Fate/Stay Night Anime – Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

I bet most anime fans have heard of Fate/Stay Night, if have not watched it..It has 24-episodes..It’s a pretty old anime, released in late 2005 in Japan..


Fate/Stay Night is about a boy named Emiya Shirou, an adopted son of a Magician, Kiritsugu Emiya..After Kiritsugu died, Shirou has somewhat got his dad’s “power”..

Then he has got himself involved in a Holy Grail War, a war among 7 Magicians and their 7 “Servants”..The sole survivor of the Magicians with his/her “Servant” will be declared as the winner who can obtain the Holy Grail..

These 7 Magicians turned out not all of them are real Magicians, and they are called “Masters” to their “Servants”..By obtaining the Holy Grail both “Master” and “Servant” would have a wish granted..

So the protagonists are Emiya Shirou and his Servant, Saber, a female knight wielding a saber, just like her name..Actually she’s King Arthur in her past life, that makes it a bit confusing, gender wise..


So the whole story is about the 7 Masters and 7 Servants fighting each other..

Fate/Stay Night actually holds quite an interesting voice casts..

Ayako Kawasumi (Saber) whose voice could be heard in Nodame Cantabile as Nodame and Kanon as Kaori Misaka..

Noriaki Sugiyama (Emiya Shirou) also voiced for Naruto‘s Uchiha Sasuke, Bleach as Ishida Uryuu, and Code Geass for Rivalz Cardemonde..

As I’m not a gamer, what’s more of Japanese games, Fate/Stay Night is actually an adaptation of a Japanese hentai-game, a popular anime genre in Japan..

Not that I know of the game but from the storyline, the way the characters being animated, and some other factors got me thinking that Fate/Stay Night is a Japanese hentai-game adaptation..

First off, the male protagonist being swarmed by that few supporting female characters for liking the guy, one-sided, or teased/rumored to be fancied of the opposite sex..In this context, it’s also known as “harem”..Harem content, check..

Then, the male protagonist, a useless-emotional character whom always thought his stupidity/naivety would save the world eventually, and more often it won’t until he realized it..Another Japanese hentai-game details check..

Next, the eyes of the female characters..They have rather big-gloomy-multi-colored eyes for every character..Check..

Some friends who are much more of an avid anime fans, claimed that most “harem” anime are adaptations of Japanese hentai-games, if not all..Well I could agree with this..

According to Anime News Network (ANN), Fate/Stay Night has a median rating of “Very Good” out of 3447 votes where 1046 of it rated “Excellent”..

IMHO, Fate/Stay Night is overrated, for I heard of good reviews from other friends as well, and looking at the graph in ANN..

Like many other harem animes, the story is rather slow with a complex plot, but still can be expected if you have watched enough of harem anime..

I wasn’t thrilled at all, until Ep-14 where 2 Servants fighting each other, and do bear in mind that it’s a 24-Eps anime..

After that fight, nothing particularly interesting nor thrilling worth watching, until all the complex plot began to twist at the near end of the anime, somewhere Ep-20 onwards..


Not like other anime that I wanted to watch the next episode because I want to find out what’s happening next..This, I’m watching the next episode because I want to get over with it as soon as possible, just because I’m too free currently..

If it wasn’t for the good reviews, I wouldn’t have felt this disappointment..Not to mention the plot is actually a mess which I don’t want to think and figure it out because everything is half-assed..

You would see a lot of “half-assed” in the subtitles..

Moreover, I’m more of an OST person..A good opening song (OP) makes me want to watch the anime more..Fate/Stay Night OP isn’t very appealing to me..

If I were to rate, I would give it a heart-breaking 4/10 for wasting my time to go through it..Of course it’s just not my cup of tea so it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suit you as well..

But if you actually like the anime, do check out its spin-off OVA, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, focuses on Tohsaka Rin, another Master who teamed up with Emiya Shirou, and her Servant is called Archer..