Tiger Halloween Party 2012 @ Thai Club, Kuala Lumpur

It was on 26th October 2012 all the Halloween party-goers crept out to the city in their bone-chilling costumes to party at Tiger ‘Dead Thirst’ Halloween parties at Thai Club, KL.

The beer brand invaded Klang Valley by throwing 22 Halloween parties concurrently last weekend. Revellers thronged the parties dressed in their spookiest outfits.

L>R – yours truly, William, Joshua, Tennyson, and Dale*

It’s been some time since I last attended a Halloween Party and it feels good to go to one after a whole day at work.

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Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Club – Part 2, The People And Sadako

After I’ve introduced some of the people there..Let’s get the party started with me and the people there..

Now first of all, a photo of me and myself again..I damn like this photo..

*My one-eyed pic and full face when I was eating*

This one-eyed pic is totally my favourite pics of all..It looks damn scary right..Muahahaha *devilish laughs*..

Well actually that night I couldn’t really recognize people coz my hair was covering my face (which I purpose did it to add to the Sadako effect)..

Of course, the very first person I couldn’t recognize was TockTock, especially with his half mask on..

*Optimus Prime, me, and Bleach character Gillian*

*Me and two other Japanese ghosts, Jolyn and Ame*

Both of them were quite scary too..Being a bit short and walking around in blood-tainted baju kurung sekolah wtf..LOL..

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Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Club – Part 1, The People

I’ll show you guys what kinda characters that we have at Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party..

It’s damn awesome coz we were late to celebrate Halloween Day and yet all people were with costume..

*Anime character Dr Black Jack and Austin Power’s Dr Evil and Mini-me*

*Kelz as Angel of Death, Hsu Jen as the Undead Keira Knightley from POTC and Jolene Lai as Slutty Nurse Joker*

*OP of the night as Undead Bruce Lee with real nunchaku*

Well I don’t know how and don’t know when but it seems that staying in the US and died, would make a Chinese corpse became an undead Ang Moh..

*The Undead Hitler, stupid Korean hunk Rainman, and Mummies*

It’s a bit political but I like his mustache..LOL..And I don’t know why KY went as Korean hunk Rain..I hate Rain..

That’s me on the left side covering my crotch just in case Jolyn felt horny and have a grab on it wtf..

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Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Club

On 1st of November, Nuffnang had a delayed Halloween party due to venue problem and all..But it doesn’t matter at all..The party spirit and excitement that counts..

And of course, the party was sponsored by Nokia, the medium that connects people wtf..

Well anyway, the kick of Halloween party wouldn’t be completed without costumes and all..

And most close friends would have guessed it already..With my genuine long hair, I went to the party as Sadako of The Ring fame..No not Ju-on..

Ju-on’s character is a bit modern compared to The Ring..The Ring was the pioneer of the long hair white robe ghouls thingy..Thanks to Karena for her eyeliner and Hsu Jen for helping me to draw or whatever you call it..

*Trial and the real thang*

*I use starch on my face*

*And also starch on my forehead and arms*

Using starch creates an effect like my skin is really peeling off and to my surprise it is..I didn’t expected it to be like that in the first place..I was amazed by it, too..

I make up in the club so that I won’t scared any pedestrians when I was driving there..

And with a little help from Hsu Jen on my eyes with the eyeliners, this is the result that I got for my portrayal of Sadako..

*Terrifying? You judge it*

Not to mention that I was the only one who fully utilized the advantage of having long hair..

But anyway, let’s get to the party and rock on..We have all people dressed up in costumes and all..That’s the spirit..Pun intended..

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