Traffic Congestion At Cheras Roundabout, Kuala Lumpur

On every weekday Monday to Friday, traffic congestion during off-work hour is kinda unavoidable, be it in KL city center, Cheras, Kepong, PJ, Damansara, Subang, or Shah Alam..

Unavoidable is one thing, but making it become worse is another thing..

I always freaking hate selfish irresponsible drivers who managed to get their driving license and driving around not knowing how to respect other drivers..

In this case, traffic congestion at a roundabout..The one in Cheras specifically..

Congestion usually happens when drivers on either side of the incoming road don’t give way to the other road despite blocking the road and causing massive jams..

I got fed up and made an impromptu video on that very roundabout and I know it’s kinda boring or whatsoever but hey, it’s my way of reporting reckless-selfish-irresponsible drivers!

So here’s the video and I’ll definitely come back with more videos..


This is a part of my Traffic Offenders series..Do check it out..

Chicken Rice @ Taman Pertama, Cheras

On holiday now while looking for a job for my 4-months long internship..It’s been a hard time as I am already late for my internship but the company has not replied me yet..

So staying at home is doing no good for me..Having lunch alone at home and all..

This is one of my favourite chicken rice in town with one of the best char siew (roasted pork) too..

*Chicken and Char Siew rice*

It’s very nearby my house..You know Taman Pertama’s KFC and Station One cafe in Cheras?

This chicken rice stall is opened in the Chinese coffee shop right opposite of Station One cafe..

The rice is so good that I can just eat the rice without any meat to go with it..The chili, is not really THAT hot but it gives you a slight burning feeling when you eat it..

*Char Siew*

Not to forget, the char siew (roasted pork), is one of the best you can find in Cheras area..

I would definitely recommend this char siew after Sun Ming Duck Rice‘s char siew..

Both of these char siew are definitely different in taste but they are good in their own rights..No kidding..

I remembered there was once in a week during the weekdays, I had this chicken rice for 4 days! It’s that good..