Malaysia Olympic Squad Selection vs Chelsea @ Bukit Jalil, Chelsea FC Asia Tour 2011

On 21st July 2011, it was the day where I got to meet Chelsea FC star players on the pitch, by using my tele-lens..

The match between Malaysia Olympic U-23 Squad Selection vs Chelsea FC was the last in an Asia Tour by 3 English football clubs..

Got my tickets, thanks to Noobie and of course Samsung for bringing the star-studded team into Malaysian soil!

As usual, I donned my national team’s jersey, the hitam-kuning (black-yellow) jersey with due respect to show my support to the national team, the Harimau Muda Malaya..

The Harimau Malaya (senior team) had to prepare for the World Cup Asian Zone Qualifying Round so the Harimau Muda (U-23 team) were picked to play against Chelsea FC..

*L>R – Didier Drogba, don’t-know, Nicolas Anelka*

Few Chelsea players came on the pitch before kick-off to greet the fans and we can see the guys were snapping photos of the crowd..

*John Terry*

Chelsea captain John Terry holding his mobile phone while waving to the crowd, probably video recording the atmosphere of the strong supporters..

*Two guys carrying a placard with “Torres Marry Me” wtf*

These guys here are probably gay, or maybe not, coz one of them were holding the placard saying “TORRES MARRY ME”..

I hope he’s holding it for his sister..

Daphne, Joshua, and I were seated behind Malaysia goal in the first-half..

More than half of the photographers were behind the Malaysia goal as well to capture photos of Chelsea’s attacking..

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Samsung Presents Chelsea FC VS Malaysia XI @ Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Most people would have already knew that Chelsea FC is coming to Malaysia for a match against Malaysia XI on 21st of July 2011 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium..

But did you know that Chelsea FC pre-season Asia Tour 2011 is brought to you by Samsung?

By buying Samsung products worth a minimum of RM300 in a single receipt, you are entitled to win grand prizes for 2 pax to sit with the Chelsea FC team during the Malaysian match!

There are also other weekly prizes to be won on top of other FREEBIES when you buy selected Samsung products..

That being said, it’s good to say that Samsung will be giving out FREE Limited Editions of Chelsea merchandise when you purchase Samsung products!

Here are some of the promos offered by Samsung Malaysia in conjunction with the Chelsea FC Asia Tour 2011..

First, we have some home appliances from washing machines to fridges, where you buy the selected models you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Polo Tee!

Click on images for larger view!

Then, let’s move on to mobile phones..

Under the Samsung belt, buy any of these 3 phones of Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Ace, or Samsung Galaxy Mini, you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Mobile Cover for your new phone..

I would say it’s pretty awesome, since I’m getting bored of too much of Angry Birds covers in the market..

Afteer mobile phones, Samsung offers good cameras for you to capture your football moments, anywhere anytime..

Buy an NX11 and you will get a FREE Limited Edition Chelsea Backpack..

If you buy the following models ranging from NX11, NX100, 2-views cameras ST700 and PL120/PL170, Camcorders Q10 and F50, or Compact cameras of EX1, WB700, WB210, SH100, and ST65/ST95, you are entitled for freebies of either A. 2GB Memory card, B. 4GB Memory card, or C. A camera case..

More special offers and promotions as you read on!

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Maroon 5 Live Concert @ Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Managed to grab a pair of Maroon 5 live concert tickets at at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium thanks to Maxis..

Went to the concert with Daphne on 29th April 2011, equipped only with a normal PnS camera, here I present some photos and video of Maroon 5..

*The queue was pretty massive*

I was pretty surprise with the crowd turnout because the queues were pretty long! Glad it didn’t took too long for us to enter the stadium..

There was no opening for Maroon 5 but it’s all fine because it started around 9.30pm, about 30-minutes later from its proposed 9pm as written on the tickets..

The crowd was very supportive and all, ranging from young to old and all kinds of people..

Well I couldn’t really remember much which song they started with but I was amazed with the amount of singles they had..

For I, who have never listened to any of their full track albums, I pretty much know at least 70% of their songs during the concert..

Which at the same time shows that they have quite a number of singles being played on the airwaves..

Moreover, most of the tune and rhythm of their songs are quite identical so it’s quite surprising that they actually have so many singles being played around all this while..

It all sounded familiar, I know the lyrics, but I don’t know the name of the songs..I know it’s pretty weird but that’s what happens when almost every song has almost identical tune..

Nonetheless, their songs are very nice, what’s more for a live concert..I think it’s almost a sold-out concert coz most of the seats in the stadium were pretty much all filled..

Most of the songs were their famous tracks such as “Misery”, “She Will Be Loved”, “Harder To Breathe”, “Won’t Go Home Without You”, and “Wake Up Call”, just to name a few..

Look out for a video I’ve recorded..It’s at the end of this blog post..

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Paramore Live In Kuala Lumpur @ National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

On 19th October 2010, I got a pair of tickets for Paramore Live In Kuala Lumpur at National Stadium Bukit Jalil and it’s all thanks to Tune Talk and Nuffnang for the Rock Zone tickets..

Most of all, want to thank Ginny for passing me her pair of tickets and it’s the second time in this year already! She gave me her Stereophonics “This Feeling” Live Gig at KL Live tickets too! :D Now everyone go give her some hits :P

Okay back to the topic..I’ve never really been a fan of Paramore, having only listened to 3 songs on the radio..

But being a rock fan me (or whoever it is), I wouldn’t say no to free tickets! Thanks again Ginny..My treat next time :D

*L>R – Yours truly, Daphne, Derryk, Lisan, Joshua*

Bumped into Lisan and Derryk while staring at the long queue for the numbered seats..

*Long queue*

Lucky for Rock Zone revelers, the entrance is on the other side and we didn’t have to queue at all! Also thanks to Michelle for passing the tickets to me :D

By the way, all photos with my watermark and Youtube videos are all snapped and recorded using Blackberry Torch 9800..

Sorry for the bad quality as I’m still trying to explore its functions and was trying to get the best out of it..

*Crowd at 7.30pm*

We were treated with local acts for the opening, Y2K, their songs are pretty unique I would say, a combo of Slipknot and Paramore style..Yeah, you tell me..

Paramore went on stage at about 8.30pm and they were readied to rock!

Their opening set, “Ignorance” was energy-filled and I started to get into the mood already..


Like I said I wasn’t a true fan of Paramore bu I must say, their opening set has had got me into them and was asking for more from them..I just smirked as a sign to agree to myself..

Hayley Williams the lead vocalist, was very energetic throughout the whole concert..She was running to the left and to the right of the stage without sounding exhausted on the mic!

You want more I know..Just continue to read on with 3 more videos waiting for you :D

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Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 @ Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium

On 14th October 2010, I joined the gang to the Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010, thanks to Sony Music and Marctensia, not to forget brought to you by DiGi Live..

When I reach Bukit Jalil, the traffic flow was kinda smooth but the crowd in and out of the Putra Indoor Stadium was overwhelming..

A news article reported there were 10,000 people attended the Glam Nation Tour..

Well first we were treated with Jay Sean’s “Down”, sung by Iqwal..


His singing was quite good and great on his feet movements..He did a bit of moonwalking ;) Not bad for a new guy..

*Dennis Lau the violinist and Daniel Lee the Idol*

Then, my uni senior Dennis Lau came on stage with his violin and Malaysian Idol Season 2 winner Daniel Lee, a combo for Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”..

At about 9pm, the lights in the stadium were off and there was Adam Lambert standing up on the stage all glammed..

Adam Lambert started off with “Voodoo”, “For Your Entertainment”, “Rabbit Hole”, and “Ring of Fire”..

Then he continued with “Fever”, “Sleepwalker”, and an acoustic version of “What Do You Want From Me”..

At this point of time I feel that Glambert is toning down his performance just a slight tad bit but his energetic aura still rocked the stage nevertheless..

A friend told me he saw an interview with Adam Lambert on E! News on Astro, saying he toned down his performance as a way to respect the Malaysian government or something like that..Kudos to that!

More details on the set list, more photos, and of course a video from the concert after the jump! *jumps* :P

By the way, photos credit to Sony Music..

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Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 Is Here!

Adam Lambert, the runner-up in American Idol Season 8, second best to Kris Allen, is coming to Kuala Lumpur for his Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 concert!

As for personal preference, I enjoy Adam Lambert’s vibrant and energetic performance more than Kris Allen’s steady yet mesmerizing performance..

Glad that I’m going for both, already went for Kris Allen’s showcase and now to Adam Lambert’s..Too bad I had to give Kelly Clarkson’s a miss :(

adam lambert glam nation tour malaysia sony music*Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010*

As much as he’s always being known as, Glambert it is, I’m expecting something flashy and rock-styled from him, like we’ve seen in the American Idols..

The concert is happening on 14th October 2010 at Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil, brought to you Live by DiGi, and jointly organized by Marctensia and Sony Music..

The ticket prices range from RM103 to RM253 for numbered seats and RM193 (Rock Zone) and RM298 (The Pitt) for free standing..

Well I’ll be there in the Rock Zone as it’s closer to the stage and I want to rock it on with my friends! Very much feel like mosh pits now :P

You can purchase the tickets online at or Ticketpro counters namely Rock Corner, Victoria Music Centre, and Music Valley, in Klang Valley..

For more ticket outlets in Penang, Johor, and Sabah, you can check out Ticket Outlets in

If you buy from those ticket outlets, probably you can consider buying Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment – Tour Edition album too!

*Adam Lambert’s For Your Enterntainment – Tour Edition*

By purchasing the Tour Edition album you will get a 10% off on the concert ticket OR get a 10% off on the album when you purchase the concert ticket, get the drift? :)

Four Your Entertainment – Tour Edition album that has 4 bonus tracks and a bonus DVD which includes Stripped performances, AOL live session and the making of the video for “If I Had You”..

That’s all and I hope to see whoever who is going to the concert, Glambert yo!

For more info, do visit or Adam Lambert Facebook event..

For more music info, do visit Sony Music Facebook Fanpage or follow them on Twitter @sonymusicmy..

Edited : 5.30pm-6pm for “Glam It Up”

For all Adam Lambert’s concert goers, be prepared to come all “glammed-up” as 5 lucky fans with the best glam look for the night will stand a chance to get an autographed Adam Lambert Glam Box as well as to meet Adam backstage..

In order to participate in the “Glam It Up” contest, just get all “glammed-up” and have your photo taken at the official photowall, stationed at the main entrance, by our designated photographers between 5.30 to 6.00pm..

On top of that if you are one of the lucky 5 chosen winners and also a DiGi subscriber, you and a friend will automatically be upgraded to DiGi’s zone to watch the concert**.  (**The upgrade of tickets is not applicable for “The Pitt” zone ticket holders)

For fans who comes between 6.00 to 8.00pm, you can still get your photos taken and be included in the “Glamberts Hall Of Fame” photo album which will be uploaded on Facebook after the concert..

To view your Glam photos, just go to Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page ( You can also share your photo with your friends by tagging yourself..Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the “Glamberts Hall Of Fame”..