Bon Odori 2009 @ Panasonic Matsushita Stadium, Shah Alam

Last Saturday, 18th July 2009 was the day where the annual Bon Odori festival was held at Matsushita Corp Stadium in Shah Alam..

Other than the one in Selangor, another similar event is being held in Penang as well..

Bon Odori, is an event held during Obon, which is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed spirits of one’s ancestors..

So yeah, it’s quite a traditional festival and I don’t think it should be modernized, unless the Japanese Buddhist are doing so..

My first visit to Bon Odori was 7 years ago, when I was in Lower Six Form..

I vaguely remembered what has happened or know about what Bon Odori is..

Chee Ching and Wendy planned one like 2-weeks before the event so I thought it might be fun to go there again after 7 years..

*At 6pm when we reach the place*

The stadium was still quite “empty”, although there were already lots of people at the entrance gate and the stadium seats were practically ALL occupied..

It’s already an hour after the event has started at 5pm and we could still find ample of parking lots inside the stadium car park..

*Japanese culture, food and drinks*

Plenty of stalls and booths were set up to sell Japanese goodies such as sushi, Japanese beer a.k.a Asahi, green tea, Japanese ice-creams, fried ramen, etc etc..

But, on a side note, they were selling products from other country as well, like Budweiser, Foster’s, and few others..

*People with yukata, an informal kimono*

It’s the day where you’ll see people from all walks of like walking around in yukata under the hot dry sun..

Yukata, an informal type of kimono where kimono are made of silk, yukata are made of cotton..

The guy with the Suntory Green Tea is Joyce..Yeah, a guy..

*Chee Ching (2nd right) and her friends, Wendy (FR), and I*

So here’s a group pic of us..At last there’s a decent face in my own camera, where someone complained I always have other people’s faces in my photos but not my own..

*The field before Bon Odori starts*

This photo is taken at about 7pm, an hour after I’ve taken the first pic I’ve posted above..The difference was humongous..

From an empty close to half-filled field became an almost 90% filled field..

Move on for more photos on the performances and something really really irks me as a Malaysian and I felt sorry for the Japanese..

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