Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 Is Here!

Adam Lambert, the runner-up in American Idol Season 8, second best to Kris Allen, is coming to Kuala Lumpur for his Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 concert!

As for personal preference, I enjoy Adam Lambert’s vibrant and energetic performance more than Kris Allen’s steady yet mesmerizing performance..

Glad that I’m going for both, already went for Kris Allen’s showcase and now to Adam Lambert’s..Too bad I had to give Kelly Clarkson’s a miss :(

adam lambert glam nation tour malaysia sony music*Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010*

As much as he’s always being known as, Glambert it is, I’m expecting something flashy and rock-styled from him, like we’ve seen in the American Idols..

The concert is happening on 14th October 2010 at Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil, brought to you Live by DiGi, and jointly organized by Marctensia and Sony Music..

The ticket prices range from RM103 to RM253 for numbered seats and RM193 (Rock Zone) and RM298 (The Pitt) for free standing..

Well I’ll be there in the Rock Zone as it’s closer to the stage and I want to rock it on with my friends! Very much feel like mosh pits now :P

You can purchase the tickets online at or Ticketpro counters namely Rock Corner, Victoria Music Centre, and Music Valley, in Klang Valley..

For more ticket outlets in Penang, Johor, and Sabah, you can check out Ticket Outlets in

If you buy from those ticket outlets, probably you can consider buying Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment – Tour Edition album too!

*Adam Lambert’s For Your Enterntainment – Tour Edition*

By purchasing the Tour Edition album you will get a 10% off on the concert ticket OR get a 10% off on the album when you purchase the concert ticket, get the drift? :)

Four Your Entertainment – Tour Edition album that has 4 bonus tracks and a bonus DVD which includes Stripped performances, AOL live session and the making of the video for “If I Had You”..

That’s all and I hope to see whoever who is going to the concert, Glambert yo!

For more info, do visit or Adam Lambert Facebook event..

For more music info, do visit Sony Music Facebook Fanpage or follow them on Twitter @sonymusicmy..

Edited : 5.30pm-6pm for “Glam It Up”

For all Adam Lambert’s concert goers, be prepared to come all “glammed-up” as 5 lucky fans with the best glam look for the night will stand a chance to get an autographed Adam Lambert Glam Box as well as to meet Adam backstage..

In order to participate in the “Glam It Up” contest, just get all “glammed-up” and have your photo taken at the official photowall, stationed at the main entrance, by our designated photographers between 5.30 to 6.00pm..

On top of that if you are one of the lucky 5 chosen winners and also a DiGi subscriber, you and a friend will automatically be upgraded to DiGi’s zone to watch the concert**.  (**The upgrade of tickets is not applicable for “The Pitt” zone ticket holders)

For fans who comes between 6.00 to 8.00pm, you can still get your photos taken and be included in the “Glamberts Hall Of Fame” photo album which will be uploaded on Facebook after the concert..

To view your Glam photos, just go to Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page ( You can also share your photo with your friends by tagging yourself..Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the “Glamberts Hall Of Fame”..

DiGi BlackBerry Curve 8520 Coverage

After you have read about the “main applications” in a BlackBerry, now it’s time to test DiGi 3G coverage, whether is it worth its RM58/month low price..

Not that i’m comparing it with other telcos but it’s fine to just comment on the DiGi line itself..

bb curve 8520 gsm
*BB Curve 8520 on GSM*

On start-up, my BB Curve 8520 is always on GSM aka 2G before it handover to EDGE due to the limitations of BB Curve 8520..

Curve 8520 doesn’t support 3G so the optimum signal it can get is EDGE..

bb curve 8520 edge
*BB on edge connection*

If you see “edge”, that’s small letters, beware and NOT to surf around if you have subscribed data plan..

The “edge” connection is actually a normal connection that will charge you based on the amount of data you have used..

So if you surf or use applications when this “edge” sign is showing, it’s a sign that your data plan isn’t ready yet and you better tell DiGi about this problem..

bb curve 8520 EDGE

The real sign that should be showing is the capital letters of “EDGE”, which means you are now running on data plan instead of pay-as-you-use rates..

If a phone can support 3G connection, it will show 3G and if in areas that have low 3G signal, the sign on your phone will drop down to EDGE or maybe GSM depending on the coverage of the areas..

So far my BB’s signal has never drop to GSM even when I was around outskirt area such as Cyberjaya and South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE)..

I tried to make phone calls and I was amazed with its reception..

My biggest problem with my previous telco is the reception in my room..

I, as a Communication & Electronic Engineering student knows that the reception will drop if one is surrounded by walls or buildings..

So I couldn’t blame the telco for the bad reception but I couldn’t really bear with it especially when I pick up phone calls when I’m still sleeping..

I have to get up and find the best spot for the reception..

Tried with DiGi, I talked with no reception problem in every corner in my room..Asked my friend if there is any cracking or “robotic” sound, a firm NO is replied..

I am more than happy to stay loyal to DiGi just because of that..LOL~!!

Although last week there’s a slight mishap with its slow connection but they have swiftly restored its stable connection..

Even though DiGi is a new player in 3G coverage but as of late it has improved a lot and I bet they will keep on improving to accommodate its customers’ needs with the rapid growth of BB users..

Do check out DiGi BlackBerry packages..So far it’s the cheapest and affordable plan ever!

DiGi Music Unlimited – All-American Rejects

In 2009, the international artistes in the local music scene have been tremendously improved in terms of line-ups, as compared to previous years..

Take a look at the line-ups in 2009 music highlights, Jamiroquai at F1 After-Party, DJs of Armin van Buuren at Zouk KL, Ferry Corsten at Freedom, and the recent Hennessy Artistry’s Fatman Scoop and Ying Yang..

*I was at
Zouk KL for Armin van Buuren*

That’s not all, Black Eyed Peas and Akon are scheduled to perform at Sunway Lagoon as well..

Music has never been enough in our daily life, what’s more that the most iconic singer on earth, Michael Jackson has passed away on 26th June 2009..

Now that music has become a part of our life, fret no more..

DiGi Music offers an unlimited music download via its phone or PC ..What’s offered and how to get it started?


With just RM5/month with first 30 days trial for FREE, you get to download unlimited songs every song!

Not only that, every month you get to keep 5 Digital Rights Management (DRM) free songs for unlimited time! Yes! Forever! You can check out songs available HERE..

Now that’s like at least a quarter of what I have to pay for a CD~!! And most importantly, it is LEGAL~!!!


Furthermore, you can download the songs in 2-ways, that is either to your phone or to your PC..You can listen to your favourite songs either on your powerful small ear-plug or blasting it on your surround speaker..

And to make it work, you can get it started via Web (PC) or SMS (Phone)..

For PC, just log on to and subscribe to Unlimited Music, while for the phone, SMS ON MUSIC to 2000 and click on the WAP Link received..

Now that suits me very much..I can listen to my phone when I’m out, and also on my PC when I’m home..I guess I’ll listen to it more on my PC as I face my PC more..

I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night..That tonight’s gonna be a good good night~~~

That’s not all..I have some Dirty Little Secret for you guys..

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Nuffnang’s DiGi Note Out @ Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana

Last Saturday where Manchester United clashed with Liverpool, a bunch of bloggers were attending a night out with Digi at Friendster Cafe in Damansara Perdana..

Before the event started, we were given a bit of head-ups of what we are expecting from the night out gathering..

*The place, the theme, the seats, and the prizes*

Yes, it’s none other than the preview of Windows Love Messenger on DiGi network..

From what you can see, dinner was provided and prizes to be won..

*DiGi’s Windows Live Messenger Contact List*

All of the bloggers wrote their MSN status on the board and it definitely created the feeling of being online, even without your PC nor laptop..

That’s what the whole idea about the DiGi Night Out, where you get to online everywhere, anywhere, anytime..

*Andrew and Robb with the emoticon*

Dinner was catered by Friendster Cafe itself and the food was awesome, especially the dory and mutton..

After the dinner, the host, Jonathan, wasted no time and went straight to the highlight of the event, that is to give us a first-hand review..

*Chatting live on the mobile phone*

Well, at first I thought that DiGi’s so-called new introduction wasn’t something to shout about..

The reason I had that thought is because I’ve been chatting online via mobile phone since 2 years ago..

All these while I’ve been using Mig33 and get connected via GPRS, on my old mobile phone..The charge rate isn’t really that expensive..So what’s so great about this new service introduced by DiGi?

Here’s the turning point of my skeptical opinion upon DiGi’s Windows Live Messenger service..

What I have in Mig33, is almost similar to where the user interface is very simple, yet a bit problematic..

Where as DiGi’s Windows Live Messenger, you can even nudge like how you usually irritate your frens with multiple nudges..

Some of them told me they felt the phone vibrated when it is being nudged..How true is that? Hmm..

Other than that, the user interface is also better than Mig33, in terms of design and functions..

Furthermore, DiGi is now doing a 2-months beta FREE trial where the promotion ends on 16th May 2009, a very significant date to me, for some other reason :P

From thereafter, they will charge RM3 on monthly subscription where you get to use it for unlimited usage..


How to set up Windows Live Messenger on your DiGi network..

- SMS MSN to 2016..

- Click on the WAP link to proceed with Windows Live Messenger application download..

- Click on the “Subscribe & Download” button..

- Lastly, launch the Windows Love Messenger application and key in your User ID and Password to start chatting around..

Here’s the official TVC for this new service..


For more info, check out DiGi MSN in their official website..

Then we proceeded with some interactive games to break the ice..

*Debate on the MSN like nobody’s business*

So Jonathan picked me and Cindy to play the so-called debate game, where we have to dispute our given personality, the Angel and Devil, respectively..

We had to make a firm stand on some relationship thingy where the Angel has to debate on how he still loves his ex-es while the Devil opposed it..

And for that, we got ourselves a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer pendrive :D

*That’s me and Cindy with the prizes*

Well Jamie seemed to be having fun playing with emoticons around..

And talk about emoticons, not long after that we proceeded to the next game where the players have to imitate an emoticon given..

It was hilarious to see them emoticoned their faces..LOL..

*Real-life emoticons*

Other than that, we got lucky draws and heaps of prizes were given out, including Oakley and Rayban sunglasses, Logitech headset, and a Webcam..

*L>R – The shorty David, the mid-range me, and the panjang Thomas*

Then the event ended and people like us started to camwhote around, as usual..

*Andrew licking my hair wtf*

Well I don’t know if he finds my hair very delectable or what but, I didn’t know he tried to do that at that time being, until I saw this picture..Sweat..

*L>R – Kate, Aaron, Thomas, Kim Ong, me*

Well, other than get connected via online or Windows Live Messenger in this case, it’s always good to come out and hang around with your friends to have a drink, chillout, or some serious football match among guys..

Nevertheless, get connected 24/7 is so cool that you still get to chat while you are outside..

Photos credit to Nigel and Andrew..