FREEDOM Elite @ Bukit Kiara

FREEDOM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

At last, here’s the update on FREEDOM Elite event from me..Many bugging for it already..

Okay, FREEDOM Elite is a closed event just for invited guests only..But to get the invitation, it was easy yet difficult..

It was on 22nd of November, last Saturday at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club..

The very same place as Hennessy where they brought Flo Rida and Machi few months back..Check out HERE, HERE, and HERE..

The first 5,000 registered on FREEDOM website gets to attend the event as invited guest..You pay nothing for it, and you get unlimited alcohol and international DJs..

Yes everything is free..Enough said..

*FREEDOM Elite Passport aka invitation letter*

*The entrance, freaking packed*

*Crowd is getting wild*

Clockwise from top left :

1. You can see all the people queue-ing up like mad to get free boozes..

2. Look at the stacks of Tiger beers behind the bar staff*

3. Place to hangout in front of the bar..It’s definitely convenient to get drinks and get drunk..

4. Havoc everywhere..

Yes, they gave out free flow of boozes, consisting Heineken, Tiger, 42Below Vodka, Coke, and mineral water..

All straight from the cans, no more diluted booze!!

I bumped into my friend Adrian, who was working as bar staff, he said the drinks were more than enough and I didn’t doubt that at all..

*Jacklyn and Mandy*

There I bumped into Jacklyn when I was about to enter..And inside I bumped into Mandy..It’s been at least half year the last time I saw her..

*The early crowd*

*Nice lightings*

*Even nicer lightings*

More pics up ahead..

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Hennessy Artistry 2008 @ Bukit Kiara – Part 3, Free Flow Aftermath

The finale part of Hennessy Artistry 2008 at Bukit Kiara Series, the free flow aftermath..Check Part 1 and 2 if you haven’t..

Yes, bad sightings everywhere at Bukit Kiara that night..I’ve witnessed a few and heard plenty of them..

I don’t know what to say at all..All of them were so wasted..I know it’s free flow and all but you don’t have to sacrifice your life for all of it..

Take it till that certain level and no one knows it but you yourself..It’s not like you are going to die tomorrow..There are more events coming and we WILL still party!!

*Nigel is really observant and he’s quick to pose for the pic..LOL*

*This pic looks a bit wrong*

Fuzz was there camgigolo-ing with Stanley..Kelli looked like smelling sobbing on Nigel‘s shirt..

Shengmae‘s face looked like she’s drunkenly-constipating while Joshua standing alone there syok sendiri..LOL!

*Everyone quite wasted here..LOL*

*The big bottles on display*

*Glasses of on the rocks prepared for some Shanghai night*

*Look at the boxes and cans that were used*

*The girl in black damn wasted*

Yes, when we left the scene at nearly 3am, she was being carried out by her friends to the car..Youngsters these days >.<

*Hikaru with Ji-ann*


I don’t know why but Arsyan looked the left and Hsu Jen looked to the right..And Randy standing behind there looking at them helplessly..LOL..

*Ji-ann and Jojo RouPing*

*Kelvin was a bit wasted*

*But refreshed after a bite of orange with Hikaru*

*That’s me with Jason*

*Me tumbang-ed*

*Jason tumbang-ed*

That’s why..Lesson learned, yet again..

Don’t drink too much when it’s almost end..Drink earlier during the party so that you’ll get hyped up during the peak of the party..

When you do that, you’ll sweat a lot and the amount of alcohol in your body will gradually gone by the end of the party..

By then, you can start walking with confidence and drive with no fearĀ  of having to blow the drunk-o-meter..

*Although we tumbang-ed, the girls are still partying*

IMHO, this is the best event I’ve ever been to..Concert with free booze..This is the ultimate idea..

I suggest that more similar to be made in the future..

No I’m not saying that we want another FOC party..It doesn’t matter if we need to pay for the entrance but with either booze or normal drinks, is the idea here..

Limited guests, different areas for different ticket pricing, booze of either alcohol or soft drink / energy booster, don’t you see the market now?

From my estimation, the whole event costs at least RM5 million..Just look at the 3 international artistes, and the venue..

I guess the venue set up cost is at least few hundreds of Ks, near to RM1 million..

With everything FOC, Hennessy Artistry is really pushing it hard and efficient in publicity..

I love the event and would love to have it again, even if I need to pay..

Hennessy Artistry 2008 @ Bukit Kiara – Part 2, Me, Myself, and The People

After what I’ve shown you guys in Part 1 – Atmosphere, here are some pics of me and the party people..

Check out the press conference too if you haven’t..

Most photos are before those wasted ones got wasted..Priceless..If you have any wasted photos, really damn wasted..LOL!

*L>R – Kate, Hikaru, Me, Desmond, Diane*

*Me and 4-feet-9*

That’s right..I’d invited Audrey and she’s so damn kawaii lo..4-feet-9 wei..LOL!

No I’m not insulting..Nice to meet you and take pic with you Audrey, after knowing you for soooooooo long..LOL

*Jan and me*

*Me, Ginny, and her boyfriend Fugz wtf*

Just met them like a week ago at Jenai’s birthday and here we are now partying again..

*Earl-Ku, me, and Suanie*

Earl, a party man whom I seldom see or hang around with..Glad you were able to make it to this happening event..

Was glad to see Suanie there too coz 2-3 days before the event she was still waiting for her invites..

*Me, my cousin brother Billy aka Wai Yin, and his girlfriend Rechelle*

*With some of the DGMBians*

As I said, I was busy walking around here and there..Luckily I still managed to take a pic with some of them..

In the pic from left to right, Thomas, Shengmae, me, Kelli, Nigel, Aaron (behind), and Amy..

*Me with Jamie Chin, the girl who made me smile wtf XD*

Yes that’s right..Who would never smile if a pretty girl like Jamie is standing beside you, right?

*L>R – Yvonne, Yvonne’s sis Michelle, me, and Yvonne’s BFF Ione*

Well, at the very last hour, I’d managed to invite Yvonne and Ione to the party..And what’s more when Yvonne invited her sister Michelle as well!

Nice to see you girls again and I hope you all had fun..We’ll meet again in the next party k..

By the way, Ione looked better in this new image, instead of the one I saw at Pajama Party..That’s so Lala-ish..And this is so innocent, can tipu people..LOL! =P

*Me and ShaolinTiger*

*Ji-ann and me*

*Michael Yip and me*

Mike‘s photos really rock steady rockefellar skank..That’s what you get from a photographer with a media pass..

*Sue, Steph K, and me*

*L>R – Hikaru, Kate, me, Nicholas, Kelvin, Mike*

*L>R – Hikaru, Kate, Nicholas, Kelvin aka Sapsapsui, Jason Lee*

Thanks to Nicholas for giving out the invites and helping Nuffnangers to get into the Arena without much hassle..

Jason rested his SLR for the night and Sapsapsui took over as the photographer for the night..

*Jamie happily trying to braid my hair wtf*

*Me and old friend Jojo aka RouPing*

We were schoolmates during STPM times..It’s been more than 4 years since we last met..And who knows we met up here and she’s with the organizing team..

Bravo to the organizers, sponsors, and performers..

Til end of the night, I’ve missed taking pics with some of the people namely KY, Ringo, Fireangel, Natalie, Joe, Stephenie, and many others whom I walked passby many times..

That’s the end of Part 2 – Me, Myself, and The People..

The Finale Part 3 – Free Flow Aftermath will be up as soon as possible..Have fun everyone!

Hennessy Artistry 2008 @ Bukit Kiara – Part 1, Atmosphere

HENNESSY ARTISTRY 2008 FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

It was quite an event and helluva night for me..I’ve had been to concerts..I’ve had free flow in clubs before..

I’ve had been to blogger gatherings..I’ve had been to booze parties..

But there’s nothing, not a single one as fabulous as Hennessy Artistry 2008!!!

Where can you find an event that gives you free entrance, not quite packed coz it’s limited to invited guests only, free flow of booze, and free concert of 3 helluva international artistes?!

I’m not sure whether it was as great as for you but it’s the event of the year..Perhaps the best event so far, of all I’ve attended..Applies to those events I’ve attended ONLY..

First and foremost, I want to say sorry if I’ve neglected anyone who I’ve invited coz the venue was too big and everyone else scattered around everywhere and anywhere!!

Hope everyone had fun and we’ll mingle better in the next event yeah..

*The VIP invites*

The VIP invites thanks to Nuffnang courtesy of Hennessy Artistry..

I was a bit late than scheduled due to time miscalculation and Dark Knight damn nice!

And because of that I missed the opening act, Pop Shuvit..

*The crowd is massive*

*The bar preparing boozes*

Reached there at about 10.30pm..Received SMSes from fellow friends saying that it’s damn hard to find parking even at freaking 7pm!

Luckily Hennessy Artistry gave out some VIP parking stickers and I was one of the lucky ones who got it..

Not to mention public parking space, even VIP’s are very limited..Lucky I carpool with some friends..

*Hennessy Miami*

*Hennessy Shanghai*

*Hennessy KL for VVIPs*

These were the platforms for the VIPs and VVIPs..I was at Hennessy Miami most of the time..

There were Hennessy Shanghai and Paris, where some people I know like Mikemmery was there..

But too bad I didn’t getto meet him coz I missed his SMS..

Hennessy KL was the place for VVIPs, such as celebrities, and many high-ranked people which I don’t know coz we were not allowed to go up..

*Jason Ooi and Jamie Chin*

Here’s Jason Ooi ex-schoolmate Jamie Chin staring at the stage jakunly..LOL

*Jan and Amy*

Jan already looked quite wasted early in the night and bad thing for Amy coz she’s not feeling well and nauseated..

*Machi on stage rocking the arena*

Well, it was Machi’s performance and I was utterly surprised that they danced too..That’s so not hip hop to me..LOL!

*David with the inconsumable bottle of Hennessy*

*Flo Rida In the house!!*

*Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrr*

*Stunt crowd*

Well, I’m not too sure whether DJ Latin Prince played before or after Flo Rida coz I was too busy walking around meeting people and all..

Honestly I wasn’t really paying attention to Flo Rida’s songs..Only the familiar tune of “Apple bottom jeans and boots with the furr” reached my eardrums..

Anyway, I think DJ Latin Prince’s pieces didn’t suit Malaysians well..Although I wasn’t paying attention, THAT’S THE POINT!!

It’s not something that caught my attention..

*Nicholas with Miss Malaysia 2008 Levy Li*

*Ji-ann and Kate*

The closing act belonged to homegrown VJ Callen..I would say that VJ Callen’s mixeswere better than DJ Latin Prince..

Perhaps this local veteran DJ knows too much of Malaysia’s music background, after being in the music scene for so many years..

*The bloggers corner*

*Jen tired of dancing*

*Everyone is so hype up*

It was quite a scene where all people let loose and party like they never had before..

For sure, free booze and international artistes played quite a major role in moving people’s feet..That’s what I called “The Global of Art Mixing”..

Quite a lot of people damn wasted, in either way, as in pissed drunk wasted and wasted for not drinking enough..

I’m the latter one coz whole night long, I’ve only had about 6 glasses ONLY!!! Damn wasted right?!!

Anyway, prepare for Part 2, Me, Myself and The People..