CoolerClub Merdeka Eve Booze – Part 4, Aftermath

Now that I’ve Part 1, 2, and 3, here’s the finale of my Merdeka Eve Booze Series..

Everyone knows that alcohol makes you high and all..But don’t get involve in these shits..

*Howzan and Edmund laughing hysterically..God knows*

*Sue all mabuk-ed*

*Howzan tumbang with Hikaru*

*This one looks wrong? See again*

*Now this is wrong*

I don’t know what happened but Fuzz seemed to be interested in Howzan and trying to perform something on him wtf..

*HLA – Hot Lesbo Act*

Shereena seemed like banging Dandelion from behind wtf..

*Now this is wrong too*

So Howzan, what you got in there? Fuzz is interested, so was Dandelion..LOL~!!


Now I know Kate is reaching puberty and all but that’s so wrong..You cannot be so desperate wtf..

*Kate go soh poh, Edmund tumbang, Hikaru do the Jump Man pose, and ultimate orgy*

*How can you leave me out in orgy wtf*

*We’ll see you again next time mutha fuckers*

*Happy Merdeka and Malaysia and Mareisia and wtf*

Events and boozes come and go..What’s next would you like to know? LOL wtf..

CoolerClub Merdeka Eve Booze – Part 3, Countdown and Jalur Gemilang

After all of the toasts and got toasted, we were all readied for countdown to 12-midnight, just for the sake of counting down..

Everyone was waiting for this moment and we even set alarm on our cellphones to 11.58pm, 2-minutes just before the needle strokes 12..

If you have difficulty to watch the video, set your monitor brightness to higher level a.k.a brighter..


*KL view before fireworks*

*KL view with some not so nice fireworks*


*Semua tabik dan hormat pada Jalur Gemilang*

*That’s Fuzz with Dandelion and Hikaru holding the flag with proud and honor wtf*

*That’s me cheering for the new Government wtf*

After all of the commotions, it’s best to have some group photos with the Jalur Gemilang..

After some time, the alcohol that we consumed earlier on got kicked into our blood and all..

Everyone was acting strangely and wildly, not to mention sadist and kinky wtf..

*Fuzz trying to bite off Peter’s weeny*

*There Peter checking out to see whether his weeny is still attached*

Also, living in Malaysia, we were exposed to lots of interesting news and stories..

The famous ones were sodomy, bombing foreigner, making statutory declaration to verify that you were lying in a statutory declaration you made before the second one, and many others..

All these news feeds were planted in our mind and blood..Thus all the gay-fied photos below..

*People grope my ball, big one..Fuzz having a great time with the back door*

Now that everyone was quite tipsy and blur, we played games..

*Me explaining the game procedure*

*The punishment*

*Me explaining the card game*

*The game*

*The shots*

*Edmund being punished*

That’s all for now..Going over to bloggers gathering now..Muahahaha..

Check it out on Part 4..

CoolerClub Merdeka Eve Booze – Part 2, Prep & Toast

Yes yes, after our night swim and some gay-fied photos, a refreshing bath was needed and we were all prepared to celebrate the night away by getting drunk, tipsy, and pissed drunk..

So before we could really celebrate, some decorations and preparation have to be made..

Pictures from yours truly and Fuzz, as stated in watermarks..

*The decorations, balloons, and Malaysia flag to complete it*

*The city view from Fuzz’s Nikon D50*

*The city view from my Canon IXUS 70*

*Yours truly pregnanted with balloon while the President preparing some Tequila shots*

*Just dip the shot glasses onto the salt*

*The mood is getting there~*

*The prepared Tequila shot glasses*


*Now is the punch/cocktail whatever you want to call it*

Just pour the whole bottle of Absolut Vodka into the tupperware/pail/pot (depending on the number of people)..

Then slowly add in 2 bottles of mixer a.k.a soft drinks a.k.a Coke/Orange, whatever suits your taste bud..

*Squeeze some lime to add the flavor*

*Mix and blend everything*

*The outcome with slices of apples*

The cocktail was something to warm-up our taste bud and esophagus a.k.a throat..

The leading character for the toast was Camino Tequila~!!

*The big boss*

*Fuzz with the cocktail and mini umbrella wtf*


*Now for the toast~!!!*

Clockwise from far left – Edmund‘s teeth, Kate‘s nose, Josephine, Dandelion, Sue, Shereena, Fuzz, and Ollie..

And actually I’m squating in the middle..Spot my head right under Edmund’s hands..

*Howzan for the cocktail and Hikaru for the Tequila*

This definitely shows that the cocktail is good and the Tequila sucks..LOL

And to make matters worst, we gave ourselves a triple shots of the Tequila each, to celebrate Ollie’s and Shereena’s birthday..And also, it’s Fuzz, Dandelion, and Sue’s graduation party..No, we don’t really celebrate Malaysia’s birthday..

We just took the opportunity to throw in a birthday and graduation party for fellow Coolerclubbers thinking that the day after that was a Sunday and it’s a public holiday on Monday..

HAHA great..Call us the opportunists wtf~!

*The aftermath for gulping 3 shots of Tequila each*

As usual, Edmund had been acting strangely after being tipsy and Hikaru tend to act strangely as well..

And that’s Kate being bullied and smacked til pening coz she didn’t drank enough to get tipsy..

And honestly, it was too noisy before the countdown..Perhaps we should lower down our voice as it’s some service apartment/suite..

So it’s normal to expect there are occupants in next doors..

CoolerClub Merdeka Eve Booze – Part 1, Pool Party

Last Saturday was August 30th, the eve night of Malaysia’s 51st National Day a.k.a Peninsula Malaysia Independence Day..

Well, we lived up to the name of Coolerclubbers and we found ourselves a lame excuse reason to hold another private booze session.

This time it was at Sri Cempaka Service Suite at Menara PGRM, Cheras..Just 3-minutes drive from my house wtf..LOL!

The suite was quite nice at a reasonable price..It’s somewhat a great place to hold any private booze session or sexcapades wtf..

*The suite*

Possibly can fit up to 30 people, sitting on floor or standing that is..

Not a bad place, really, although with just 1 bathroom and a mini kitchen..And it’s quite cold even with just one aircond..

After checked-in, we proceeded to the pool because the recreation area would be closed at 9pm and it’s already 8pm after our light dinner..

When there’s pool there’s sauna..Gym is also provided but it’s already closed..There’s also spa but that’s with additional payment I think..

All pics and video taken by Kate using my camera..

*Club President, Fuzz with Peter (topless) and Edmund (red)*

The pool area was quite empty as it was getting late already..Left only several occupants who were there for spa..

So we fooled around and had fun before it closed at 9pm..

*Josephine, Hikaru, and me..That’s me posing around in the pool*

*That’s our President for you, with a beer and ciggy in hands even beside the pool*

*Ours ours ours~~*

*Hikaru floating his way*

*That’s me the poser once in a while..LOL*

*But here’s the all time poser wtf XD*

*That’s me trying to splash the water and capture with slow shutter but failed miserably*

*Poser with the pool-photographer of the night wtf*

*Me again trying to do some stunts*

*That’s me humping and joking and humping..You’ll know why when you watch the video below*

*The virgin guy – Chu (pillar) lam (guy) in Cantonese*

*Trying to do some Ju-on/Dark Water effect but failed*

We swam til about 9.30pm and finally the security guard shoo-ed us away..Off we went up to our suite at the highest floor, 22nd Floor..

*That’s Me-nah (Minah) with my towel on my head*

I don’t know how but somehow I turned these guys on wtf..

*All of them cornered me and Hikaru went on to grope me from behind wtf*

Now here’s the video and it’s quite a lesson for people who don’t know what to do at the swimming pool, no matter if you don’t know how to swim or you are having your monthly period that you can’t swim..


If you are having difficulty to watch the video, set your monitor to a brighter settings

Next off, we’ll see our President Fuzz preparing punch/cocktail to kickstart the night..

Birthday Booze Party @ My House – Part 2, Hang-over

Let’s continue with my birthday booze party post..

*All tipsy tootsy and refilling the potluck..Have to fill the stomach with snacks for the liquor*

Well, the situation got out of hand when everyone was about to ‘tumbang‘..

Thanks to the mixture of whiskey, vodka, VSOP, and bacardi..

We played Suck & Blow..Yeah, you read that right..

*Edmund sucking the card*

*Passing over to James*

*James passing over to Dandelion*

So the game is to pass the card around the person next to you by mouth..

The person that can’t receive it will have to drink..Nice right?

*Everyone kinda drunk already*

Then it was about 3.45am..Initially I planned to yamcha at the mamak outside my house..

Eventually I’m one of the 2 people who tumbang-ed that night..

Yeah, just Hikaru and I tumbang-ed..Losers..

*This is me after having too many glasses*

*I know the camera is shooting me..Hence my middle finger*

*Hikaru is semi-conscious*

*Can’t pose anymore*

*I can still take group picture while I’m drunk (with eyes closed)*

After that everyone went home safely..Good job everyone >.<

Thanks for the party and thanks for the pictures..

Pictures contributed by Jason and Fuzz..Don’t know where’s HowZan’s..

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