trophy Tour event was further brightened up with the presence of Joey G as the emcee throughout the event..

*Arsenal fan with the trophy*

Sunway Pyramid was the trophy’s first stop before heading to Gurney Plaza (Penang) on 5th and 6th March 2011..

Then the trophy will be making a comeback in Kuala Lumpur in Centre Court, Pavilion KL on 11th and 12th March 2011..

As this event is brought to you by Heineken, queue up to take a polaroid photo of you with the trophy, buy a bottle of Heineken beer that comes together with a coaster, and you are entitle to join a contest to win a trip to Wembley Stadium..


Other than showcasing the Champions League Trophy, Heineken also brought us some memorabilia from previous matches, from the balls to jerseys and goalkeeper hand gloves being worn by certain players during a Champions League match..

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Heineken Green Room @ Zouk KL

Sorry for the lack of update..It was due to my finals, which is happening right now..

Well, two weeks ago, 1st of August 2009, it was Heineken Green Room once again at Zouk KL..

I’ve missed Green Room 2008, though I’ve heard some complains here and there due to the on-going renovation at that time, I still think it’s one of the greatest events..

It was one of Heineken’s big event and yes it was, with Filthy Dukes (UK) in the house with their indie-styled synthesizing..Reminds me of The Killer’s first album Hot Fuss..

All pictures credit to David..

*Filthy Dukes*

They played with keyboards, bass, synthesizers, very much fun..

Just as soon as they played their first song, I’m loving it already!

*The crowd in Zouk*

By looking at the crowd, moving their body to the groove, some even did some mild headbanging, I believed they enjoyed the band as much as me..

I’m not sure whether it’s because of Green Room or due to my absent at Zouk, the crowd was quite huge compared my last visit, which was Edison Chen’s visit plus Jess and Evelyn’s joint birthday party..

Well, sardine-packed crowd in Phuture is almost ascertain but I didn’t expect Zouk to be full..Zouk is because of Green Room, so it’s understandable..

The one I’m more amazed was BarSonic, usually only half-filled..I would say it’s the room where you can easily get a seat to rest from your tiring dances and pushes in Phuture..

*The crowd in BarSonic for LapSap*

But that night, there’s not even a single space to move around, let alone to find a seat!

Then at Velvet Underground, usually it’s crowded but I would not say it’s sardine-packed but that night, it’s damn freaking packed!

It’s like the whole of KL went to Zouk to avoid road blocks that were managed by the police force to crackdown the illegal gathering to protest ISA policy..

And from that huge crowd, I met lots of familiar faces and some faces whom I seldom see at Zouk..Very interesting indeed..

Even Ren came all the way to join us after the SuperBand’s concert at Bukit Jalil..

*Some of us*

It was definitely my last clubbing scene until I’m done with my finals, which is on 21st of August 2009..

And right after Green Room I was down with illness, which I myself suspected I was infected with H1N1, stim!

Til I’m done with my finals, see you guys in Zouk after that!

Heineken DJ Quest Regional Final 08 @ Zouk

This happened like 2 weeks ago and long story short the winner was DJ Anowl of Malaysia..

All I care is just the booze and all..LOL..And we have like crazy shits of don’t know many bottles of Heineken..

*The new Mainroom*

I was late for the event and the battle just started like around 9.30pm..So means it started late anyway..

All I did was grab a bottle of Heineken when I reached there and I was tipsy by the 3rd bottle already..

*Count yourself*

All we did was drink Heineken, and a few glasses of mixed whiskey, damn kaw ones..

I can’t really stand straight at about 10.30pm already, and the night was still early..Goddamnit..

Being in a club with whole bunch of guys would make you feel a bit unproductive and also it makes you drunk faster as well..

*Kelson and a pinoy if not mistaken*

Don’t know how and don’t know why, we befriended with this pinoy and he was all alone wtf..

We dared him to go downstairs and pick up some girls because he said it was a bit bored when there is no girls around..

And good enough he went downstairs and brought up 2 unknown girls, one is a Singaporean and another from China..

They said they came to Malaysia to work..Yeah right..

*Hikaru, Jamie, and me*

Then we bumped into Jamie and Jason..All having great time..

*Raymond and friends*

*The drunk effect*

Yeah..All people got drunk..You can see shadows of Stephenie, Chung Lern, Aaron, David, and Hsu Jen..

*Joshua and Hikaru*

*MengYuet-or-something, me, and Samantha*

Then we got to know this 2 girls in Phuture..By the way, I’m starting to like Phuture more and more and more..Nice~~