Kelli’s 25th Surprise Birthday @ Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights

On 9th October 2010, the day after Jamie’s private surprise birthday dinner, we had another private surprise birthday dinner for Kelli..

This time it was at Jarrod & Rawlins at Damansara Heights in Jalan Dungun..It’s a cosy restaurant with a combination air-conditioned dining hall and also al fresco environment..

Long story short, again no food review in this entry but a simple warning, the sausages and roast pork (siew yuk) is the bomb! Pasta was good too..

*Cupcakes from WonderMilk and name card by Elaine*

The two early birds who were there to set up the balloons..

*Jenzten and Cassandra*

They were in-charge of preparing the balloons and some other party stuff..Then Daphne and I arrived, followed by April and Elaine..

After everyone has arrived, we were feasting on the awesome sausages and roast pork while waiting for Nigel ferrying Kelli from home..

Surprise party is the way to go..Normal parties or hit the club is a bit boring..

*L>R – Daphne, April, Elaine, Kelli*

All photos credit to the loving guy, mastermind, planner, cameraman, photographer of the night, Nigel :D

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Father’s Birthday @ Tony Roma’s, Cineleisure Damansara

It was my father’s 59th birthday on 15th September 2009, so my sisters and I decided to take a break from Chinese food (again!) and went for western (again!)..

This time we’ve chosen Tony Roma’s, because I’ve heard many good reviews and recommendations, and of course I’ve never tried it before..Neither does my father..

Wanted to try others like Bondi Bar, Frontera, or maybe Delicious, but it’s better not to be risky for such dinner..

So off we went to Cineleisure’s Tony Roma’s at about 7.30pm..Traffic was quite considerably smooth, normal during the month of Ramadhan..

*Tallen, my dad, and me*

My dad doesn’t look like the olden times 59 year-old person where a lot of them would be either hunchbacked or look rather really old..

I bet most of the modern days people look like this nowadays..Talk about modern lifestyle..My sister’s boyfriend Tallen joined us for the dinner..

*My sisters, Shan (L) and Min (R)*

Tallen is the boyfriend of my youngest sister Shan..Enough of scrutinizing the menu and here goes the real deal..

Not knowing what to order and what’s best in Tony Roma’s, we ordered the followings..

tony roma's medium rare ribeye
*My medium rare Ribeye Steak*

Medium rare Ribeye Steak, it’s juicy and very tender, of course..To be honest, this is my first time trying a medium rare one..

Usually I would have ordered medium well..So, I can’t really compare or comment about this medium rare..

I’m not use to chew on something this raw and bloody..It tasted pretty good, nonetheless..Think I might stick back to my medium well for easier chewing wtf..

More yummylicious photos and kudos to their good service..

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