Groove Junction @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Well last week, got a call from Kelli and she suggested that we should head over to Groove Junction (GJ) for dinner and of course, I nodded, a sign of agreeing to it..

So off we went to Groove Junction at Desa Sri Hartamas, somewhere nearby Burger King, or it’s just behind the big True Fitness Gym Centre, if you know where..

Photos credit to Nigel, Joshua, and Hsu Jen..


It’s located on the First Floor of that building on Jalan 22A/70A..So take note of the stairs..

As you can see, Groove Junction (GJ) is a bistro and cafe fusioned makan place..

And a bit of history, Groove Junction is founded by Jennifer Thomas and Joanne Yeoh to promote Jazz music in Kuala Lumpur..

In additional to its Jazz music background, Jennifer Thomas is actually the sister of Jose Thomas, a legendary Jazz guitarist who is also the founding member Groove Unction..So know you see where the name came from *grins*..

Okay if you are too young to know who is Jose Thomas, I bet you know who is John Thomas, the winner for overall Best Drummer Award 2002 at the Yamaha AsiaBeat Band competition..

John Thomas is actually the son of Jose Thomas and of course nephew to Jennifer Thomas..Okay I’m getting too deep into the family affair now..Check it out HERE..

*Nice ambience with nice interiors*

Here’s what Groove junction offers to complement to its Jazz music, a concentrated small stage with dining tables and a bar for its patrons to hang around for some Jazzy night out..

The ambience, decorations, and seating all are well arranged for its purpose, to promote Jazz music..


As you can see, the usual gang that comprises Kelli, Hsu Jen, David, Nigel, Joshua, and I were on high when music-lovers like us, got to dine in such nice restaurant with such good combination of food and music..

*Tapas – Salsa Berenjenas (L) and Grilled Asparagus*

We started off with some tapas..

Salsa Berenjenas, a Mallorcan-styled eggplant dish, is revised with olive oil, chili herbs, and of course sliced Baguette (French thick loaf)..

Well, I have to say this Salsa Berenjenas is very nice and it’s very well complement with the French loaf..

It’s already confirmed that I really love the dish due to the fact that I don’t like brinjal to begin with! This eggplant dish didn’t give me the gooey feeling of brinjal..

Okay, it took me some courage to actually try the Berenjenas, and I love it!

Grilled Asparagus, topped with Hollandaise sauce, is crunchy enough to munch your night away..This also, due to the fact I’m not quite a vegie eater (I consume meat much more than vegie on a ratio of about 10:1), asparagus is one of the few vegies that I actually eat..

I just love it especially with the Hollandaise sauce! LOL~!! Damn, I’m on vegie high now..

*Salsa Berenjenas with Baguette (French thick loaf)*

Just put on the cuts of eggplant on the slice of Baguette and chew your thing away..

*Crispy Oyster Mushrooms (L) and Lemon Fish Fritos*

Still on tapas, we have Crispy Oyster Mushrooms and Lemon Fish Fritos..

The Crispy Oyster Mushrooms, deep fried to perfection that it actually tasted like, guess what, chicken! Isn’t awesome? I mean, really!

According to Jennifer and Joanne, this dish actually very well accepted by its patrons who’s craving for light snacks..It goes along very well with its very nice chilli sauce..

We all just love the chilli sauce and dip almost everything and anything into it!

Lemon Fish Fritos, deep fried fresh fish nuggets with tartar sauce..Well again, another fact of mine, that I don’t really like to eat fish fillet due to some bad experience, I actually like the fish nuggets..LOL~!! It’s amazing..

Now continue on for more tapas, drinks, pasta, main dishes of lamb shank and pan-fried seabass, and desserts..

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