Anime – Steins;Gate Review

Steins;Gate, is a sci-fi adventure game by 5pb. and Nitroplus which also published as visual novel, then adapted into manga and then anime in 2011.

Steins;Gate (S;G) actually sets in the same timeline as Chaos;Head, considered the prequel to S;G.

S;G is a drama, psychological, mystery, science fiction, and thriller that talks about time travel theory with lots of discussions that made me keep on watching.

It starts off with Rintaro Okabe, the mad scientist of the series who also calls himself Huouin Kyoma, claims the world he’s living is a conspiracy theory and his life is in jeopardy for knowing the secret.

With him is Mayuri Shiina, the supporting female character who turned out to be the major reason for the time travel events.

*L>R – Daru, Kurisu Makise, Ruka, Feris Nyannyan, Amane, Moeka, Mayuri Shiina, and Rintaro Okabe*

It discussed about alternate timeline, parallel universe, and butterfly effect, the topics of time travel.

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Anime – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is solely based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check out my collection HERE..

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (often only known as Gurren Lagann) as it is known in Japan, is a Japanese mecha-anime television series animated by Gainax who is also responsible for Gunbuster, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and FLCL, and co-produced by Aniplex and Konami..

I think Gurren Lagann is one of the few original  screenplays that is not adapted from a manga or video game because the anime was on air (1st April 2007) earlier than the so-called manga-adapted serialization on 27th April 2007..Correct me if I’m wrong..

Eden of The East is one of the examples of original screenplays that has a good plot..

Gurren Lagann is written by Kazuki Nakashima and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi..With Gurren Lagann being his series director debut, Hiroyuki Imaishi won an individual award in Animation Kobe Awards in 2007..

Gurren Lagann is about the human kind living underground where the surface world is ruled by beastmen under the ruling of Spiral King (Rasen Oh), Lordgenome..

The 27-episodes anime starts with protagonists Simon (pronounced as Shi-mon), and another guy whom he treated as elder brother, Kamina..

Both of them tried to break into the surface to gain freedom and along the way, they’ve met beastmen in their mecha called Ganmen (or Gunmen)..

Their hot-bloodedness brotherly bond (or burning manly passion) gained them the Spiral Power and influenced people around them to join their force, called the Team Dai-Gurren..

Team Dai-Gurren went on to change the world by challenging Lordgenome..

In the first three episodes, I had a hard time trying to comprehend the logic of the anime because it’s not quite logical at all..

I can brain Gundam’s Newtype abilities, I can brain Macross’ singing to defeat the enemies, I can brain The Brave Fighter of Legend of Da-Garn’s combination of few robots to become super robot, but it was difficult in this case..

Although I can’t brain it, but the closer they get to the Spiral King Lordgenome, I can feel their hot-bloodedness and that’s what make this anime interesting..

Their hot-bloodedness or the burning manly passion to achieve their goal is the key-point and strength of Gurren Lagann..

*From L>R – Leeron, Yoko, Kamina, Simon*

The seiyuu for Kamina is Katsuyuki Konishi, who also voiced for Volfogg (GaoGaiGar series), America (Hetalia – Axis Power), Ozma Lee (Macross Frontier), Johann Trinity (Gundam 00), Shori Shibuya (Kyo Kara Maoh series), Phoenix Ikki (Saint Seiya: Hades Chapter), and Amidamaru (Shaman King)..

Simon is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara, who is also the seiyuu for Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail), Fujioka (Minami-ke series), and Pegasus Tenma (Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas)..

Yoko is voiced by Marina Inoue, who also voiced for Shigeru Kanmuri (Yakitate! Japan), Kana Minami (Minami-ke series), and Chiri Kitsu (Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei series)..

Viral, being the supporting role in the anime, is voiced by veteran seiyuu Nobuyuki Hiyama, who has been a seiyuu for numerous characters including Teppei (B’tX series), Madarame Ikkaku (Bleach series), Koujiro Hyuga (Captain Tsubasa J), Joe Higashi (Fatal Fury series), Gai Shishio (GaoGaiGar series), Balmung (.hack series), Takeshi Nakazato (Initial D series), Mr. 3 (One Piece), Harry Mckenzie (School Rumble series), and Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho series) among many others..

Their opening song (OP) is “Sorairo Days” by Shoko Nakagawa, a very inspiring song that is very suitable for their burning manly passion..

Three ending songs (ED) with “Underground” by High Voltage (Ep 1-15), “Happily Ever After” by Shoko Nakagawa (Ep 16), and “Minna no Peace” by Afromania (Ep 17-27)..

According to ANN, 2350 of 5345 votes were rated as Masterpiece, with a median rating of Excellent..

Although at some time you can roughly predict what’s happening next, I would rate it at 8.5/10 for its burning manly passion..

Anime – Highschool of The Dead Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

Highschool of The Dead, or known as Gakuen Mokushiroku in Japanese, is an anime-adaptation of a manga of the same name written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shoji Sato..

The manga has been released since September 2006 and was adapted into anime by Madhouse where it began airing on 5th July 2010..

Highschool of The Dead (HOTD) starting-plot takes place in a highschool, where Takashi Komuro and his gang of fellow students, childhood friend Rei Miyamoto, swords-woman Saeko Busujima, geek Kota Hirano, genius Saya Takagi, school infirmary doctor and Shizuka Marikawa..

Suddenly the whole world infested by zombies and other fellow students who got bitten by the zombies will eventually become one of them too..

So the story is about survival and the journey to look for other survivors..

Character development is pretty good on each of the main surviving character and it has the mind-boggling thing if it really happens to you..

Unlike Resident Evil kinda zombie plot, HOTD is more about survival, human instinct and nature when such apocalyptic incident happens upon mankind..

Its genre falls into action, horror, thriller, and with the themes of gore and fan-service..

Fan-service is the kind of theme where it “pleasures” the fans with partial nudity and/or sexual images, where in most cases involved upskirts, down-blouse, and lots of panties views..

Takashi Komuro is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, who also did Archer in Fate/Stay Night, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques in Bleach, and Greed in FullMetal Alchemist, just to name a few..

Rei Miyamoto is voiced by Marina Inoue, who also did for Yoko in Gurren Lagann series, Kana Minami in Minami-ke series, and also sang for OP and ED for Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei..

The Opening Song (OP) is “Highschool of The Dead” by Kisida Kyodan and The Akeboshi Rockets..

Ending themes (ED) are pretty unique in HOTD because it has 12 different EDs on this 12-episodes anime..Each ED suits the mood on how each episode ends..

All of the EDs are sung by Maon Kurosaki..Do check out some snippets after the EDs, they are not previews of the following episodes..

I would say it’s NOT the kind of anime suitable for minor due to its goriness and mild sexual content..

It’s a 12-episode anime and it seems 2nd season should be up anytime because it ends at the beginning of Chapter 16 in the manga, which have a total of 28 chapters as of July 2010..

I’m not too sure if the manga ends there or there’s still more to come but the anime certainly has more to offer!

I think it should be pretty similar to The Walking Dead, which is about survival after post-apocalypse when zombies have ruled the world..

According to ANN, the readers gave it a median rating at ‘Very Good’ with 931 voters in total as of now..

I would give it a very decent 8/10 for the gore scenes and the killing instinct just to survive at the end of the day..

Anime – One Outs Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

One Outs, outlined with the game of baseball in the Japanese league of sort, is filled with the essence of mind-reading, gambling, and also the very tactical strategies used on the pitch..

Quote from ANN and/or Wiki,

Hiromichi Kojima, the star batter of the Lycaons, heads to Okinawa to train and bring himself out of a slump. There, he meets Toua Tokuchi, a 134 km/h (83 mph) pitcher and the undisputed king of a gambling form of baseball called “One Outs”.

At Kojima’s urging, Tokuchi signs up with the Lycaons. His contract, the ‘One Outs contract’, differs from the usual, though, in that he gets 5,000,000 yen for every out he pitches, but loses 50,000,000 yen for every run he gives up.

*Taken from Google Images*

The protagonist, Toua Tokuchi, a self-declared professional gambler, caught the eyes of Hiromichi Kojima of the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons baseball team to invite Tokuchi to become the pitcher..

The owner of the Lycoans, Tsuneo Saikawa (often called as Saikawa Owner), isn’t impressed at all because Tokuchi is not a professional player..So Saikawa offered Tokuchi a contract called “One Outs contract”..

*Taken from Google Images*

The contract didn’t offer Tokuchi any basic salary of sorts but he gets 5-mil yen for every out he pitches, but loses 50-mil yen for every run he gives..

So the story sets in from there and Tokuchi fast became the ace pitcher for the Lycoans, leading the Lycoans to neck-to-neck wins and also draining millions of yen from the Lycoans’ owner..

Tokuchi is portrayed as a somewhat self-centered, laid back person whenever he’s on the pitch but at the same time he’s doing all the assumptions, calculations and mind-reading game when playing with other teams..

*Taken from Google Images*

Indirectly, Tokuchi somewhat plays the manager-role in the Lycoans team as well and led them to wins..

Saikawa Owner is pretty much the constant antagonist in this anime, alongside with some other characters from other playing teams..

One Outs is very interesting because for one, baseball is already pretty exciting itself, together with the mind-reading and the counter-measures taken by an amateur player in the context of the professionals, it’s pretty much sexciting that makes you ask for more..

One Outs, originally a manga series by Shinobu Kaitani for the Business Jump from 1998 to 2006..

The anime adaptation by Madhouse Studios began airing on 7th October 2008 in Japan, aired almost every week for 25 episodes until 20th January 2009..

If you are not an avid follower of anime, you might not know that Madhouse has a good reputation in providing good quality anime, namely Death Note, Trigun, Summer Wars, Sakura Wars, and Card Captor Sakura, just to name a few..

Toua Tokuchi, voiced by Masato Hagiwara, who also did the voiceover for Bae Yong-joon in “Winter Sonata” in the Japanese dub..

Interestingly, the voice behind Saikawa Owner, Kenji Utsumi, is the voice behind ShenLong in the Dragonball series..

It’s opening song (OP) is “Bury” by Pay Money to My Pain..The ending song (ED) is “Moment” by Tribal Chair..

*Taken from Google Images*

Based on ANN’s rating, 88 out of 254 voted ‘excellent’ and it gave One Outs a median rating of excellent as well..

Although the rating is not something to be fully depended on but it’s a good reference if you are not familiar with anime titles or which are the recommended ones..

As for my rating, I would give it a mind-blowing 9/10 for its excellent tactical baseball and it’s something that one have to repeat some scenes few times to really get to understand its essence..

Definitely recommended if you wan something out of the norm and not just only normal boring sports anime..This anime is totally win!

Anime – Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is an 11-episode anime where you can roughly tell from the title..It’s about Tokyo, basically the whole of Japan experiencing an earthquake of 8.0 magnitude..

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (TM8) is not based on a true story but it’s a hypothetical situation where the author or whoever has done a thorough research to relate things as real as it gets..

tokyo magnitude 8.0

Thinking that some time back Japan had been hit with some earthquakes so it’s totally not impossible to happen again, with bigger magnitude..

TM8 started off with Mirai Onosawa, one of the main characters in the anime..Mirai, a middle schoolgirl who is very angsty with her life as school kid..

In other word she’s kinda rebellious..Not to the extent that she takes drugs and all, just that she always think that kids are always been taken for granted by the adults..

Everything she does seems wrong in the eyes of the adults, or maybe it’s just in her mind..

So one day Mirai brings her younger brother, Yuuki Onosawa, to a robot exhibition far away from their home while the parents busy with their jobs..

When they are at the exhibition, the earthquake strikes and buildings collapsed, fire broke out..

Then they met Mari Kusakabe, a stranger who seems too good that Mirai doubted her in the beginning and slowly trusting her, and also adults..

TM8 is about the journey of Mirai, Yuuki, and Mari going back to their homes..Mari stays in a city nearby where Mirai and Yuuki stay so she offered to bring them along..

tokyo magnitude 8.0
*L>R – Mirai, Mari, Yuuki*

It’s a very heart-wrenching anime and if you are an emotional person, most likely you will breakdown into tears, like me :(

When I was watching TM8, I could totally relate it with recent earthquakes like the big one in China 1-2 years ago, and many other natural disasters..

I didn’t quite felt anything when I watched those kinda news on TV, seeing people trying really hard to search for their family members and all..

I know, it’s kinda pathetic for me to only realized those feelings from an anime instead of real incidents..

TM8′s character development is very good and I think 11-episode is just right, not too short for the rush nor too long to be draggy..

As soon as it reaches to the final episodes, the story has a little surprise with a tragic twist, that totally made me broke into tears, like waterfall..

Based on Anime News Network (ANN), TM8 is rated “very good” on a median rating of 408 ratings..

The OP is Kimi no Uta by Abingdon Boys School, and “Melody” by Shion Tsuji for the ED..

Mirai is voiced by Satomi Hanamura, who also voiced for Kanae Sumita (5 Centimeters Per Second) and acted in Battle Royale as Yuka Nakagawa..

Yuuki is voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi, who also did for Oyama (Angel Beats!), Sarah McDougal (Love Hina), and Matake Ogata (Shakugan no Shana)..

Mari is voiced by Yuko Kaida, who also voiced for Toru Kitsutaka (Asura Cryin’), Maria Cruz (MS Gundam UC), and Aiho Yomikawa (Toaru Majutsu no Index)..

It’s definitely one of my favourites and I’m giving it a staggering 9.5/10..It’s damn good..

Fate/Stay Night Anime – Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

I bet most anime fans have heard of Fate/Stay Night, if have not watched it..It has 24-episodes..It’s a pretty old anime, released in late 2005 in Japan..


Fate/Stay Night is about a boy named Emiya Shirou, an adopted son of a Magician, Kiritsugu Emiya..After Kiritsugu died, Shirou has somewhat got his dad’s “power”..

Then he has got himself involved in a Holy Grail War, a war among 7 Magicians and their 7 “Servants”..The sole survivor of the Magicians with his/her “Servant” will be declared as the winner who can obtain the Holy Grail..

These 7 Magicians turned out not all of them are real Magicians, and they are called “Masters” to their “Servants”..By obtaining the Holy Grail both “Master” and “Servant” would have a wish granted..

So the protagonists are Emiya Shirou and his Servant, Saber, a female knight wielding a saber, just like her name..Actually she’s King Arthur in her past life, that makes it a bit confusing, gender wise..


So the whole story is about the 7 Masters and 7 Servants fighting each other..

Fate/Stay Night actually holds quite an interesting voice casts..

Ayako Kawasumi (Saber) whose voice could be heard in Nodame Cantabile as Nodame and Kanon as Kaori Misaka..

Noriaki Sugiyama (Emiya Shirou) also voiced for Naruto‘s Uchiha Sasuke, Bleach as Ishida Uryuu, and Code Geass for Rivalz Cardemonde..

As I’m not a gamer, what’s more of Japanese games, Fate/Stay Night is actually an adaptation of a Japanese hentai-game, a popular anime genre in Japan..

Not that I know of the game but from the storyline, the way the characters being animated, and some other factors got me thinking that Fate/Stay Night is a Japanese hentai-game adaptation..

First off, the male protagonist being swarmed by that few supporting female characters for liking the guy, one-sided, or teased/rumored to be fancied of the opposite sex..In this context, it’s also known as “harem”..Harem content, check..

Then, the male protagonist, a useless-emotional character whom always thought his stupidity/naivety would save the world eventually, and more often it won’t until he realized it..Another Japanese hentai-game details check..

Next, the eyes of the female characters..They have rather big-gloomy-multi-colored eyes for every character..Check..

Some friends who are much more of an avid anime fans, claimed that most “harem” anime are adaptations of Japanese hentai-games, if not all..Well I could agree with this..

According to Anime News Network (ANN), Fate/Stay Night has a median rating of “Very Good” out of 3447 votes where 1046 of it rated “Excellent”..

IMHO, Fate/Stay Night is overrated, for I heard of good reviews from other friends as well, and looking at the graph in ANN..

Like many other harem animes, the story is rather slow with a complex plot, but still can be expected if you have watched enough of harem anime..

I wasn’t thrilled at all, until Ep-14 where 2 Servants fighting each other, and do bear in mind that it’s a 24-Eps anime..

After that fight, nothing particularly interesting nor thrilling worth watching, until all the complex plot began to twist at the near end of the anime, somewhere Ep-20 onwards..


Not like other anime that I wanted to watch the next episode because I want to find out what’s happening next..This, I’m watching the next episode because I want to get over with it as soon as possible, just because I’m too free currently..

If it wasn’t for the good reviews, I wouldn’t have felt this disappointment..Not to mention the plot is actually a mess which I don’t want to think and figure it out because everything is half-assed..

You would see a lot of “half-assed” in the subtitles..

Moreover, I’m more of an OST person..A good opening song (OP) makes me want to watch the anime more..Fate/Stay Night OP isn’t very appealing to me..

If I were to rate, I would give it a heart-breaking 4/10 for wasting my time to go through it..Of course it’s just not my cup of tea so it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suit you as well..

But if you actually like the anime, do check out its spin-off OVA, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, focuses on Tohsaka Rin, another Master who teamed up with Emiya Shirou, and her Servant is called Archer..