Langkawi Trip – Part 3, Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant @ Pantai Tengah

It’s on the first day that we were deprived of food after some long hours of landscape shooting..

Then I remembered that Wilson told me there’s a restaurant called Fat Mum but he didn’t tell me where’s the restaurant located..

Upon driving around Pantai Cenang and back and forth from Awana Porto Malai, we stumbled upon Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant in the middle of Pantai Cenang and the road on the way to Awana Porto Malai..

If not mistaken it’s called Pantai Tengah where you will see lots of Javanese influenced restaurants or spas and some Western restaurants plus resorts along the way..

Do spot the Sunday Bistro and Restaurant, Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant is just nearby and you need to drive/walk in a bit..It’s not quite visible from the main road..

map to fat mum seafood restaurant langkawi
*Map to Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant*

I know it’s a bit simple and nonconstructive but I hope you understand the map and that’s one of the reason I took up engineering wtf..LOL

*The dodgy-looking restaurant is the best hidden gem*

Yes, believe it or not, this dodgy-looking restaurant is by far the best hidden gem in Langkawi, IMHO..

It’s quite well-known to some but it’s still not that famous, which I’m quite glad..Why so? You’ll know later on..

fat mum seafood langkawi
*The restaurant’s main area, the upstairs*

The main area is on the upstairs, so do proceed to the upstairs instead of sit at the lower level waiting for no one to come to take your order..

Like I said, it’s quite well-known to some but it’s not THAT famous, just yet, hence the emptiness you see in the photo above..

*Alcohol feast in duty-free land*

What’s more to drink in Langkawi if not the alcohol? How can you miss out the alcohols or chocolates in Langkawi, right?

Dale and I were very hungry at that time coz we had our lunch quite early, that’s in KL..

Even though there are just two of us, but we ordered enough portion for 3 pax..We were surprised as well..LOL..

fire on noodle fat mum langkawi
*Noodles On Fire*

What we had ordered? That’s for you to find out after the jump..

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