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I’m not much of a radio listener nowadays after I’ve gotten my FM Modulator, a bit of CDs, and of course Youtube..So in a way I’m pretty much disconnected from current hits and top-chart songs..

I’m more of an “oldies” guy but not like very old songs like Elvis Presley and the likes but something of my era, the 80′s and 90′s where rock and alternative bands just entered the mainstream and boy bands were controlling the whole world!

You can check out the some of my favourites which I’ve blogged about in my Lyrics & Musics category..

It’s not the end of the world if you are not listening to the radio (which I know plenty of my friends don’t!), all thanks to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, for example..

I would say so far the most interactive Malaysian-based music company in using social media tools is Sony Music Malaysia..

Sony Music Malaysia has its Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage..

Well if you think that nothing is free in this world, you are wrong, in this case..

Just hover around Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage when you are free and you might stumble upon freebies give away!

Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage have weekly prizes includes CDs, premiums, movie tickets, movie premiums, showcase passes and even “Meet & Greet” passes..

I’ve got CDs like Kasabian and Chris Brown from Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, and also showcase passes to Kris Allen’s Showcase @The Gardens..

kris allen showcase the gardens

If you have been following my blog for the past couple of months you would have noticed that I had been giving Glee merchandises, the note book and folder..


All this merchandise I got it from Sony Music and good thing is SONY Music not only giving out Glee merchandises, but many more!

Here’s another catch..If you write a blog entry about this Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, you’ll get to win 2 complimentary CDs of your choice courtesy of Sony Music Malaysia..

YES! Any CD of you choice but of course CDs from Sony Music and not from others ;)

Here’s a list of artistes under Sony Music umbrella if you need some references, Sony Music Artistes Wiki Page..

They have Alicia Keys, Boys Like Girls, Dave Matthews Band, Dido, Flow (Japan), John Mayer, Kat Deluna, Ken Hirai (Japan – OMG I want this!), L’Arc~en~Ciel (Japan – OMFG I want this too!), Lin Yu Chun (Taiwan), Rainie Yang (Taiwan), Tata Young (Thailand), Yui (Japan), and a long list of artistes from Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, US, UK, and many more !

Oh, it’s not copy-paste of my blog post but something of your own, something from yourself that shows you really like to be in the community of Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage to win freebies and all..

Once you have done that please leave your blog entry’s hyperlink/permalink in this entry’s comment section or in my blog (not the Sony Facebook Fanpage) and a VALID e-mail so that Sony Music Malaysia can contact you regarding your CDs..

And please, be a fan or “like” the Fanpage first before you go any further ;) All the best in getting freebies and so far, I’M LOVING IT!

Sorry “contest” is closed..Thanks for your participation :D

A Merry Christmas With Carlsberg Christmas Tree

It’s the end of the year again and festive mood is in the air *sniff sniff*, yet again..

Everyone is out shopping, be it weekdays or weekends..But for me, I’m stuck at home online, blogging, chatting, tweeting, and Facebooking instead..

Not that I got no transport nor money but I don’t think it’s a good idea to get into the freaking crowd and having a hard time to find a parking..

With Christmas Day is just around the corner, shopping malls and radio channels have been playing Christmas themed songs and also Christmas decorative set ups..

So do Facebook and Carlsberg..Think Carlsberg‘s green and Christmas tree..They complement each other very well and Carlsberg is taking this thing to another level, i mean, platform..

Carlsberg has come up with a game on Facebook and it’s called Carlsberg Christmas Tree..

Everyone knows that I don’t really play Facebook games but this game I’m definitely playing it because there’s more to just a game!

carlsberg christmas tree facebook

This is the home page of the Carlsberg Facebook game application called Carlsberg Christmas Tree..

But before you can start to play the game, first become a fan of Carlsberg on ..Yes, I should call it the 1Malaysia way, baik punya~!!!

So what makes me want to play this game so much? The thing is, this game is actually a contest!

Yes, everyone stand a chance to win a private party with the FHM Girl Next Door 2010~!!! Now what you should say? NICE ONE~!!!

Okay it’s not so private in a Hugh Hefner way where you play the Playboy sifu role and the FHM girls are the bunnies..NO it’s not like that..

P/S – Me likey GND #6 aka Yvonne Sim..Do vote for her..

fhm girl next door 2010
*Yvonne Sim GND 06, taken from Carlsberg Nice One Photo Album*

Key in GND<space>06 or sms to 32888 i.e GND 06..

You actually get to invite 50, yes you read it correctly, 50 of your friends to party at Carlsberg’s private lounge in Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia in Shah Alam..

Photos credit to JunJunRiko..

carlsberg brewery malaysia christmas tree facebook
*Bar filled with beers*

Yes, you get to see Hoegaardens, Carlsberg Gold, Special Brew, Corona, etc etc..Continue on to see MORE~!!!!

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Creative Spelling Bee Game

I still remember when I was in Primary school, I played a lot of games with my friends in the class during class intervals, recess times, and eveny before and after school hour..

Like most girls when they were young, they played batu seremban, masak-masak, or rope-jumping (lompat tali)..

As for me, studied in an all-boys’ school, a lot of games to be played such as chopping ball (bola cop), marbles (guli), tops (gasing), etc etc..

In class, we usually played UNO card game, Monopoly, bottle caps (penutup botol), and some others..

But those games need tools or a platform to be played on..

We creatively innovated a conventional game and we need to use our mind and indirectly make us listen to the radio or watch TV more..

We actually created a spelling bee game where we only use titles of songs, artistes, movies, actors and actresses, TV shows, and the likes, you get the drift..

The rule is, sit in a circle, take turns, and the title/name cannot be repeated..

Most importantly, the next player has to continue from what the previous player has let off with..

Let say, Third Eye Blind ends with D..So the next player has to start with D, say Dungeons and Dragons..Then the next player starts with S, you get the drift..

For no reason I reminisced the game when I was staring at the monitor few nights ago, then start to write on my Facebook status..

*Gaga glack sheep wtf*

Yuinyin started with Poker Face, because she thought it has to be something related with Lady Gaga..

Chris Tock then went gaga glack sheep wtf..That’s the most hilarious thing wtf..LOL..

After a while, they get the drift..Few others joined the fun randomly but Min Li, Satkuru, and Yuin Yin lasted longer than the others..

The hardest part was we took turns randomly and it’s subjected to your Internet connection speed..Isn’t that challenging?

*The full details*

All in all, I’ve managed to get about 70 comments a.k.a names/titles in that status alone, with only 4 players..You can check out that page HERE..

I never thought that there is people who would joined the game as I posted it out of the blue to see if there’s any response..

I wonder how it would be if there are say, no need much, 7 players..

Go To Zouk With Facebook

ZOUK ON FACEBOOK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Zouk Malaysia now has a Facebook account..NO not the Zouk Malaysia Group, but as an individual where you can add Zouk as friend..

Ya I know some other clubs/pubs do have that kinda individual account too but from what I see, this Zouk “person” is not any normal “person”..

It’s a special privilege thingy..More like membership, or you can call it connection or crony system that you have with Zouk KL..LOL..

Why I say connection or crony system? That’s because they are offering freaking awesome privilege service package, or whatever you call it, to its “friends”~!!

Awesome privileges as in FREE STUFFS~!!! Yes Malaysians, FREE~!!! Like what Russell Peters says, “We are cheap..Chinese comes in second”..

  • FREE birthday parties that comes with 6 jugs of vodka/whiskey, table reservation and guest list (must come in group of 10minimum, advance booking required through send Zouk a message)..
  • Sign in up to 3 guests for each visit, each entry allowed you access to Zouk Mainroom and Barsonic..
  • Permanent guest list every Friday/Saturday, inclusive of ONE jug of Vodka/Whiskey PER PERSON for member and EACH of his/her guests every time the member (you and me) go to Zouk..
But do take not that offers applicable in Zouk Main Room only. Applicable Male and Female of 21yrs and above

We can still enjoy our Midnight Madness promotions that offer drinks/jugs at 50% discount from 10pm-12pm..
Who says it’s expensive to party these days?! Cheapo~!!

Just proceed to Barsonic entrance and mention that you are a member of Zouk Malaysia Facebook Member..

Then each member of Zouk Malaysia Facebook is entitled to sign 3 guests for every visit, EXCEPT for special events and eves of public holidays..

Special events as in international acts or events like Speedzone, Redzone, Hennessy, Heineken, etc etc..You get the drift..

As for free jugs of Vodka/Whiskey, the front office staff will issue the redemption coupons upon members signing in..BEST~!!!

Check out Zouk Malaysia Facebook NOW~!!!! And shall see me there every weekend..LOL~!!

BUT, apart from all the privileges thingy, who can miss the very best international act of Sister Bliss??

*TopShop presents Sister Bliss*

TopShop present Sister Bliss on Friday, 9th January 2009..

A genuine superstar on the decks..Regarded as many the First Lady of house music and an integral part of dance royalty Faithless, come party with Topshop in true UK high street style..

Check out her myspace at

RM48 Ladies / RM58 Men (inc 1 drink)

RM373++ / 4 pax

Please call 03-2171 2075 (12pm – 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm)or email
*applicable to 21 yrs old and above*

Complimentary Entry + 1 guest before 11pm

That’s not all~!!! There’s still more coming this weekend for you to party hardy~!!! SCREAM ARMIN VAN BUUREN~!!!!

*Redsessions presents Armin Van Buuren ROCKS~!!!*

Redsessions present Armin Van Buuren this Saturday, 10th January 2009 at Zouk KL..No kidding..

Quote from Zouk Club’s site, Armin Van Buuren is arguably the most successful and in-demand DJ on the planet..

Having retained his World #1 DJ crown for a second year, he will be in the mood to celebrate with his beloved KL fans at this very special and exclusive 4 HOUR SET..

RM100 Ladies / RM120 Men (inc 2 drinks) *sucks to be man though.LOL*

RM425++ / 3 pax (Advance Booking with min. 2 btls commitment)

Please call 03-2171 2075 (12pm – 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm) or email Normal Door Bottle Entry priced at RM529 / 3 pax
*applicable to 21 yrs old and above*

Complimentary Entry 11pm

- All pics and info taken from Zouk Club official site..

Now how bout that??? I’m definitely going to Armin, if possible wtf..I shall see you guys there~!!!!

Jumpa di sana di sana di sanaaaaaaaaaa~!!!