Transformers 3 – The Dark Of The Moon 3D @ GSCMAXX, Berjaya Times Square, Non-Spoiler Review

The third instalment of the Tranformers franchise is here and as most interviews reportedly saying it’s the last Transformers movie that Michael Bay is directing..

Transformers 3 : Dark Of The Moon (DOTM) has been a long wait since the disappointment of Transformers 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen (ROTF) back in 2009..

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I don’t know what’s your view bout ROTF but I didn’t think it leaves a good trail for Michael Bay..

Transformers 3 : DOTM was showing in Malaysian cinemas on 28th of June 2011 and I managed to watch it on 29th June thanks to Jason..

Been reading tweets and FB status from those who have watched it on 28th was pretty exciting, and annoying of course because some of them kindly gave the public some spoilers..

I watched DOTM 3D at GSCMAXX, formerly IMAX in Berjaya Times Square on the 10th Floor..

I watched the first Transformers there back in 2007 and it was pretty awesome, what’s more it has 3D now..

Jason bought a total of 19 tickets, each ticket costs RM20 and we took over half of Row D..Yes, each rows in GSCMAXX has about 40 seats..

*Pic by Daphne*

We were seated on Row D, 4th row from the top..Our view?

I was sitting in the middle and my vision scope was pretty much just nicely covered the whole screen, from end to end, like how your scope is if you are seated about 6th row from the front in a normal cinema hall, minus the neck pain..

Although I watched this in 3D but it didn’t felt much of the so-called ’3D effects’ such as shattered glasses or explosions are just right in front of your eyes kinda thing..

However, I felt very worthwhile with the 3D (yes you heard me) choice..

The DOTM is filmed using Avatar’s 3D camera-technology instead of the usual 3D-post conversion after the movie is filmed..

For sure, it felt worthwhile is because of the BIG screen from IMAX..The transforming scenes of the Transformers were really amazing on the BIG screen and I guess the 3D effect further enhanced the details of the mechanical parts and the transforming effect..

I guessed it’s one of the very rare movie outing that I didn’t go to the washroom halfway through the movie..

My eyes were glued to the BIG screen trying not to miss out any scenes and tried my best to focus on the details as well as the dialogues..

Overall, the storyline was pretty awesome with a bit of twist here and there and of course some of the main elements in DOTM are betrayal and faith..

This movie introduced the old Sentinel Prime, the first Prime and also the one in charge before Optimus..

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It also introduced Shockwave, one of the most loyal Decepticons ever, said to be one of the greatest Decepticons warriors and also a guardian of Cybertron in the absence of Megatron when Megatron and others are out for war..

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One more thing, it’s about Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf)..Not that his acting is very poor and all, no! His acting is very good and I would say standout!

BUT, I’m quite annoyed with his character that he’s the hero, he wanted to boss around even to the chief operation of the CIA..

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Never mind bout the disappearance of Megan Fox because a true Transformers fan only cares about robot and more robots (read : Dinobots, Constructicons, Insecticons, SixShot, etc)..

The essence of the classic Transformers G1 animation is not in the franchise, or perhaps Michael Bay is going about a different approach..

In the animation, Sam Witwicky is a very down-to-earth-and-quite-timid-yet-sometimes-arrogant kind of person..That kind of attitude is not seen in the movie..

Also, since the first movie, the evil Megatron in the movie is not up to par to the one in the animation which is meant for kids!

In the animation, Megatron is very strict and brutal and show no mercy even to his fellow Decepticons but in the movie, the Megatron is tamed, in a large-scale..

Not to mention the only Transformers that looked like their animation image were Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime, Shockwave, and Laserbeak..I was hoping for more familiar faces..

In DOTM, I must warn you that the ending is utterly disappointing, but it also leaves some space for a 4th movie, with a different director (read : Steven Spielberg), or could just end it right there and then..

I’m giving it a 9/10 rating but I MUST let you know that it’s just me..

I have friends who are hardcore Transformers fans where some told me they liked the movie and some didn’t like the movie, so it depends..

Best is watch it yourself and judge it yourself, and I totally recommend GSCMAXX for the experience beyond the normal experience..Remember to look out for the top 5 rows instead of the lower ones.. :D