Chef Daniel Boulud’s One Night In Singapore With Asian Food Channel @ NEO, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL

On 25th September 2009, a bunch of bloggers were invited by Alice George Communication (PR for AFC) to the sneak preview of another self-made original productions of the Asian Food Channel (AFC) of “Daniel Boulud : One Night in Singapore”, to be premiered on 29th September 2009..

I bet AFC (Astro Channel 703) has been the channel of the many food lovers out there..

The event was held in NEO (a lounge cum restaurant), beside Tamarind Hill at Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, just before Wisma KFC if you are following the traffic flow..

Not knowing who’s going to be there, I felt relieved when I saw few familiar faces such as Nigel, Kelli, Jess, Rachel Ooi, Ken, Rachel Ting (representing Superwilson, where they usually appear together), Taufulou, Wei Zhi, and both Chris and Christine..

Finger foods were served before the main agenda kicked off at about 6pm..

chef daniel boulud asian food channel neo
*Sneak preview of NEO*

We (bloggers) were warmly greeted by Hian Goh, AFC’s Co-founder and Managing Director before the sneak preview of “Daniel Boulud : One Night in Singapore”..

Great in-sights from the Managing Director, where he shares his views and thoughts on how to expand AFC to become one of the prominent channels in Asia..

Other than Hian Goh, the variety of AFC’s programme menu can be attributed to Maria Brown, another Co-founder and Managing Director of AFC..

chef daniel boulud asian food channel neo
*Chef Daniel Boulud : One Night in Singapore sneak preview*

As compared to other chefs such as Jamie Oliver or Martin Yan, many might not know Daniel Boulud but he is considered as one of Americas leading culinary authorities..

Michelin Chef Daniel Boulud, is Chef-Owner of ten award-winning restaurants and the Feast & Fetes catering company..

He brought his artistry in culinary to his New York restaurants DANIEL, Cafe Boulud, DB Bistro Moderne, Bar Boulud, and DBGB Kitchen an Bar..

Having won awards for Outstanding Restaurateur, Best Chef of New York City, and Outstanding Chef of the Year from James Beard Foundation awards, there’s no stopping to Daniel Boulud’s success..

Restaurant DANIEL has been named one of the ten best restaurants in the world by International Herald Tribune, received Gourmet Magazines Top Table award and a coveted four star rating from The New York Times, as well as Wine Spectators Grand Award..

In addition, he has created Cafe Boulud Palm Beach and Daniel Boulud Brasserie at the Wynn Las Vegas, and opened Maison Boulud in the Legation Quarter in Beijing, China in May 2008..

In this exclusive “Daniel Boulud : One Night in Singapore”, it’s Chef Daniel’s first ever visit to South East Asia and he’s  showing his magic in the culinary event in the iconic Fullerton Hotel in Singapore..

michelin chef daniel boulud
*Chef Daniel Boulud*

In this programme, his mission is to explore the mysteries of the East and discover if his high-end French cuisine style can withstand the heat of the notoriously hot Asian kitchen..

Remember to tune in to Asian Food Channel on Astro Channel 703 to watch “Daniel Boudlud : One Night in Singapore” on 29th September 2009 at 9pm~!!!

A bit of food review after the 1-hour sneak preview, inspired by Daniel Boulud‘s culinary style..

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Potluck Get Together @ Belle’s House

It was  exactly 2 weeks ago, the day after my finals and a tiring day at KLIA for the plane spotting activity, the random bunch of us got together for a potluck gathering..

It was quite some time since the last time we met, so it’s time to meet up again..At the same time, I’d lost some of my first times..

*Some of us*

It was quite a night with Hongkiat and Cely came back from Singapore for their wedding preparations and all..

It’s my first time to visit Belle’s house deep inside Kajang god knows where is it..I still don’t know how to go..

It’s my first time to meet Belle, Sam and their daughter Blythe after the daughter’s 1-month old dinner gathering..

It’s also my first time to meet Yuin Yin after getting to know her for a short while back in early 2008 at Youth 08..

It’s also my first time to meet Pookyma and his girlfriend..

It’s also my first time to a potluck gathering that has insufficient food where we had to call those latecomers to grab some food over..

*Haagen Dazs FTW~!!!*

It’s my first time to eat Haagen Dazs ice-cream, like for real..I’m not a snack person so I don’t usually eat ice-cream nor Taiwanese snacks nor Snowflakes nor everything that is small portion and expensive..

It’s also my first time to taste Bailey’s..It’s my first time to drink Bailey’s with Haagen Dazs ice-cream, and also my first time (or maybe the others as well) to drink Bailey’s with soy milk..


It’s my first time to see a Maltese (Huei‘s) that can stand up straight waiting for food..

With so many of my first-times being de-virginised, you can expect a lot of fun in it..

Indeed it was packed with hell lots of fun with Wingz and HK around..

KLUE Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC, Part 1 – Booths And Friends

KLue Urbanscapes 2009 was quite a bomb~!!

I’ve missed all of the previous Urbanscapes events and I’ve heard so much about it especially the one held last year, the feedback was not bad..

This year’s Urbanscapes has expanded at least twice of last year’s area where more stalls or booths have been set up, and more performances by independent groups have been displayed..

IMHO, I would say it’s one of the biggest local arts festival that has ever held in Malaysia..

As I’m very much of a local scene supporter, I thought it would be quite fun to be there..

Initially I didn’t plan to go but after few invitations from friends, I actually gave in coz I really felt like going in the first place..

The down side of Urbanscapes 2009 was the ticketing system..I didn’t see any significant indications that the entrance fee is NOT compulsory..

The flashing button or “Pre-sale ticket for RM25″ being shown on the website is the main problem as it has misled people that they have to pay to enter KLPAC, or at least, that’s what MOST of my friends and I thought..

So I went in without a ticket and ABLE to access almost 80% of the whole event, except for watching independent local films and some local bands..

But soon after that I’ve managed to grab a pass from Nuffnang, thanks to Jestina :)

80% of the photos in here are NOT photoshopped and the 20% of it have gone through very mild of colors and levels editing..

*Baju Cap Beruang PopMalaya*

I approximated there were at least 50 stalls/booths at the bazaar/flea market near the ticket counter..

All of them selling clothes, accessories, and many other things such as memorabilia items, arts, poster, etc etc..

*Hot and crowded*

I reached there around 3pm and it was a bright sunny day..Sweat like hell in there with the crowd..

As expected I knew I would meet a lot of familiar faces there but I was not sure who I would meet..

As soon as I reached KLPAC walking into the bazaar area, I saw Jen‘s white-firing Neo parked on the roadside, so I gave her a call..

*Jen with her sweet 50D*

Of course, she’s not the only one who was there..Let’s see more..By the way, I like the vivid and bokeh of this pic..Nice..

*Barry and Suet Li*

Saw Barry and Suet Li there, and Suet said Su Ann was there too, but I didn’t managed to see her, somehow..

*Edward Choo, co-founder of Lah’ Lah’ Land*

Old secondary schoolmate Edward Choo, one of the 2 founders of Lah’ Lah’ Land, a so-called community where they share their passion in fashion and music..

*Prakash Daniel*

Prakash, an ex-UCSI-an, who’s with the bunch of KL Performing Arts group..

*Sharon and friend*

Then bumped into Sharon and it’s nice to see you there :D

Continue on for more photos and familiar faces..

Sorry if I ter-skodeng some of the pics here but I couldn’t resist it to capture “the moment” with the Sigma 70-300mm that I’ve borrowed..LOL~!!

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Nuffnang Standout Party With Tiger @ HQNine

Two weeks ago, Nuffnang once again organized another party, after the recent Maxis Music Bash and the joint collaboration of LG Party, came Standout with Tiger Beer..

The theme was quite easy, but it’s really hard if you planned to win some prizes and all coz standout is very blunt and has a vast option of being standout among the standouts..

Again, not having enough time to get some really standout costume, I’ve just decided to play with my long hair a bit..

I donned a double ponytail with my hair and I guess I was already standout among the guys..How often do you find a guy with double ponytail?

Liang again was the emcee for the party, but this time he has a co-emcee, that is Jojo Struys, the host, singer, actor, whatever..

*Liang and Jojo*

I must say they made quite a partnership emcee-ing together..One, who is already very familiar with Nuffnang events, another one who is very experienced in hosting shows and all..

*Jojo Struys and I*

Being a newbie as a Nuffnanger, I must say Jojo made quite an effort to talk around with other people despite her celebrity status..

Something I’m quite surprised and actually looking forward to..LOL~!!

*Vivien and I*

Vivien was there with the boyfriend, Dexter..I want to applaud her for her bravery in telling the other fella to buzz off, or something like that..Nice~~..

*Su Ann a.k.a Pinkpau*

Su Ann is back in Malaysia and wil be staying for 3 months then head back to The States to resume her study..

It’s been quite some time since our last supper at Steven’s Corner eh..Shall we? LOL~!!

*Flora and Kristine*

I don’t know why but people seemed to be amazed with my double ponytail..

I know right, not many guys have double ponytail..I’m just standout wtf..

*Kimberlycun, Mellissa, and KY*

That’s Kimberlycun, my biao jie giving me lessons on how to pick up gwai lous..Unfortunately, there was only one gwai lou in the party..

Mellissa, came back from Melbourne and KY will be busier than ever..LOL~!!!

I shall skip all the stories which I bet you’d already read them somewhere else..I’ll just share the pics I’ve snapped on that night..Continue for more random pics..

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DGMB 1 Year Anniversary Cum Bloggers Movie Meet 3 @ Cineleisure

On 26th of April 2009, which was like 1 month ago, was the very date we “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang” (DGMB) group had another movie outing to mark our 1-year meeting anniversary..

One year ago, we watched “Definitely, Maybe” and one year after, we watched “He’s Just Not That Into You”, at the very same place, Cineleisure..

This time around, we’d opened up the meeting to more bloggers and it’s fun meeting new people and all..

Pictures all credit to Nigel, Kelli, and Joshua..95% of the pictures are from Nigel..LOL~!!

*Bloggers at McDonald’s*

We met up at Cineleisure’s McDonald’s and the turn out was quite good, about 36 of us..

It was quite a feat considering we are not any organization nor community..Actually I reckoned we could have gathered more people but some couldn’t make it or got no transport..

At about 2.30pm we roamed the cinema and took a group photo before we entered the hall and all..

*Group pic*

The movie was, nice..Simply nice, because it depicted some true events that is actually happening in our society everywhere in the world..

To find true love, involve in extra-marital affairs, and many more, that sometimes rationality couldn’t come into the picture when you are in dilemma and all..

And to my surprise, the movie has quite a number of well known actors and actresses, such as Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Jenifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, and few others..

I would rate it 7.5/10, thanks to its good plot and storyline..I just love it..

Read on for more lovely pics and a surprise marriage proposal from a guy to his girlfriend in the cinema..

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Nuffnang’s DiGi Note Out @ Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana

Last Saturday where Manchester United clashed with Liverpool, a bunch of bloggers were attending a night out with Digi at Friendster Cafe in Damansara Perdana..

Before the event started, we were given a bit of head-ups of what we are expecting from the night out gathering..

*The place, the theme, the seats, and the prizes*

Yes, it’s none other than the preview of Windows Love Messenger on DiGi network..

From what you can see, dinner was provided and prizes to be won..

*DiGi’s Windows Live Messenger Contact List*

All of the bloggers wrote their MSN status on the board and it definitely created the feeling of being online, even without your PC nor laptop..

That’s what the whole idea about the DiGi Night Out, where you get to online everywhere, anywhere, anytime..

*Andrew and Robb with the emoticon*

Dinner was catered by Friendster Cafe itself and the food was awesome, especially the dory and mutton..

After the dinner, the host, Jonathan, wasted no time and went straight to the highlight of the event, that is to give us a first-hand review..

*Chatting live on the mobile phone*

Well, at first I thought that DiGi’s so-called new introduction wasn’t something to shout about..

The reason I had that thought is because I’ve been chatting online via mobile phone since 2 years ago..

All these while I’ve been using Mig33 and get connected via GPRS, on my old mobile phone..The charge rate isn’t really that expensive..So what’s so great about this new service introduced by DiGi?

Here’s the turning point of my skeptical opinion upon DiGi’s Windows Live Messenger service..

What I have in Mig33, is almost similar to where the user interface is very simple, yet a bit problematic..

Where as DiGi’s Windows Live Messenger, you can even nudge like how you usually irritate your frens with multiple nudges..

Some of them told me they felt the phone vibrated when it is being nudged..How true is that? Hmm..

Other than that, the user interface is also better than Mig33, in terms of design and functions..

Furthermore, DiGi is now doing a 2-months beta FREE trial where the promotion ends on 16th May 2009, a very significant date to me, for some other reason :P

From thereafter, they will charge RM3 on monthly subscription where you get to use it for unlimited usage..


How to set up Windows Live Messenger on your DiGi network..

- SMS MSN to 2016..

- Click on the WAP link to proceed with Windows Live Messenger application download..

- Click on the “Subscribe & Download” button..

- Lastly, launch the Windows Love Messenger application and key in your User ID and Password to start chatting around..

Here’s the official TVC for this new service..


For more info, check out DiGi MSN in their official website..

Then we proceeded with some interactive games to break the ice..

*Debate on the MSN like nobody’s business*

So Jonathan picked me and Cindy to play the so-called debate game, where we have to dispute our given personality, the Angel and Devil, respectively..

We had to make a firm stand on some relationship thingy where the Angel has to debate on how he still loves his ex-es while the Devil opposed it..

And for that, we got ourselves a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer pendrive :D

*That’s me and Cindy with the prizes*

Well Jamie seemed to be having fun playing with emoticons around..

And talk about emoticons, not long after that we proceeded to the next game where the players have to imitate an emoticon given..

It was hilarious to see them emoticoned their faces..LOL..

*Real-life emoticons*

Other than that, we got lucky draws and heaps of prizes were given out, including Oakley and Rayban sunglasses, Logitech headset, and a Webcam..

*L>R – The shorty David, the mid-range me, and the panjang Thomas*

Then the event ended and people like us started to camwhote around, as usual..

*Andrew licking my hair wtf*

Well I don’t know if he finds my hair very delectable or what but, I didn’t know he tried to do that at that time being, until I saw this picture..Sweat..

*L>R – Kate, Aaron, Thomas, Kim Ong, me*

Well, other than get connected via online or Windows Live Messenger in this case, it’s always good to come out and hang around with your friends to have a drink, chillout, or some serious football match among guys..

Nevertheless, get connected 24/7 is so cool that you still get to chat while you are outside..

Photos credit to Nigel and Andrew..