Malaysian Dream Girls Season 2 Finale @ The Curve

Last Friday, 15th May, Malaysian Dreamgirls (MDG) Season 2 Finale was held at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara..

Never thought of going coz it would be crowded and all, as it is open to public..

Then Sarah told me she can get some VIP passes, so I accepted her offer and went there to practice my shooting skill..

All photos are shot under Manual mode, without flash, all based on settings on shutter speed, aperture, and ISO..

Photos are original as it is, no post-processing, only resizing and watermark..Oh, just 2 or 3 photos are cropped for better composition..

I was standing about 10 feet away from the front most of the stage..So I just chose few photos from the 100 photos that I’ve taken..

*Nice and sharp*

These 2 photos are cropped before I put them together..Even if it’s not cropped the pics still look fine, just that I want to focus on the object more..

*The 3 finalists, Pinky, Dawn, and Juanita*

This is my favourite pic of the night..No photoshop at all, only resizing and watermark..Thanks to the flashes flashed by the media photographers..

*L>R – Pinky, Dawn, Juanita*

The real pic is a bit too small, I mean the object, in this case, the models..So I’ve cropped the pic so the object is more concentrated..

I know, the composition is a bit off..I prefer the original one..

Read on for more pics and result..

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