Tiger Street Football – Make The Street Yours

The online game “Make the Street Yours” specially developed by Tiger as part of its ongoing efforts to dial up the consumer engagement for the upcoming Tiger Street Football National and Grand Finals this September, owning your very own virtual street is now possible..

“Make the Street Yours” challenges football game aficionados to compete and own the streets of Malaysia, and have the conquered streets named after them..Streets in four regions in Malaysia, namely Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur are up for challenge..

The game’s premise is very easy – players choose the streets where they would like to conquer and overcome the defences to score a goal to make the streets theirs..

Sounds easy, but the real challenge starts when other players come in to claim the streets for themselves and this is where the game gets more challenging and addictive at the same time..

The more streets the players conquer, the more points they get..Back in real life, players do have a stake in the “Make the Street Yours” game..To make the game even more exciting, Tiger is giving away two highly coveted Mini Velo Bikes as the reward for the game winners..

Tiger “Make the Street Yours” online game is available for all to play at www.tigerbeer.com.my/streetfootball starting 1 August until 8 September 2011..


#1 Players choose their preferred region to conquest..

#2  Players will then select the street they wish to conquer..

#3 Click, hold, and drag the mouse cursor around to aim the ball..

#4 Release the mouse button to kick the ball. Owners of the street will set up obstacles to prevent you from scoring..

#5 The list of top scorers – Beat their scores and claim your place in this gallery of champions!

#6 Be a top player of “Make the Street Yours” and win these fantastic Mini Velo bikes!

What is Tiger Street Football?

Tiger Street Football is undoubtedly the edgiest football experience to ever take place on the streets of Malaysia. Kicking off its regional tournaments in July, 160 teams from Johor, Penang, Klang Valley, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu battled for the top spots to advance to the National Finals this 17 September 2011..

Four winning teams will then represent Malaysia to play in the Grand Finals, and have a shot at winning the USD30,000 Grand Prize as well as ultimate bragging rights of Kings of the Streets..

Two nights of pure football festivity will be activated by Tiger, featuring a myriad of street performers from across the region all throughout the National and Grand Finals on 17 and 18 September..

Spectators can expect an explosive, carnival-like atmosphere and enjoy a host of street-themed activities, as well as the opportunity to win plenty of amazing prizes..

That’s not all, the gigantic Tiger Street Football’s 40-footer trailer and an entourage of Vespas will be touring throughout the month of August to bring Tiger Street Football Fever to the whole nation..

The convoy will travel from the Klang Valley to Ipoh, Penang, Malacca and Johor before returning to the Klang Valley again..

There will be various exciting activities and games, as well as great Tiger Street Football merchandises to be won at each tour location. Do not miss out!

Malaysia Olympic Squad Selection vs Chelsea @ Bukit Jalil, Chelsea FC Asia Tour 2011

On 21st July 2011, it was the day where I got to meet Chelsea FC star players on the pitch, by using my tele-lens..

The match between Malaysia Olympic U-23 Squad Selection vs Chelsea FC was the last in an Asia Tour by 3 English football clubs..

Got my tickets, thanks to Noobie and of course Samsung for bringing the star-studded team into Malaysian soil!

As usual, I donned my national team’s jersey, the hitam-kuning (black-yellow) jersey with due respect to show my support to the national team, the Harimau Muda Malaya..

The Harimau Malaya (senior team) had to prepare for the World Cup Asian Zone Qualifying Round so the Harimau Muda (U-23 team) were picked to play against Chelsea FC..

*L>R – Didier Drogba, don’t-know, Nicolas Anelka*

Few Chelsea players came on the pitch before kick-off to greet the fans and we can see the guys were snapping photos of the crowd..

*John Terry*

Chelsea captain John Terry holding his mobile phone while waving to the crowd, probably video recording the atmosphere of the strong supporters..

*Two guys carrying a placard with “Torres Marry Me” wtf*

These guys here are probably gay, or maybe not, coz one of them were holding the placard saying “TORRES MARRY ME”..

I hope he’s holding it for his sister..

Daphne, Joshua, and I were seated behind Malaysia goal in the first-half..

More than half of the photographers were behind the Malaysia goal as well to capture photos of Chelsea’s attacking..

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Samsung Presents Chelsea FC VS Malaysia XI @ Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Most people would have already knew that Chelsea FC is coming to Malaysia for a match against Malaysia XI on 21st of July 2011 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium..

But did you know that Chelsea FC pre-season Asia Tour 2011 is brought to you by Samsung?

By buying Samsung products worth a minimum of RM300 in a single receipt, you are entitled to win grand prizes for 2 pax to sit with the Chelsea FC team during the Malaysian match!

There are also other weekly prizes to be won on top of other FREEBIES when you buy selected Samsung products..

That being said, it’s good to say that Samsung will be giving out FREE Limited Editions of Chelsea merchandise when you purchase Samsung products!

Here are some of the promos offered by Samsung Malaysia in conjunction with the Chelsea FC Asia Tour 2011..

First, we have some home appliances from washing machines to fridges, where you buy the selected models you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Polo Tee!

Click on images for larger view!

Then, let’s move on to mobile phones..

Under the Samsung belt, buy any of these 3 phones of Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Ace, or Samsung Galaxy Mini, you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Mobile Cover for your new phone..

I would say it’s pretty awesome, since I’m getting bored of too much of Angry Birds covers in the market..

Afteer mobile phones, Samsung offers good cameras for you to capture your football moments, anywhere anytime..

Buy an NX11 and you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Backpack..

If you buy the following models ranging from NX11, NX100, 2-views cameras ST700 and PL120/PL170, Camcorders Q10 and F50, or Compact cameras of EX1, WB700, WB210, SH100, and ST65/ST95, you are entitled for freebies of either A. 2GB Memory card, B. 4GB Memory card, or C. A camera case..

More special offers and promotions as you read on!

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