Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012 @ Mines Convention Centre (MIECC)

The Big Bad Wolf Books (BBW), world’s biggest book sale has returned!

In 2011 they did it inside UPM, some kinda convention hall, and it was pretty big. Check out my 2011 loots HERE.

But this year, BBW is operating from 7-23 December at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre.

On it’s opening day, Friday, they were going for 63-hours non-stop, opened 24 hours til Sunday, 9.30PM.

It was then I was surprised that so many Malaysians, or probably KLians, actually read books because the road to Mines Convention Centre was pretty jammed along the Sungei Besi highway.

*Taken from BBW FB*

Operation hour then resumed at 9AM on weekdays. Surprisingly, they continued with the 24 hours non-stop operation hour on 14-16 December.

*Taken from BBW FB*

That’s when I paid a visit to the Big Bad Wolf Sale. Went with my family on Saturday night, arrived Mines slightly before 10PM.

I on the other hand, I don’t really read books. I visit for the sake of bringing my dad over because he reads a lot, religions and new age, and self help to be precise.

On the contrary from what I heard last week, the road was pretty smooth from South City Plaza and there were ample of parking space at the convention centre.

*Before and after*

Grabbed an empty box as I entered the entrance, just simply pick up books, and that’s my loots, I mean, my father’s loots of the night.

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The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2011

Visited the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale for the first time..

The fair was very big! It took me quite some time to go through whatever they have..

The books they have were awesome and very cheap!

English-translated Japanese manga you usually see in book stores like Borders, Kinokuniya, etc, were selling only at RM3 per book!

Original price? About RM30-40 per book..But of course, the selections of manga were pretty limited..

Graphic novels such as G.I Joe, Transformers, 24, etc, were selling around RM5-RM12 per book..Darn cheap..

Biographies and memoirs such as Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, and the likes of it, were selling in the range of RM10-RM20 only!

Some hardcovers from Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern, were selling at RM8 only! Dirt cheap off the rack..

Went there with my dad and sis, here’s what we bought in less than 3 hours..

My damage..

15 books for about RM179..