Run Over The Line Divider

Well okay, I don’t know what those lines are called so let’s just say it’s called line divider..

You know, when you come to a diverging road on highway or any road there will be lines before you reach the divider..

Usually, lots of motorists like to cut queue on these line dividers and I really hate it because those who are in line are also in a rush and they have wasted time to queue up..

So in what excuse can you say that you are in a rush and I’m not?

On 9th of July 2010, I got bored when I was in line at the Bandar Tun Razak exit after Connaught‘s Giant, PJ-bound, some smart ass cut queue as usual..

That road is quite a hot spot for motorists to cut queue during lunch time and off-work hour..

So here’s an image I snapped on my mobile phone..

toyota wish cutting queue
*Toyota Wish – WPE 823*

Of course there were some escaped at that time and it just so happened that this Toyota Wish WPE 823 is the lucky one to be featured in here this time..

On the bright side, this Wish is not the only one I’ve captured coz I passby that road almost everyday..More to come in the near future..Cheers!

More on Traffic Offenders..

Traffic Congestion At Cheras Roundabout, Kuala Lumpur

On every weekday Monday to Friday, traffic congestion during off-work hour is kinda unavoidable, be it in KL city center, Cheras, Kepong, PJ, Damansara, Subang, or Shah Alam..

Unavoidable is one thing, but making it become worse is another thing..

I always freaking hate selfish irresponsible drivers who managed to get their driving license and driving around not knowing how to respect other drivers..

In this case, traffic congestion at a roundabout..The one in Cheras specifically..

Congestion usually happens when drivers on either side of the incoming road don’t give way to the other road despite blocking the road and causing massive jams..

I got fed up and made an impromptu video on that very roundabout and I know it’s kinda boring or whatsoever but hey, it’s my way of reporting reckless-selfish-irresponsible drivers!

So here’s the video and I’ll definitely come back with more videos..


This is a part of my Traffic Offenders series..Do check it out..

Traffic Offender – Soarer Park As You Wish My Ass

Okay, here’s another traffic offender spotted, another nice car..He thought with that big ass nice car he could do as he wishes wtf..

Before I continue with my suppose entry, here’s a bit of story argument that I’m having with the so-called owner of the Jaguar that I’ve posted in my last Traffic Offender entry, Jaguar Double-Lot Parking..

So, here’s the so-called owner, chung, debating the issue with me..

*My Cbox*

Now, he claimed that he’s still in the car and he’s not doing any offence at all, by parking his car on TWO FREAKING parking lots..Just because he WAS IN the car..

Well, take this situation into account..You are on Jalan Ampang, in front of Citibank (or any busy road that you could think of)..

You stop your car on the road side, with yellow line all the way..You are in the car waiting for your friend or who ever it is..

So, are you committing any offence? What say you?

Well if there is no traffic police, of course you are not committing any offence, in a way..

But if there is one, they will ask you to drive on and NOT to wait there because you are stopping your car on a yellow line..

The same applies here..BUT, I don’t see any common sense here that you claimed that you were NOT committing any offence..You parked your car on 2 parking lots for God’s sake..

Well, we’ll leave that for the Jaguar owner to ponder..Let’s proceed with the new traffic offender, almost similar to the Jaguar ones..

Last Friday, which was Friday 13th, I was having lunch with Jason and Kelvin at Taman Connaught..

Then, came this somewhat sport car, Toyota Soarer..

*Toyota Soarer*

Sorry for the bad quality as I was using my cheap ass mobile phone to take the photos..

As you can see, there is nothing wrong in this photo as most cars are parked on the road side for their lunch at this mix rice stall..

But, from another angle?

*Epic fail parking skill*

Try to compare the way the lorry at the front is being parked and the way the Soarer is being parked..FAILED~!!!

Again, just like the Jaguar scenario, if the owner thought their big ass cars are so high privileged or whatsoever, then don’t bother to come to eat at road side stalls~!!!

IN FACT, I tried to hold myself that day because I didn’t have a decent camera in hand BUT I just can’t take it when I see all the vehicles tried to past the narrow road left by the dumb driver..

Bad quality camphone, hell with it..I’m exposing this shit to the whole of Malaysia..

*Toyota Soarer – WPD 7*

What if you have a car plate number of 7 but you have the IQ of 7? It doesn’t match at all..You are more suitable to drive a SLK, Small Little Kancil..

Of course NOT Mercedes Benz SLK..It’s too big for you..A Toyota Soarer already gives you headache, what’s more of a Benz SLK??

*The owner and his friend*

Okay this is NOT voyeurism as the lady was wearing pants and NOT dress..

The guy in white is the driver and I assumed he’s the owner of the Soarer..You just put yourself to shame in front of your date or whoever she is..

Before I left, I snapped another pic from my car..

*Ignorant is not bliss*

Now I wonder will this so-called owner debate with me on my Cbox..

I don’t simply snap photos of cars and I don’t really like to publish it in here..

Those cars that appear in here really irritate me because those drivers make me think that they didn’t think with their brain..

They think with their balls knees, perhaps..

Jaguar Double-Lot Parking

Well, this happened quite some time ago..

If not mistaken, it’s the week before CNY..It was in Taman Midah, where you can see the Restoran Dhurbar a.k.a mamak shop from the road side..

I was there with my dad for dinner at the Pig Organs Pepper Soup wtf..

Then, I saw this and I was furious..I was armed with a camera with me at that time being..So I flashed it out and here’s the result..

*It’s a Jaguar, WRW 2*

As you can see, it’s quite a big car indeed, Jaguar..And the driver parked in on two parking-lots..

I couldn’t help it but to take a picture and show it to everyone how dumb this person is..

If you think your car is THAT BIG, don’t ever go to that area to eat coz it’s just normal road side rundown food stalls..

If you think why you cannot eat there like anyone else, then why can’t you park your car like every other car?

*Metallic green Jaguar – WRW 2*

So, recognize this car and give the driver a cock stare the next time you see him/her..

Traffic Offender – Uni Double Parking

Well, another traffic offender post from my university, yet again..

The vicinity of my uni campus, applies to both Main and School of Engineering/Architectural campuses, are well known for its bizarreness of double parking..

On Thursday, I was at the Main campus side to have my lunch with Kelvin and Jason..Found a perfect parking spot..

It’s also famous for its double parking because most banks are opened in areas with insufficient parking space..This one, Maybank that is..

But I was damn hungry and I don’t care coz it’s very hard to find parking space..I just parked in it and went for my favourite Salad Chicken Rice..

After my meal slightly after 3.30pm, went back to my car and saw this..

*Cars blocking my way out*

*See all the cars?*

*The long stretch of double parking*

*The Satria R3 goes extra-mile in parking skills*

We waited for like 5-10 minutes, without honking at all..That’s when I started to snap pics around..

Coz I wanted to give chance to the drivers..Who knows they were in the bank waiting for the long queue..I understand that..

Then a guy, drove off the car behind the Satria R3..That didn’t helped me to move my car an inch at all..

Then waited again, hoping the Iswara driver was in the bank..

Then came 3 people, 2 girls and a guy..One of the girls was the driver..I recognized them, or at least one of the girls, they were from our uni, UCSI..Nice one..

I guessed they double parked the car then went for lunch at one of the restaurant nearby..

How could you double park your car then go to a restaurant far away from your car?

If you double park your car just right in front of the restaurant then it’s fine coz you’ll have a good sight whether you are blocking other cars..

Anyway, it’s total bizarre and if you call the cops to come over to clear up the congestion, they’ll arrive in like 5-15 minutes, depending on the traffic..

During my ordeal, a friend of my sis saw what I did and she blogged about it too..Check HERE..Coincidence or what?

Please double park responsibly..This is a community message brought to you by Yatz..

Traffic Offender – Uni Parking

As usual..Only retards would make me blog about traffic offender entries..This time, it was in my engineering Uni campus..

Since the opening of this new campus, parking bays have been insufficient to accommodate students and lecturers needs..

Personal vehicles have been parked around the Uni compound and sometimes creating traffic congestion in front of the guard house and road junctions around the Uni..

But anyway, what do I care if there’s traffic congestion outside of the Uni while I’m studying inside, right?

The thing is, this car here, is parked inside the Uni and the driver seemed to be quite an idiot I would say..

*Proton Iswara – WGV 5606*

I heard from one of the guards said that this car belongs to one of the lecturers in this campus..

Now how dumb could a lecturer be? I thought it might be student’s because of the P-sticker..

I’m so disappointed with this lecturer, if it really belongs to a lecturer..

*Aerial view of the narrowness*

*View from inside*

*Here I’m trying to measure the width of a Satria*

*There’s no way the cars inside could come out*

Not even a Kancil could pass through that freaking narrow road..

Now, anyone from UCSI, could you alert this lecturer/student regarding his/her recklessness?