We Can Has BlackBerry Messenger Conference

For the past few entries you have seen me talking bout BlackBerry and all because I just can’t get enough of it!

Now here’s a short clip (2-minutes plus) of me using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) conferencing with Jason and Eugene, where the former is just seated right in front of me!


I know the video is a tab bit long and boring and all but hey, I was too busy with my BBM~!! LOL~!!

Then I have created a BBM Group and planned for a meet up for Cheras BB users..

bbm group chat
*Group Chat – Adrie on the timeline*

bbm group chat
*Sharon on the timeline*

Too bad the #CherasBBmeetup is a failure due to tight schedules and busy weekend..

Now what are you waiting for? Get a BB for yourself and your partner so you guys can save MORE!

And do it with DiGi BlackBerry Internet Service for just RM58 with unlimited data transfer, including web surfing!

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BlackBerry Curve 8520 – Introduction For Beginner

Yes, I’m using a Blackberry Curve 8520 and like I’ve did some tutorial on how to use a DSLR before, I’ve decided to give a slight bit of tutorial on what you can expect from a BB Curve 8520..

IMHO, BB Curve-Series is an economic BB, where its specs are far more inferior if compared to its fellow BB of the Storm-Series and Bold-Series hence the more affordable price..

Even so, a BB Curve could do wonders that most normal phones cannot do..

One of BB’s strongest fundamental features is the Push-Mail function..

bb curve push mail
*BB Curve 8520 – Push-mail*

I’ve integrated my Gmail with my BB Push-mail function and now I receive mails just like I receive SMSes..

I don’t have to download my mail nor wait for it to load, I just open my mails on my BB just like how people open their SMSes..

Other than Push-Mail, one of BB’s stronghold that I would say could change the SMS world in the near future, is the Blackberry Messenger (BBM)..

BBM is almost like any IM application but it’s for BB users only..

bbm bar code
*BBM Barcode*

With BBM, one can key-in the user’s phone number or his/her BB-PIN to add a contact..

To make it more high-tech, you can display your BB’s Barcode, then scan the barcode through another BB’s camera..

You can also screenshot your BB Barcode, display it in your blog or somewhere so that other people can scan your Barcode without you telling them your BB-PIN..

bbm contacts
*The few people in my BBM – Jynn, KY, Sharon, and Vivien*

After you’ve added your friend’s BB contact, you will no longer have to SMS your friend..You can message your friend via BBM..

That’s why I said it will change the SMS world in the near future..Honestly, I felt more intimate to chat with my friends on BBM rather than other IMs..

Other than that, there are few other apps that can be used and very popular as of late, such as Twitter..BB’s Twitter apps are the 2 more recognisable TwitterBerry and UberTwitter..

UberTwitter provides a much neat and better platform as compared to TwitterBerry..

Do read more on Blackberry phones below..

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DG Smart Plan – BlackBerry Unlimited

I’ve got a BlackBerry Curve 8520 in my hands just 2 days before CNY and it happened just at the right time..

I would say the BB Curve is the best “ang pow” that I have received this year..Due to my age, I’m not looking forward or excited bout moo-lah ang pows anymore..

The only thing that got me excited bout CNY is #cnyopentable and also my new BB Curve, with DG Smart Plan for BlackBerry subscription..

With the DG Smart Plan, I’m always online to check my mails and Twitter when I’m not at home, which happened most of the days during CNY-week..

You see, during CNY I was either out to visiting my relative or friends..

With DG Smart Plan for BlackBerry, I have unlimited Internet access with unlimited data transfer..

dg smart plan*Screenshot from Digi BlackBerry webpage*

Due to my hectic schedule on CNY-week, I have lacked of time to go online on my desktop, and to bring a laptop around is quite a hassle..

With just RM58/month with NO commitment fees on calls, I found that DG Smart Plan is the best plan for a BB user..

When I’m online, I make lesser calls or even SMS because I’m on my IMs such as Windows Live and BBM, Twitter, and Facebook..

It connects me to other friends of mine even I’m not meeting/visiting them on CNY..

I bet most of my friends saw me online almost 24/7 on CNY-week and I bet they were surprised to see me online instead of out visiting people..

Indirectly, I’m saving on my calls and SMS charges and also paying lesser for an unlimited data plan..

It’s my first time ever to go online 24-hours a day, even when I’m asleep!

The best thing about BlackBerry unlimited is I could switch applications easily and all that I need is that few apps and to surf with a decent browser..

That’s why I don’t favour an iPhone at all..Yes the awesomesauce apps that you could play with and all but I’m not into games..

Getting online alone is making me busy, get the games away from me will ya?

And have you ever tried Push-Email? I pushed my Gmail into my BB and it’s as easy as ABC~!! I just enter my email and password, voila! It’s done!

I don’t have to wait for it to load and all..I open my mails just like opening any SMS, fast and easy..

Having a BB in hands made me feel exclusive and VIP-style busy because I’m on my handheld almost all the time!

You will never see the BB leave my hands, except for driving and when I’m in the shower..

To sum it all, to have a BB is great but to surf with DG Smart Plan is even better because it’s affordable and reliable..

Try to search around if you could find any plan that could beat DG Smart Plan of RM58 only with zero commitment fees..I would say none..

The other day I have slight problem with my network and I tweeted @Digi_Telco, they sorted it out for me efficiently, on the first day of CNY!

Now I say join Digi Telco’s Facebook as well, they have a BB contest running now..