NKOTBSB Karaoke By Sony Music @ Gardens Redbox

Sony Music Malaysia had organised a private New Kids On The Block + Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB) Karaoke Night at the Gardens Redbox in conjunction to promote the NKOTBSB album..

That night, Tian Chad, Nigel, Fiona, Daphne, and I were there to relive our fond memories of the boy bands..

Daphne joined the karaoke contest in the Media Solo Category and the grand prize worth RM1,000 cash!

There were also the Public Solo Category and Group Category..

Other than cash prizes, the biggest of them all were 2 units of iBeats of ‘Beats by Dr Dre’ earphone worth more than RM500!

The iBeats’ tagline – “Hear What the Artist Intended”

  • iBeats™, the newest high performance in-ear headphones from the Beats™ by Dr Dre™ headphone line, makes the breakthrough Beats listening experience more affordable than ever before.
  • Specially engineered to reproduce high-resolution sound from the iPad™, iPod™, iPhone® and all portable music devices, iBeats™ feature a new sealed in-ear design that literally reduces external noise for a better music experience.
  • Solid metal iBeats™ construction provides durability and eliminates vibrations for incredibly clear, rock-solid sound.
  • Ultra lightweight iBeats™ are ideal for exercising and active lifestyles, and Monster’s super-convenient Monster ControlTalk™ headphone cable can be used with iPhone™ and iPod™ for music playback control as well as to take hands-free calls with iPhone® and many smartphones.

We were waiting for the party to kickstart and we were served with nice finger food :D

Some photos courtesy of Tian Chad..

*2 DJs from FlyFM to host the event*

Contestants get to choose their favourite song from either NKOTB or BSB and of course lyrics were provided because it’s a karaoke contest..

I enjoyed with most of the performances..Some were pretty good, some I could barely heard what they sang, and some were funny :P

I was a bit disappointed with their choices of song, where ‘As Long As You Love Me’ were sung for about 4 times by different contestants..

It’s quite a surprise that some other nice songs weren’t chosen, such as ‘Shape of My Heart’, ‘I Want It That Way’, and ‘If I Don’t Have You’, just to name a few..

In between breaks there were lucky draws..

I won some cash vouchers for Jusco and RedBox from it! :D

Tian Chad won some cash vouchers too..Fiona won a CK perfume from the lucky draw..

The biggest winner among ourselves was Daphne where she won herself the iBeats by Monster in the lucky draw!

In the end 2 contestants chose ‘All I Have To Give’, which is also one of my favourite songs from BSB..

Only one group sang ‘Step By Step’ by NKOTB and it’s no wonder to that coz some other contestants might be even younger than the NKOTB group!

I guess they were more familiar with BSB coz BSB is the modern boy band as compared to NKOTB, rose to fame in the late 80′s and early 90′s..

*Winners of the singing competition*

All is well and Daphne won the 2nd prize for the Solo Category, singing ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’..

*Daphne with her prizes*

That night totaled up about 6 groups and about 13 solo contestants..

*Tian Chad, Fiona, Nigel, Kel Li, Daphne, and yours truly*

Everyone of us left the place happily for winning something from the event :D

Pasta Zanmai And Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince @ Signature Gardens, Non-Spoiler

Well, got an invitation from MAS Travel for a movie meet-up at Gardens to watch Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince..

I’m not a Harry Potter fan to begin with but who would say no to a movie which I’ve got good feedbacks from fellow friends..

Satkuru even shared in his Facebook, “If you think Transformers 2 is 10/10, Harry Potter is 15/10″..I was like WTF when I read that sentence..

So without hesitation I agreed and went to the movie with the gang..

Before the movie, Jun and I had dinner at Pasta Zanmai, which is like one of my favourite place for dinner in Midvalley..LOL~!!

Pictures grabbed from Jun and Jess..

*Pasta Zanmai*

On the top left was Jun’s Ebi Fry Curry Rice..She said it’s nice, and as I know Japanese curry is always quite thick and very rich, but I’ve yet to confirm with my taste bud..

The bottom two are my set meal of Mini Hotate Pizza and Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta..

Both were moderately good..Something worth mention is just the oysters on my Mini Hotate Pizza..They were good, at least for me..The pasta, so so only..

After dinner we went to Gardens and met up with the others..Got our tickets and enjoy the movie..

IMHO, it’s not quite enjoyable for me..Not that I’ve watched the previous movies, let alone reading the books..

I had only watched the first two movies..The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secret if not mistaken..

The movie is like, no climax at all..Some of the scenes it tried to be funny or indirectly with subtle jokes, some were laughing very hard, but not for me..

Those are not really funny, as it’s nothing majorly funny..

And the most annoying part, Ron Weasley‘s relationship with Lavender, is such a joke..A not funny one..

It’s almost the most exaggerated acting or scenes, let alone the annoying nickname Lavender gave to Ron Weasley, Won Won wtf..

Okay, some might say I’m bias because I’m not a fan to begin with but if you are saying so just because I’m not af an, don’t you think you are biased as well, if you are a big fan?

Other than me, some of them who joined us for the movie also said that they were disappointed with the ending and all, coz it’s like just halfway through if you’ve read the Half Blood Prince book, so I was being told..

Not to mention Boss twittered that he fell asleep when he was watching that movie with Audrey..Stim!

*L>R – Me, Aaron, Jon, David, Zheng Hwuang, Kelli, Jess, and Hsu Jen*

All in all, I don’t think it’s worth watching..Not that I anti Harry Potter, but from now on I’ll call it Hairy Pohdah-chit..

I’m not really looking forward to the rumored 2-parters finale, Hairy Pohdah-chit And The Deathly Hollow..

Now I’m very anticipated with G.I Joe, Inglourious Basterds, and Iron Man 2..

Father’s Day Dinner @ Cova, Gardens

It’s Father’s Day today, the third Sunday of the month of June, and I wish all the fathers, acting fathers, married lesbians, and many other guys out there a happy Father’s Day..

Most people would bring their father out for dinner or some trip, so do I..I would say that Father’s Day or any other days are actually overrated and it’s just simply hypocrite if the children only appreciate their parents ONLY on that particular day..

But since my sis insisted on doing it, why not, since it’s not always we go out for some nice dinner..

I did it 2 days earlier because I want to avoid the crowds and all..So we had one on Friday at Gardens..

Initially we’ve planned to eat at Fong Lye but the place is packed and got a long queue, hence we headed to Cova..

Cova was quite empty and just the place that we wished for..Been there few months back and the food was great..

We took some time to figure out what we should order..

*My sis Yi Shan (L) and Yi Min*

So my sis got a Heavenly Chocolate and a Lychee Fizzy..

*My dad and I get a pint of Kilkenny each*

My dad and I got 1 pint of Kilkenny each plus another half pint..I didn’t find it especially good but not as bitter as Tiger or Carlsberg..

But the kick was quite some serious shit..After the one pint I actually felt it in my head..

*Braised Lamb Shank*

My dad ordered their Braised Lamb Shank and it was as good as the one I’ve tasted few months back, just that the pungent of the mutton is still there, not much improvement in that area..

*Carbonara Fettuccine and Chargrill Rib Eye*

Both my sisters ordered the Carbonara Fettuccine and Chargrill Rib Eye..The Carbonara Fettuccine was quite creamy and my sis couldn’t finish it so I gave her a helping mouth..

The ham was damn good, it goes very well with the cream and pasta..

The Rib Eye, my sis ordered medium well and it proved to be quite a wrong decision..The beef was a tad bit hard even though it’s medium..

The gravy actually compensated the the hardness and it tasted good nevertheless..Should’ve ordered medium rare..

*Seafood Spaghetti*

I got myself a Seafood Spaghetti, nothing especially to shout about but it’s good with a generous amount of cuttlefish and mussels, I suppose..

I had actually asked for the experimental spaghetti that I’d tried during my first visit, which I’ve called it Spaghetti Campur or something, but they don’t seem to have any new spaghetti in the menu..Bummer..

*A family photo*

After eating we actually chilled and relaxed at the place for more than half an hour..

They actually have singers on certain days so we just enjoyed to the music and a short escape from our stuffy home, no thanks to the hazy weather..

The bill came at about RM250 and I guess it’s quite a good deal for the food, considering we are not eating such food all the times..

And all of us were damn full..It was quite a dinner..

How’s your Father’s Day?

Cova @ Gardens

If you have know me long enough, you’ll know that I usually eat out before I go to shopping malls instead of eating in shopping malls..

The reason is simple..I would prefer nicer and cheaper food..If I’m eating in malls, most likely I’ll choose fast food over other restaurants or Japanese restaurant..

Firstly, I’m not a fan of raw Japanese sushi nor sashimi..Secondly, eating in other restaurants most likely are noodles or fried rice and such..

Of course, that led to my first ever eating session in Gardens, Midvalley Megamall, in Cova, a cafe cum lounge cum bistro..

If you didn’t know, Cova is situated at the bridge connecting Midvalley and Gardens, where Cova is on the Gardens’ side..

All photos credit to Ken, Chung Lern, and David..

*Cova in Gardens..A cafe, lounge, and bistro*

As you can see, the interior design and set up are pretty cozy and I like it very much..The tables and seats are not cramped up which gives diners a tad bit of privacy..

Cova is a restaurant where you can have almost everything, from local food to Western steaks to Italian and lots more which I don’t really know their origins..LOL..

*L>R – Cova Citrus Crush and Passionate Blue*

First up, we were served with drinks to clear our esophagus before we proceeded to stuff in all kind of food..

The Cova Citrus Crush, a favourite among the diners that night, a non-alcoholic drink with lemon and lime juice, and soda water..

As much as I wanted to like it but I have very very very (repeat 100 times) low tolerance on sourness..So, I guess it’s not my glass of drink wtf..

Passionate Blue, if you didn’t know, most blue color drinks are made with blue caracao..This blue caracao drink, is an alcoholic drink, with rum and pineapple..Somehow, it gives a different feeling when I drink it..

*L>R – Chocolate Crazy, Strawberry Surprize, Cova Evergreen*

Both Chocolate Crazy and Strawberry Surprize are non-alcoholic and they are normal smoothies..Of course, I love smoothies! Chocolate Crazy made me go crazy..

The Cova Evergreen, an alcoholic drink with Midori, soft liqueur made of melon, vodka, and Triple Sec..It’s a pretty good drink with slight taste of vodka, just like the color itself, I feel so green..

*Hot Mocha, Hot Latte, Heavenly Hot Chocolate*

If you are not in the mood for cold drinks, Heavenly Hot Chocolate is very good and I definitely love it a lot..Hell, I love chocolate drinks since I was a kid!

If you are a coffee-lover, Hot Mocha and Hot Latte are good to drink..Both are too bitter for my liking and my taste bud can’t really take it..So yeah..

Beverages are priced between RM6.50 to RM12.50, applies to Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, and Soft Drinks..Not quite sure bout the Cocktails..

*Soft Shell Crab Salad, Cova Nasi*

For starter, the Soft Shell Crab Salad would kill anyone with its creamy cilantro dressing, together some mixed greens and cucumber..How could you not love the soft shell crab?!?!

Next, Cova Nasi..No, it’s NOT nasi lemak..It’s ulam rice with the choice of beef rendang or dried chicken, salted egg, mango salad, and some veggies..

Well I don’t know bout the others but for me, the rice and beef rendang, mm-mmm~..It’s so, so, Asian! And I love Asian food, win hands down..

*Portobello Mushroom Salad, Barbeque Beef Ribs*

Portobello Mushroom Salad, another starter, is cooked with balsamic vinegar, grilled potatoes, and butter lettuce..Being a carnivor, I found myself quite fond of this salad especially the fried potatoes..It’s just lovely..

Barbeque Beef Rib, a new dish that is not in the menu at the time we ate it..Not quite sure bout now and god, it’s so nice that it’s finished in no time..It was everyone’s favourite!

It comes with tortilla chips, mashed potato, and tomato salsa..Yes, the mashed potato..You gotta love the chef’s mashed potato..It’s heavenly, kimochi-desu~!

Available Salads are priced between RM18.50 to RM27.50..

Scroll on for more mouth-watering food and desserts~!!

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