Paul van Dyk @ Zouk KL

Two weeks ago on 16th October 2009, the bunch of us went to Zouk to have a happy time with the former No.1 DJ, Paul van Dyk..

He was in town for the Speedzone event and I was hoping for a blast like what I had at Armin van Buuren‘s..

Glad that it was held in my favourite club of all-time, Zouk KL..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*The crowd start to build up*

We reached there around 10pm and the crowd started to build up already..As expected from the former No.1 DJ in the world..

As expected from my favourite club as well..LOL~!!

paul van dyk zouk kl
*L>R – Lih Yen, me, Nigel, Kelli, Joshua, and Ren*

That’s the time where they first met me in my new haircut..Damn, I miss meeting people with my long hair..Sigh..

I guess it’s just an early stage discomfort syndrome or whatever you call it..I’ll get used to it soon, very soon..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*The vibrant color in Zouk KL*

I bet the crowd got hyped up with an opening act by Terence C..LapSap from BarSonic too came down to check out the place..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*Paul van Dyk*

Rave party is definitely awesome but you will never get as close to the DJs as compared to playing in clubs..

It’s true that it’s much more happening at big rave parties like Recharge Revelations or the likes of it and not as packed as in clubs, but it’s about different atmosphere..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*Paul van Dyk in action*

I managed to get on the amps and snap around before being pulled down by one of the bouncers..

Here’s a clip that we have recorded during his performance..


Now I wish Moby and Blue Man Group to come to our shore..Oh, I heard that David Guetta is coming soon? Can anyone clarify this?

Heineken DJ Quest Regional Final 08 @ Zouk

This happened like 2 weeks ago and long story short the winner was DJ Anowl of Malaysia..

All I care is just the booze and all..LOL..And we have like crazy shits of don’t know many bottles of Heineken..

*The new Mainroom*

I was late for the event and the battle just started like around 9.30pm..So means it started late anyway..

All I did was grab a bottle of Heineken when I reached there and I was tipsy by the 3rd bottle already..

*Count yourself*

All we did was drink Heineken, and a few glasses of mixed whiskey, damn kaw ones..

I can’t really stand straight at about 10.30pm already, and the night was still early..Goddamnit..

Being in a club with whole bunch of guys would make you feel a bit unproductive and also it makes you drunk faster as well..

*Kelson and a pinoy if not mistaken*

Don’t know how and don’t know why, we befriended with this pinoy and he was all alone wtf..

We dared him to go downstairs and pick up some girls because he said it was a bit bored when there is no girls around..

And good enough he went downstairs and brought up 2 unknown girls, one is a Singaporean and another from China..

They said they came to Malaysia to work..Yeah right..

*Hikaru, Jamie, and me*

Then we bumped into Jamie and Jason..All having great time..

*Raymond and friends*

*The drunk effect*

Yeah..All people got drunk..You can see shadows of Stephenie, Chung Lern, Aaron, David, and Hsu Jen..

*Joshua and Hikaru*

*MengYuet-or-something, me, and Samantha*

Then we got to know this 2 girls in Phuture..By the way, I’m starting to like Phuture more and more and more..Nice~~