Endorsement of GE Monogram by Chef Martin Yan @ Benova, TTDI Plaza

Chef Martin Yan was in Malaysia over the weekend for a 3 days cooking event, an endorsement for GE Monogram kitchenware at few selected kitchenware shops..

The one I attended was at Benova in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Plaza..Thanks to Sid for the invite..

benova chef martin yan
*Benova at TTDI Plaza*

Benova, this kitchenware shop is situated just opposite of Caltex, facing the main road..

I guessed it is one of the few selected kitchenware stores that is selling GE Monogram hence the presence of Chef Martin Yan in this place..

A bit of quick facts about Chef Martin Yan..

Martin Yan was born in Guangzhou, China in 1948, learned cooking at the age of 12, then moved to Hong Kong when he was 13..

He has his own cooking show called “Yan Can Cook” since 1978 and is still running in the America, which I remembered watching it when I was in Primary school..

His signature move is chop things with very fast pace that creates the sound of “tap.tap tap tap.tap tap.tap tap tap.tap.tap tap” on the chopping board..And the legacy still lives on til now, after so many years..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Chef Martin Yan and Chef Sun*

Chef Martin Yan invited Chef Sun to become his assistant..Chef Sun is a chef for a renown Chinese restaurant in Malaysia..

Martin Yan is a smooth and sweet talker..The way he conveyed his messages was very comedic and the crowd enjoyed every moment of it..

I was laughing through the whole cooking session..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Chef Martin Yan showing his skills*

Here Martin Yan showing his skills to rip off the bones of a whole chicken in a matter of few seconds to have a whole of boneless chicken..

He cooked about 3-4 dishes, and strongly promoting Lee Kum Kee when he used its oyster sauce and also soy sauce..

I have to agree with him that Lee Kum Kee is the best! My father is using Lee Kum Kee’s Light Soy Sauce and also Dark Soy Sauce..Slurps..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Chef Martin Yan introducing GE Monogram kitchenwares*

Among so many kitchenwares GE Monogram, Chef Martin Yan stressed on the air ventilator, refridgerator, oven, and few others..

At the end of the cooking session, few lucky draw winners got to bring home a Martin Yan’s cookbook, Culinary Journey Through China, with a on-the-spot-handwritten message and signature from the man himself..

Our fellow foodie Mei Yee and her husband won themselves TWO of that cookbook..Lucky couple!

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Group pic #1*

Here both Chefs in a group photo with the owners of Benova..The event ended with an autograph session and also a private interview session with some of the media..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*The endorsement board*

A token of proof of Martin Yan’s endorsement of GE Monogram..

Last but not least, I will not miss the opportunity to take a photo with the famous chef himself..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Yours truly with Chef Martin Yan and Chef Sun*

He’s such a friendly and easy-going guy..It’s great to see him live in KL!

Now you head over to Benova for some kitchenware cravings..