MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) First EGM (Easy Going Meeting)

When we talk about Chinese comedian who usually comes into our mind? Stephen Chow is an instant answer..

How about our very own Malaysian Chinese comedian? Just in case if you have forgotten, remember the local comedy sitcom Kopitiam?

Yes, the used-to-be gay-ish looking Douglas Lim is one of the very few (or maybe the only one) local Chinese comedians that we have..

It’s hard for a Chinese to break into the local comedy scene especially with the existence of comedian group Senario, Afdlin Shauki, and Harith Iskandar, it makes matter worse..

But Douglas never gave up there and then..He searched  far and wide around Malaysia and found two like-minded (and like-coloured) people..

Together they are M.A.C.C – Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians, and this is their first ever EGM..

No not Extraordinary General Meeting like what MCA is having..It’s M.A.C.C‘s EGM, Easy Going Meeting..

Instead of debating who should be sacked and who should be appointed as party president, their agenda are funny observations, song parodies, impersonations, and witty revelations from the founding memebrs of M.A.C.C – Douglas Lim, Chi Ho, and Jenhan..

Click HERE and HERE for reference regarding the other two unknown performers..

macc malaysian association of chinese comedians ycom young comedian of malaysia egm easy going meeting

Although they are Chinese comedians, never expect them to speak in Chinese..It’s all in English! And we all Malaysians ma, sure got campur rojak Manglish wan..Don’t worry..

M.A.C.C.’s first E.G.M. will commence at the PJ Live Arts Centre, Jaya ONE, on the following days :

  • Saturday, 17 October 2009 – 9pm
  • Sunday, 18 October 2009 – 3pm (Matinee)
  • Sunday, 18 October 2009 – 9pm
  • Saturday, 24 October 2009 – 9pm
  • Sunday, 25 October 2009 – 3pm (Matinee)
  • Sunday 25 October 2009 – 9pm



Chinese saying ‘sang sang fatt fatt’ ma..Live live rich rich~!!

But do bear in mind that with Douglas Lim around, RM 33.88 is definitely a steal!

Tickets available at TICKETCHARGE (603) 2241 9999 or visit

This Performance Is Brought To You By Principal Connection (M) Sdn Bhd and is Supported By Young Comedians of Malaysia (YCOM)

Or for more details you can check out their Facebook Event Page (or RSVP – still need to pay!)..

YCOM Comedy Night @ Mist Club

Well, the other day I went to Mist Club with Joshua, Fuzz, and P.Dandelion for the YCOM Comedy Night..

It was their first appearance in Mist Club and I would say it’s expected that the turn out was a bit disappointing..

YCOM actually has quite a huge fan base and it’s increasing day by day..

Anyhow I was surprised that they still continued with the show despite the bad turn out..That’s the spirit man..

First, it was Chi Ho who did the opening act and man, he’s great..LOL~!!

*Chi Ho*

The Prime Minister definitely bought his cabinet from Courts Mammoth~!! No doubt about it~!! LOL~!!

Watch the clip that we’ve video recorded at Joshua – Lousy Kabinet..

Then, the second act was Kavin and he did it with the condom joke again..Nice one..


Came the third act, who was Faisal, the crowd started to build up a bit as cheers and applause can be heard joke after joke..


I quite like Faisal’s antics..He’s a Malay but not the really typical ones..He likes to joke about Malay and their privileges, which is a good thing~!!

And I heard he’s performing alongside Harith Iskandar in No Black Tie soon..Hmm, I shall wait and see..

Last but not least, I most enjoyed with Jenhan’s crazy shit..Perhaps it’s the first time I see him performs so yeah..He’s one funny fella with lots of Malay dramas..


He’s very natural with his Malay accent and acting like a Malay like what Malays usually do in TV dramas and all..

Not bad coz nowadays not many Chinese can speak fluent Malay, what’s more to act like one of them?

Watch the clip on how he mocked the Malay TV dramas at Joshua – Malay Language Also Known As English Beta Ver2.0..