UEFA Champions’ League Final 2012 With Heineken @ GSC Signature, The Gardens

Football fans witnessed the much anticipated UEFA Champions League (UCL) final battle between Chelsea and Bayern Munich with Chelsea bringing home the coveted trophy.

Didier Drogba scored the decisive goal in the penalty shootout beating Bayern Munich after a dramatic 1-1 draw on 19th May 2012. Chelsea got its first Champions League title, four years after losing in a shootout to Manchester United.

For the first time in Malaysia, the match was telecasted in HD (High Definition) in an exclusive event hosted by Heineken at GSC Signature cineplex at The Gardens; transporting fans to the excitement live from the Allianz Arena in Munich.

Aptly called the Heineken Legendary Night, the event was part of Heineken’s ‘Legendary Football’ campaign for the UEFA Champions League 2012 Finale in Munich.

Whole of GSC Signature cineplex lobby had been turned into a party room where bottles of Heineken were served all night and games like foosball and penalty shoot-out simulations.

Proof that I was really right at the GSC Signature lobby waiting to enter the cinema hall. Haha.

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Tiger FC Fans @ SOULed Out, Hartamas – FA Cup Final, Liverpool vs Chelsea

As the English football season 2011/12 is coming to an end, the FA Cup Final, Liverpool against Chelsea was played on 5th May 2012 at the Wembley Stadium with a crowd attendance of 89,102..

Here in Kuala Lumpur we have had our own party as well, supported by Tiger FC, football fans gathered and thronged the viewing party at SOULed Out, Hartamas..

The adrenaline-filled match was further intensified with Tiger FC’s stadium-like atmosphere, with avid football fans cheering for their favourite teams excitedly despite the match commencing in the wee hours of the morning..

*Chelsea fans are excited about the match*

I have somewhat supported for Chelsea in this match because they were really on-form in recent weeks while Liverpool is still trying to shake off their poor form..

Fans were treated to a street viewing party environment with plenty of amazing prizes and Tiger FC merchandises being given away throughout the night..

As Tiger FC is committed to the role of the “Fan of Real Fans” in full force, the Chelsea and Liverpool fans who declared their loyalty to their clubs upon registration were also given the exclusive Tiger FC jerseys..

*Tiger FC ambassadors*

Ramires opened the socring in the 11th minute to give Chelsea the lead and Chelsea were on attacking mode in the first-half of the match..

Not long after the match kickstarted into the second-half, Drogba gave Chelsea a two-goal lead in the 52nd minute..On-form Torres wasn’t in the starting line-up, nor he was substituted in in the second-half..

Andrew Carrollw was substituted in for Jay Spearing and he managed to score a goal about 10-minutes into the game, reviving Liverpool’s hope in the 64th minute..

*Liverpool fans cheering when Carroll scored*

It was in the second-half that Liverpool had played a better game as compared to the first-half, making Chelsea under pressured..

The 35-million pounds Andrew Carroll seemed to be getting on-form, at last, when he tried to score with a header in what may seemed like a goal but Petr Cech managed to pushed the ball out of the goal-line..

This may be another controversial match that will be remembered for years where it costs Liverpool a chance in perhaps, the extra-time..Chelsea won the FA Cup with a 2-1 score..

Being a follwer of English football since I was still in Primary school back in 1995, Roberto Di Matteo is definitely one of Chelsea’s regular players back then and now we can see he’s somewhat walking the path of Barca’s manager Pep Guardiola..

If he’s given a chance to become a full-time manager instead of a caretaker manager post in season 2012/13, I bet Chelsea would be one of the worthy opponents in the title contender..

*Lim Ju Lee, Senior Brand Manager of Tiger with the lucky winners*

Several lucky winners of the night walked away grinning from ear to ear when they won the 40-inch Sony LCD TV, RM1,000 Tiger FC prepaid card, as well as the exclusive framed Chelsea and Liverpool jerseys..

Now it’s time to prepare for the final week of the English Premier League Season 2011/12..

Tiger Viewing Party – Arsenal vs Chelsea, Season 11/12

The English Premier League Season 2011/12 is coming to its last few matches and as usual, the matches always seemed like they were fixed in a way that 3rd-placed team have to go against 4th-placed team for the Champions’ League spot and the top two teams have to battle it out on the last match of the season to vie for the title, and so on..

On 21st April 2012, I have attended the Tiger Viewing Party – Arsenal vs Chelsea at Publika Dutamas for bringing down the Emirates Stadium from north London to Kuala Lumpur..

Makeshift walls were built as the one resembled the real Emirates Stadium, tunnels, and also tiered seats to make the game more enjoyable..

The Gunners Stadium, is half of the wall at the outdoor area of Publika in front of The Bee..Invited David to join me..

The entrance tunnel into the ‘stadium’ where Tiger beer is served!

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Malaysia Olympic Squad Selection vs Chelsea @ Bukit Jalil, Chelsea FC Asia Tour 2011

On 21st July 2011, it was the day where I got to meet Chelsea FC star players on the pitch, by using my tele-lens..

The match between Malaysia Olympic U-23 Squad Selection vs Chelsea FC was the last in an Asia Tour by 3 English football clubs..

Got my tickets, thanks to Noobie and of course Samsung for bringing the star-studded team into Malaysian soil!

As usual, I donned my national team’s jersey, the hitam-kuning (black-yellow) jersey with due respect to show my support to the national team, the Harimau Muda Malaya..

The Harimau Malaya (senior team) had to prepare for the World Cup Asian Zone Qualifying Round so the Harimau Muda (U-23 team) were picked to play against Chelsea FC..

*L>R – Didier Drogba, don’t-know, Nicolas Anelka*

Few Chelsea players came on the pitch before kick-off to greet the fans and we can see the guys were snapping photos of the crowd..

*John Terry*

Chelsea captain John Terry holding his mobile phone while waving to the crowd, probably video recording the atmosphere of the strong supporters..

*Two guys carrying a placard with “Torres Marry Me” wtf*

These guys here are probably gay, or maybe not, coz one of them were holding the placard saying “TORRES MARRY ME”..

I hope he’s holding it for his sister..

Daphne, Joshua, and I were seated behind Malaysia goal in the first-half..

More than half of the photographers were behind the Malaysia goal as well to capture photos of Chelsea’s attacking..

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Samsung Presents Chelsea FC VS Malaysia XI @ Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Most people would have already knew that Chelsea FC is coming to Malaysia for a match against Malaysia XI on 21st of July 2011 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium..

But did you know that Chelsea FC pre-season Asia Tour 2011 is brought to you by Samsung?

By buying Samsung products worth a minimum of RM300 in a single receipt, you are entitled to win grand prizes for 2 pax to sit with the Chelsea FC team during the Malaysian match!

There are also other weekly prizes to be won on top of other FREEBIES when you buy selected Samsung products..

That being said, it’s good to say that Samsung will be giving out FREE Limited Editions of Chelsea merchandise when you purchase Samsung products!

Here are some of the promos offered by Samsung Malaysia in conjunction with the Chelsea FC Asia Tour 2011..

First, we have some home appliances from washing machines to fridges, where you buy the selected models you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Polo Tee!

Click on images for larger view!

Then, let’s move on to mobile phones..

Under the Samsung belt, buy any of these 3 phones of Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Ace, or Samsung Galaxy Mini, you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Mobile Cover for your new phone..

I would say it’s pretty awesome, since I’m getting bored of too much of Angry Birds covers in the market..

Afteer mobile phones, Samsung offers good cameras for you to capture your football moments, anywhere anytime..

Buy an NX11 and you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Backpack..

If you buy the following models ranging from NX11, NX100, 2-views cameras ST700 and PL120/PL170, Camcorders Q10 and F50, or Compact cameras of EX1, WB700, WB210, SH100, and ST65/ST95, you are entitled for freebies of either A. 2GB Memory card, B. 4GB Memory card, or C. A camera case..

More special offers and promotions as you read on!

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