Chris Brown – Graffiti [Album - 2010]

After going to the recent breath-taking mini concert by Ne-Yo, I just can’t get enough of R&B stuff..

I’ve mentioned about Chris Brown few weeks back and yes, I’ve grabbed myself Chris Brown’s latest album Graffiti..

*Chris Brown’s Graffiti*

I’ve got myself the Deluxe edition, where it has 21 tracks in it! How often do you get an album with such numbers of tracks? Close to none!

I would say this album is rather amazing which left me forgotten that he had got himself in some abuse issue..Rihanna who?

The first single, “I Can Transform Ya”, which is the first track in the album, is quite catchy with Lil’ Wayne and Swiss Beats..

But I like the second single, “Crawl”, more than the first..It has a soft touch in its beat that I think it could be a hit on our local radio..

I’m not surprise if clubs are playing tracks like “Famous Girl” and “I.Y.A” over and over again as the rhythm makes you move to the groove..

Talking about clubs, I think “For Your Love” is a happy-going song that is very much suitable to be played as closers in clubs, instead of slow-mo songs..

In the entire album, I must say “Girlfriend” featuring Lupe Fiasco caught my ears the most with its catchy tune and lyrics..

It goes like..

I don’t want your girlfriend,
I don’t want your girlfriend,
She la la la la la la,
La la la la la la,

Now I bet you can imagine the catchiness of the track..

As for lovey-dovey songs, it has “Sing Like Me”, “Lucky Me”, “I’ll Go”, “Gotta Be Your Man”, “I Love You”, “Chase Our Love” which will definitely melt your girl’s heart..

The chorus of “Lucky Me” says..

I gotta pose for the cameras,
Even when my world’s falling down,
I still wear a smile,
Lucky me,
Even though im so damaged,
I gotta pick myself up and peform for the crowd,
Lucky me,

Shows that he’s putting himself in a some serious that he’s coming back albeit all the controversies surrounding for a year and he just has to do it!

With this great album, I bet he IS coming back to the music scene..

I would a good rating of 3.5/5 and I can assure that it’s a good album, considering I usually listen to rock albums..

Chris Brown Is Back With Graffiti

I always got mixed up between Chris Brown and the make up product Bobby Brown..I always thought to myself why would Chris Brown come up with a make up product of his own name?

So I realized I made a big mistake on that everytime I passby Bobby Brown at Midvalley..

Chris Brown‘s fame came to light in 2007 with #1 smash hits “With You”, “Forever”, and “Kiss Kiss” (featuring T-Pain)..

With such hits, he was the most nominated artist at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards (with eleven nominations) five of which he won including Choice Music Male Artist..

Here are Chris Brown‘s other outstanding feats during his fame reigns..

  • Three 2008 American Music Awards (Favorite Male Artist-Pop, Favorite Male Artist-Soul/R&B Music Artist of the Year – also named by the same title by Billboard Magazine)
  • Four 2008 BET Awards (including Best Male R&B Artist and Best Collaboration with T-Pain for “Kiss Kiss”)
  • MTV Video Music Award (Best Male Video for “With You”)
  • 2008 NAACP Award for Outstanding Male Artist
  • 2008 World Music Award for World’s Best Male R&B Artist
  • Two more Grammy nominations including Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for “Take You Down.”

During his reign as in before the hoo hah regarding him and Rihanna..I’ll say, so what? Even P. Diddy and Eminem carried a gun and went to court..That’s about it..

Internationally, they are still famous and getting songs into the top music charts..I don’t see Malaysian Government banning their songs on local radio stations..

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