Launch of Delicious Times & D’lish New Menu @ D’lish, Bangsar Village 1

D’lish, one of the restaurants under the Delicious Group umbrella – including Delicious, Reunion, and Delicious Ingredients -is somewhat a fast-food concept joint where you get to have a quick meal if you are in a hurry..

Instead of dine-in like in Delicious and others, D’lish has cooked food to be taken away..


Delicious Group is now introducing their very first issue of its own in-house magazine, Delicious Times, an issue every quarter of they ear..

Delicious Times aims to appeal to a wide variety of readers by featuring a broad range of topics guaranteed to be of interest to its base of sophisticated customers..

Its maiden issue boasts an array of articles on culinary experiences, emerging trends and sensations and up-to-date information relevant to KL-lites..

Delicious Times stands out with its tastefully written feature articles accompanied by lush use of color, sharp design and layouts..

*Chef in action*

Of course bakery is not the only thing on their shelf..They are introducing new menu and it has quite a variety..

Chef Ravi and Chef Mimi injected some new and refreshing flavors to the menu, namely Spanish, Greek, and Middle Eastern inspired delectable dishes..

Their new signature dishes include salt beef and ox tongue sandwiches, roast lamb, and mint salad..A new dedicated dinner menu is also served from 6pm daily..

The sausages and burgers are pretty nice to my liking..The steaks were pretty good too but I was a bit too full after that..


*L>R – Jessy, Me, Carole, Mike (back), Leonardo (front), Joshua*

They even had a frame section for some syok sendiri moment for the guests..So we had a few too, and had them printed out on A3 sheets..

It’s an interesting and simple concept..I like the “frame” thingy..Other guests can’t get enough of it..

Hsu Jen’s Birthday @ Delicious, Marc Service Residence, Jalan Pinang, KL

On the first day of Eid ul-Fitri (Hari Raya), 20th September 2009, we went to Delicious at Marc Service Residence, nearby KLCC, to celebrate Hsu Jen‘s birthday..

The traffic in Kuala Lumpur area has never been so quiet and smooth for quite some time..

I don’t think it’s this smooth during Chinese New Year..Chinese New Year fail!

delicious marc service residence
*The empty road on Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur*

It was suppose to be a surprise lunch party with the DGMB gang but the organizer failed to coordinate the whole thing and we reached a tad early..

09202009_hsujen_birthday_001-copy*Different business hour on Hari Raya*

The organizer failed in this area..Fortunately they still open, what if they close on the first day of Raya? EPIC FAIL~!! :P

*David and Hsu Jen coming in for the surprise*

It’s pretty difficult to give people surprises nowadays unless it’s REALLY surprising, such as to invite few good friends whom have not keep in touch for some time, or gather everyone in a dark place and jump out to surprise the birthday person..

More food photos for you to drool :P

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