H1N1 Is Not Quite A Scare Anymore, Thinks MOH

If you’ve been following my Twitter and Plurk few days ago, I said that I’m down with sickness, running nose and sore throat, that’s on Sunday..

I’ve mild running nose since early last week and I didn’t even give a damn about it..

Not that I’m not afraid of A(H1N1) or whatsoever, but I believed in my body immune system, so there’s nothing to be afraid of..

But little did I know, I’ve been going to bed very late recently and that definitely hit me right in the face..

Not to mention I’ve been going to events and all, such as Juice Anniversary and Heineken Green Room..

Well anyway, when I got up on Monday morning, the sore throat is getting me a bit..Still, I didn’t give a damn about it, until after lunch..

Many friends on Twitter and Plurk asked me to go see the doctor or maybe a check up..

Monday morning, running nose and sore throat..After lunch, joint and muscle pain, slight dizziness, where I can feel my head is pumping faster than usual..

Near to dinner, I felt my body a bit heaty, a bit like feverish..So I took 2 pills of Panadol after dinner..

Midnight, nothing much happened..I even had supper of hotdog bun and a chicken pie..

Tuesday morning, heaty body and more running nose..So I decided to go see Dr. L somewhere in Cheras, a so-called family doctor ever since I was a baby..

So here’s something I want to share with you guys if you didn’t know..And congrats to those already know..

P/S - By the way, if not because of my finals is around the corner, I wouldn’t trouble myself to go to the clinic..

He asked me, “What happen?”..

I said, “I suspect myself for having H1N1″..

Dr. L continued, “Even if you suspect that but nothing i can do coz we are not running any test anymore”..

He says that, even if we go straight to Sungai Buloh, the main centre for H1N1 patients, they will not run a test for us too..

If you suspect yourself for contracted with H1N1, they will ask you STUPID questions..

They will ask, “Have you got in touch with people that is infected with H1N1?”..

Say if I were there, I will say, “I don’t know..I’ve been going out to events and uni in the past 1-week..So I’ve made contact with at least 3,000-5,000 people..How would I know if any of them is infected with H1N1?”..

The hospital authorities (Sg Buloh or maybe General Hospital) will say this to you, “Okay now you have to call each and everyone you’ve made contact with and double confirm whether they are infected with H1N1″..

How stupid this statement is..Make phone calls to the 3,000-5,000 people that I’ve made contact with..They got their doctorate with a brain in the ass or what?

Here’s one complaint letter from a The Star reader saying he was rejected to do the test if he’s infected with H1N1..

Okay, if I were to call all of my friends whom I’ve made contact with, definitely they didn’t have H1N1, or at least I think so, because they were out and all..

Say I’ve made contact with 200 of my friends..What about the remaining 2,800-4,800 people that I don’t know?

If there’s no definite confirmation that I’ve contacted people infected with H1N1, the hospitals will not admit nor run a test on self-suspect patients..

In this case, me..Unless, you are a high-risk groups such as children, pregnant women, elders, or something like that..

So Dr. L told me that he has to treat my illness as normal flu, as the symptoms for both normal flu and H1N1 is very very similar, except for vomiting and sudden change of body condition, such as appetite or something damn serious..

Well, I understand that the doctors cannot treat each and every flu patients as a suspect of H1N1 because if they do so, it will be very chaotic and all..

I even understand that for sure there will be shortage of work force in the hospitals if everyone were to suspect themselves for having H1N1..

I even mentioned earlier that I have confidence in my body immune system, where if you see the past death cases, it’s either involving young child, elders, or maybe people who is lacked of nutrient and all..

But now, they are not even running a test to check whether you are infected or not..

I would say to hell with all the newspaper headlines higlighting the current death toll in Malaysia has increased to 8 cases..

Coz being a Malaysian, it’s very normal that we get used to the Government’s order of, “It’s not serious yet..Wait til death toll up to 50 first” mentality..

Same goes to collapse of buildings, road accidents, and many other hot issues..

If you have flu, fever, sore throat, and muscle pain, just take panadols is sufficient enough, IMHO..

So, recover, or go die~!! ARGH~!!

Say NO To H1N1 Scare

The pandemic influenza A(H1N1) scare is on the rise and never been better..

Death tolls around the world such as The States and some other places are on the rise..Sorry, I didn’t really update myself on the outbreak..

I just know that it kills, it’s another flu outbreak with the name of swine flu and also codenamed A(H1N1), the danger is now labeled Level 6 or something by World Health Organisation (WHO), and umm, etc etc..

The outbreak also has reached our shore and yes, the first case ever heard in KL was in Sungai Buloh or something, and I was at The Curve within that week..

As time past by, rumors spread and all, the flu eventually reached my uni, UCSI..Yeah you read that right..

Heard that a student and lecturer from the main campus, Taman Connaught were infected or suspected with symptoms of H1N1..

The moment some of the close friends of the suspected victim heard about it, some of us from the branch campus already took pre-cautions..


On the other hand, there’s no notice nor alert from the uni to warn us about the suspected case..

Think twice, it’s a bad idea to alert the students as it might cause unnecessary scares among themselves, causing classes to be halted for no reason..

Of course, on the positive note, those who were suspected to have infected with the flu have been quarantined..So it’s definitely fine and all..

Then 1 week after the suspected case in the main campus, it has reached our North Wing campus, said to be 3 of them..

Of course, they were quarantined already, long gone..

Funnily, after the news has spread to our campus, none of the people wear mask already..LOL~!!

IMHO, the suspected ones already being quarantined, there’s nothing to be scared of, until the next victim comes..

I know it kills, but from what you can see in the news, those who got killed are either toddlers or elderly people..

If you are an active and healthy youngster, teenager or young adult, there’s nothing to be scared of because good and strong immune system in your body can actually fight it off..

On top of that, those who were suspected of H1N1 infection have already been quarantined..

If you are really afraid of it, then you should be very afraid of your health, as in do more exercise and live a healthy lifestyle..

So umm, say NO to H1N1 scare, only if you think your body immune system is good enough..

I think mine fares pretty well despite my constant nocturnal life..What about you?