Puffy Lab – New Platform For Independent Designers

In recent years we could see more independent designers have emerged in the local fashion industry and at the same time received much attention and also support from the public..

Not to mention I’ve few friends doing pretty well in this line and there’s still a lot of room of improvement in this field especially among youngsters..

So now there’s this new platform for independent designers to showcase their work called Puffy Lab..What they have to say?

  • Puffy Lab (http://puffylab.com) is website selling tees from local designers. Designers submit their designs to us. We will then pick the design that we like, print it and distribute it in on Puffy Lab.
  • In the second version of Puffy Lab, we will let our community (designers and customers) to decide what design to be printed. In the second version, designers will submit their designs on our website. Then, our members will vote on those designs. The design with the highest number of votes will then be picked.
  • We do revenue sharing with designers. We will pay each designer up to RM1000 for each design. It depends entirely on the sale of the tees.
  • For now, we are having a launch event. Anyone who joins Puffy Lab at http://puffylab.com will have the chance to win an Awesome Red launch tee from the lucky draw (20 pieces).
  • If he/she invites more than 15 people to join Puffy Lab, he/she will get the Awesome Red launch tee.


  • If he/she invites more than 50 people to join Puffy Lab, he/she will get the Ocean Blue launch tee and VIP status for 6 months.


  • As a VIP member, he/she will be entitled for 5% discount on every item on Puffy Lab.
  • There is also an Ultimate Mystery launch tee only for the one who is on the top of the Leaderboard (bottom page of puffylab.com).
  • We need designers now. Is it possible for you to ask on your blog, if there is any designer interested on tee design, please contact us at team[at]puffylab.com.

*Design #1*

*Design #2*

Besides, once you sign up, you will be given a link where this is mine http://puffy.cc/dacBRW . Please do use it on your website, we use the link to track your invite count, so that’s how you can win/get the tees!

What are you waiting for? Join Puffy Lab and follow them on Puffy Lab Twitter and Puffy Lab Facebook now!