Kelli’s 25th Surprise Birthday @ Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights

On 9th October 2010, the day after Jamie’s private surprise birthday dinner, we had another private surprise birthday dinner for Kelli..

This time it was at Jarrod & Rawlins at Damansara Heights in Jalan Dungun..It’s a cosy restaurant with a combination air-conditioned dining hall and also al fresco environment..

Long story short, again no food review in this entry but a simple warning, the sausages and roast pork (siew yuk) is the bomb! Pasta was good too..

*Cupcakes from WonderMilk and name card by Elaine*

The two early birds who were there to set up the balloons..

*Jenzten and Cassandra*

They were in-charge of preparing the balloons and some other party stuff..Then Daphne and I arrived, followed by April and Elaine..

After everyone has arrived, we were feasting on the awesome sausages and roast pork while waiting for Nigel ferrying Kelli from home..

Surprise party is the way to go..Normal parties or hit the club is a bit boring..

*L>R – Daphne, April, Elaine, Kelli*

All photos credit to the loving guy, mastermind, planner, cameraman, photographer of the night, Nigel :D

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Hsu Jen’s Birthday @ Delicious, Marc Service Residence, Jalan Pinang, KL

On the first day of Eid ul-Fitri (Hari Raya), 20th September 2009, we went to Delicious at Marc Service Residence, nearby KLCC, to celebrate Hsu Jen‘s birthday..

The traffic in Kuala Lumpur area has never been so quiet and smooth for quite some time..

I don’t think it’s this smooth during Chinese New Year..Chinese New Year fail!

delicious marc service residence
*The empty road on Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur*

It was suppose to be a surprise lunch party with the DGMB gang but the organizer failed to coordinate the whole thing and we reached a tad early..

09202009_hsujen_birthday_001-copy*Different business hour on Hari Raya*

The organizer failed in this area..Fortunately they still open, what if they close on the first day of Raya? EPIC FAIL~!! :P

*David and Hsu Jen coming in for the surprise*

It’s pretty difficult to give people surprises nowadays unless it’s REALLY surprising, such as to invite few good friends whom have not keep in touch for some time, or gather everyone in a dark place and jump out to surprise the birthday person..

More food photos for you to drool :P

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DGMB Pot Luck + BBQ @ David’s House, Klang

Two weeks ago on 29th August 2009, the night where Diaby scored an own goal that caused Arsenal lost 2-1 to Man Utd, we, DGMBians had a somewhat annual private BBQ cum Potluck at David‘s house in Klang..

The house is rather big and a bit far from KL..We’ve planned that for almost one month and boy, glad we made it..Of course with a bit hassle here and there, on and off, but it doesn’t matter anymore because we’ve made it..

*Early birds*

Some of the early birds, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Jamie, Nigel, and Andrew were there to help out the chores and preparations..

Andrew became a fireman that night, literally..No, he’s not a fireman who puts out the fire but put on the fire on the BBQ pit..Well done Drew! :P

*Some of the foods*

Since it’s a BBQ cum potluck dinner, everyone brought their best choice of food..

On the pic above, that’s Jamie’s mashed potatoes, Kelli’s fried bee hoon, Andrew’s cai kueh, and Chung Lern and Stephenie‘s brains otak-otak..

That’s not all..We also have Chris Tock‘s raw squid for BBQ, Ren‘s Ramly burger patties, Joshua and Aaron‘s chicken wings, and my mini egg tarts, to name a few..

*Makan time*

While I was BBQing the chicken wings, everyone was chit-chatting around, and waiting for my chicken wings at the same time..

Well it’s not that I’m complaining because BBQ chicken wings is my forte, so it’s my pleasure to serve them with my stim chicken wings..

Not to mention PinkPorkChop (PPC), Vivien, and Linda were literally sitting there and waiting for the chicken wings..LOL~!!

There’s more collage images, a group pic GIF, and we played some games of course..

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Nigel’s Birthday @ Carnaval Churrascaria @ Damansara Jaya, SS22

Two weeks ago, on 4th of July 2009, the DGMB celebrated Nigel‘s birthday with a bomb in the afternoon..

First off, few of us went to One Utama to play a bit of Treasure Hunt plus Hide & Seek..

The trick was, Joshua, Andrew, David, Hsu Jen, and I were hidden at a designated location for Nigel to find, based on the clue given on each of his findouts..

First was Joshua, hid in Padini Concept Store, then Andrew in Action City, third was me in Rock Corner, fourth was David in MPH Bookstore, and lastly Hsu Jen in Toys ‘R Us..

Then we blindfolded him at Toys ‘R Us and let him be the blind man to walk around One Utama and eventually to the car..

It’s actually a surprise for him to not let him know where are we heading for dinner..

*Carnaval Churrascaria, Brazilian Restaurant*

We went to Carnaval Churrascaria, a Brazilian buffet restaurant that of course, serves Brazilian food..

The restaurant is at a corner lot nearby Atria Shopping Mall in Damansara Jaya, SS22..It is on the same row as GSC cinema’s HQ, 7Eleven, and few doors away from Maybank..

Not that I know how Brazilian food looks like or tastes like, but I heard it’s quite a good deal to eat in here, hours before we arrived..

Continue for some mouth-watering pics and also an awesome video about the whole celebration ordeal..

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DGMB 1 Year Anniversary Cum Bloggers Movie Meet 3 @ Cineleisure

On 26th of April 2009, which was like 1 month ago, was the very date we “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang” (DGMB) group had another movie outing to mark our 1-year meeting anniversary..

One year ago, we watched “Definitely, Maybe” and one year after, we watched “He’s Just Not That Into You”, at the very same place, Cineleisure..

This time around, we’d opened up the meeting to more bloggers and it’s fun meeting new people and all..

Pictures all credit to Nigel, Kelli, and Joshua..95% of the pictures are from Nigel..LOL~!!

*Bloggers at McDonald’s*

We met up at Cineleisure’s McDonald’s and the turn out was quite good, about 36 of us..

It was quite a feat considering we are not any organization nor community..Actually I reckoned we could have gathered more people but some couldn’t make it or got no transport..

At about 2.30pm we roamed the cinema and took a group photo before we entered the hall and all..

*Group pic*

The movie was, nice..Simply nice, because it depicted some true events that is actually happening in our society everywhere in the world..

To find true love, involve in extra-marital affairs, and many more, that sometimes rationality couldn’t come into the picture when you are in dilemma and all..

And to my surprise, the movie has quite a number of well known actors and actresses, such as Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Jenifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, and few others..

I would rate it 7.5/10, thanks to its good plot and storyline..I just love it..

Read on for more lovely pics and a surprise marriage proposal from a guy to his girlfriend in the cinema..

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DGMB One Year Anniversary Bloggers Movie Meet

Before I missing in action (MIA) for my exam for the next 3 days straight that is second paper on 21st, third paper on 22nd, and fourth paper on 23rd, this is what you get..

Time flies and what do you know..DGMB has been in existence for 1 year, unknowingly..

For those who doesn’t know anything about DGMB at all, here’s what DGMB stands for, “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang”..

It’s an excerpt from the movie “Definitely, Maybe”, which we added in the word “Gang Bang” to make it look awesome like that..

That’s us before we went into the hall for our movie, “Semestinya, Mungkin” wtf..LOL..

Hmm, if it’s in Malay, then it will be “Semestinya Geng, Mungkin Langgar/Tembak”..LOL WTF~!!!

I still remember how we conquered Innit Top 10 Board and it feels like just yesterday *ponders*..


And from that day onwards, we’ve tagged ourselves DGMB for numerous outings and events..

Well, we started off DGMB as a 17 people group, but due to unforeseen problems and arguments, people come and people go..

Now we are left with 7 REALLY active people, 3 try-my-best-to-make-it people, 4 inactive people, 2 studying abroad, and 1 left..

Anyway, to commemorate such incredible feat, we are doing it again, another movie outing on 26th April 2009, Sunday..

This time, the movie would be another click flick, He’s Just Not That Into You..


This time we are hoping that other bloggers could join us~!! Who knows we might clique together gather and have another orgy session wtf..

So who’s coming for the movie? Let us know and we’ll book the tickets..Do let us know in advance please..

Don’t last minute FFK~!!!!

Okay, don’t treat this as DGMB 1-year anniversary if you don’t want to..Just treat it as another random movie outing..

Confirm your attendance at David’s entry by leaving a comment there..

Cun? Cool? See you guys there~!!!!

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