Chinese Restaurant, Tai Zi Heen @ Prince Hotel, Jalan Raja Chulan

Tai Zi Heen, one of the few restaurants in Prince Hotel offers a great CNY set menu which consist of 9-courses for Prosperity Set, Fortune Set, and Wealth Set for RM988++, RM1188++, and RM1388++ respectively..

Master Chef Ricky has specially created a host of sumptuous and prosperous New Year’s dishes in his special a la carte menu..

So cut the talking and go to yummylicious photos..

First off to usher in the Year of Tiger, “lou sang” is a must for foodie like us wtf..

ying yang yee sang (tuna and salmon roulade)
*Ying-Yang Yee Sang (Tuna and Salmon Roulade)*

I’m not a fan of Yee Sang but this Yee Sang turned out to be quite nice..I actually like Yee Sang to be a bit oily and this is it!

The amount of oil is just right to go with the salmon and other condiments..I know some people don’t like it to be oily because it’s unhealthy, in a way..

braised pearl shark's fin with fish maw in supreme golden broth
*Braised Pearl Shark’s Fin with Fish Maw in Supreme Golden Broth*

I don’t particularly like fish maw because of its gooey texture but it tastes fine in this dish with the generous portion of shark’s fin..

The golden broth complement very well with the seafood and it’s quite appetizing..

steamed cod fish with pickled radish and garlic in supreme soy sauce
*Steamed Cod Fish with Pickled Radish and Garlic in Supreme Soy Sauce*

The cod fish is nonetheless tender and juicy..The thick meat is to die for and the ladies kept mentioning how smooth their skin will be after that wtf..LOL..

master chef ricky prince hotel
*Master Chef Ricky*

This is Master Chef Ricky who did an awesome job on the dishes..More yummylicious photos after the jump..

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UK Four Seasons @ CapSquare, Dang Wangi

Last week we went to try out UK Four Seasons Restaurant at Capitol Square (CapSquare), somewhere near Jalan Dang Wangi..

Well, don’t look too far ahead..It’s just down the road, go straight from Jalan Ampang where Zouk is on your left and Renaissance is on your right..

This Chinese Restaurant is very famous in the UK and considered on par with Tai Thong, Overseas, etc..

We had something that are feasible during Chinese New Year (CNY)..And so, thanks to Richard and Edward for inviting us again..

uk four seasons capsquare*UK Four Seasons Restaurant*

This restaurant is facing the middle parking bays..It’s still accessible from the other side of the building..

Do check out CapSquare’s website..

uk four seasons capsquare

The interior design is not too far different from many other Chinese restaurants but Four Seasons is trying to accommodate smaller groups as you can see in the pic that most tables are for 2 or 4 pax..

For more people, bigger tables are available at the other section..

uk four seasons capsquare stir fried diced vege
*Stir Fried Diced Mixed Vege with Lettuce*

The Stir Fried Diced Mixed Vege is to be wrapped with a lettuce leaf and do dip with a bit of belacan chilli for a more flavorful taste..

Continue on for some drooling roast duck and siew yuk..

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House of Tang [Non-Halal] @ One Bangsar, Bangsar

It’s already mid-January and Chinese New Year (CNY) is just a month away, falling exactly on the Valentine’s Day, Febuary 14th 2010..

I bet everyone has been busy spring cleaning and shopping for CNY clothes a.k.a red clothes or anything that is bright..

But one must remember that in our Chinese custom, eating good food is considered as a fortune or luck because a lot of people died of hunger in every other part of the world..

Being able to eat good food is a kind of fortune to us Chinese, hence we must appreciate food more..

So here I’m giving you an option of a restaurant for your family dinner during CNY..

It’s House of Tang, situated in one of the stretch of restaurants along One Bangsar in Jalan Ara, Bangsar..

house of tang one bangsar
*House of Tang*

This is what you will see from the main road when you are going up the slope from the Bangsar mosque..

The Bangsar mosque is on your right, where it’s beside Bangsar Village 1 open carpark, go up the slope, you will see House of Tang on your right..

house of tang one bangsar
*Yumcha and Dimsum*

House of Tang opens from 10.30am-2.30pm and 6.30pm-10.30pm daily, except for Tuesday which is their off day..

You can choose to dine-in or out if you are a smoker..Both sections are pretty chilling..

The concept of House of Tang is to make you feel homely, with their homely decorations and also homely dishes..

One more thing, their food are all MSG-FREE~!!

house of tang one bangsar
*The usual foodies*

Thanks to Richard and Edward we are able to dine here and thanks to Sid for inviting us..

You can see the usuals of Ken, Bok, May Yee and her Saucer, Sloppy Chic and Chai, Chris Tock, Esther, Jess, Sunny, Jocel, and few others who I didn’t had the chance to talk to them..

house of tang
*Yours truly*

So before we start to eat anything, it’s good to take few sips of hot Chinese tea to clear your taste buds and also your throat..

house of tang one bangsar
*Salmon Yee Sang with Crispy Shredded Treasures in Plum Dressing*

To usher the CNY 2010, one must not left out the Chinese custom food for CNY which is Yee Sang..

For Chinese, Yee Sang is not a neccessity but it’s somewhat a practise with a hope to bring in fortune, wealth, and health..Yes, very typical Chinese indeed..

The restaurant has served this Yee Sang (?????) with the right amount of oil and sauce which is not too dry nor too wet..

I’m not really a fan of Yee Sang but the fresh salmon here makes me want more!

house of tang one bangsar shark's fin soup
*Shark’s Fin Soup with Dried Scallop in Winter Melon*

house of tang one bangsar shark's fin soup
*Richard doing his thang*

The Shark’s Fin Soup (?????  ???????) is quite smooth and it’s not very thick..A lot of people tend to take lesser shark’s fin soup during a meal because the thick broth makes one feel very full..

The texture is just nice which allows us to continue on with our feast..

Continue on with more than 10 awesome dishes for your CNY family dinner..Also do download the menu for CNY and regular days at the bottom of the entry..

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