Jamie’s 20th Birthday @ Opus Bistro, Bangsar

Last Friday on 8th October 2010, the bunch of us gave Jamie a private surprise birthday party at Opus Bistro in Bangsar..

Not much of food review kinda thingy but more on a party post..

It was almost a failure because she was supposed to attend an event at Ecoba..Glad the boyfriend Didjital managed to somewhat tricked her to go somewhere else, which is to meet us..

Photos credit to Nigel‘s 550D and Ren‘s Leica Digilux 2..

*Balloon surprise*

There we have colorful balloons floating around for a more relaxing atmosphere in the cosy restaurant..

With time fixing and taking a detour from Ecoba, the time has come and we can’t wait to surprise her..

*Rise and salutation*

When Jamie and Didjital entered the bistro, we definitely surprised and we caught her off guard..

*Jamie and Didjital*

Well, the surprises to see the surprised face was priceless and it’s kinda fun to do this once in a while..

*Muka stimzzz*

I don’t know why but she looked stimz in this photo..By the way, Jamie always got high on helium balloons..You’ll know later on..

And so the camwhoring started before and after the food arrived..

*L>R – Joshua, Kelli, Daphne, yours truly*

The food there was kinda awesome and the pricing is around RM30-50 per pax for pasta..Not too sure bout steaks and others..

*Stormtrooper cupcakes*

Jamie is kinda well-known for loving cute things such as Domokun and many other things (can be seen in HERE)..

So we got her some customized Stormtrooper Cupcakes for something different *Imperial March theme playing in the background*..

More photos ahead and of course a recorded video!

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Cupcake Chic @ The Curve

As the shop name says, it’s not your average kinda cupcake when it comes to Cupcake Chic, where it has a sense of fashion in its own way..

I’m a big fan of cake since before kindergarten times..I still remember how I requested for one everytime I passby Angel’s Cakehouse with my parents..

Now that I’ve grown older, my consumption of cake have vastly decreased and now I only eat cake during birthdays or special occasions..

Trying out cupcakes from the chic ones, definitely make me fall in love with cake again..

The eating people, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Nigel, David, Aaron, Joshua, and me..Photos credit to Nigel, David, Joshua, and Kelli..

*The Cupcake Chic at The Curve*

Cupcake Chic has been in town for quite some time and it’s quite noticeable along the road between The Curve and Ikano..

It’s about 2-3 shops away from Secret Recipe and is just next to the upcoming new McDonald’s joint (yes! another one)..

The menu offers creativity where different colors of “buttons” are placed on the menu board to show what flavor is on-sale from the particular days..

*Joanne and husband Ben, the masterminds of Cupcake Chic*

We were served with 5 new flavors that are not in the menu, just yet..And I was glad that I was able to taste it beforehand..

Before you start ordering and if you are eating in, do take note that these cupcakes or any type of cakes or cookies, is best NOT to eat with drinks with dairy, such as chocolate..

The sweetness of the drink will affect your tastebuds and the taste of the cakes (or any food) will eventually being washed out..

I would recommend Mocha if you are a coffee person, or plain water a.k.a sky juice..Else, you can go with fruit juice as well as it doesn’t contain dairy such as condensed milk and all..

*L>R – Black Forest, Jaffa, Tiramisu*

The first one we had, Black Forest, the mini version of Black Forest gateau..

Just like a normal Black Forest cake, it’s a chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting, and some chocolate shavings..

As I’ve mentioned that I’ve loved cake since I was young, this Black Forest couldn’t go wrong in any way..It tastes great as the opener!

Yes, the cupcake is too small for a cherry to sit on it like how the bigger counterpart appeals but fret not, it has some berries inside..Lovely~!

The chocolate-orange cupcake, Jaffa, inspired by the Jaffa biscuit-like cake, popular in the UK..

Like how the Jaffa cake looks like, with a layer of orange flavoured jelly and a layer of chocolate, the cupcake is a chocolate orange cake with chocolate orange glaze..

Well, the glaze is too sweet for my consumption and it gave me a feeling of eating Smarties..Kimochi-desu~!

I would recommend Jaffa if you have no problem with with real sweet food..I’ve been told that most Malays got no problem with the sweetness at all~!!

Now comes my favourite of all, Tiramisu..Unlike its bigger counterpart the Tiramisu cake, the cupcake has no lady finger biscuits in it..

It’s a coffee cake with cheese frosting with slight vanilla flavour in it..It’s sinfully delicious and I think I can just eat few Tiramisus for my dinner!

Just for your info, Tiramisu is actually an Italian cake, not Japanese although it sounds a bit Jap-ish, if you didn’t know..

Read on for more cupcakes galore..

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