BERSIH 3.0 – My Experience At 428, Masjid Jamek – Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

I have missed the BERSIH 2.0 because I was invited to a friend’s wedding in Penang on the very same day, 9th July 2011, the fateful day of 709..

This time around, on 28th April 2012, the BERSIH 3.0 rally is up again seeking for a fair and free election..And I know I cannot miss this 428 event..

It made me even more excited when I know my groups of friends who have kept silent all these while, have decided to join the rally as well..That’s when I know I’m not alone..

At about 12.15pm, we took LRT from Pandan Indah and got off at Plaza Rakyat station..The moment we stepped out of the train, the situation was very intensed as we saw much more people wearing the yellow and green shirt..

The crowd stretched from Masjid Jamek on Jalan Tun Perak all the way til Puduraya, that we haven’t not take into account the people at Central Market, Jalan Kuching, Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, and Lynas people coming from KLCC, Jalan Ampang..

We started our journey on Jalan Pudu, walk passed Kotaraya and S & M then cut through the road to Leboh Pudu to Bangkok Bank..

It was a very rare occasion that the busy street at Jalan Pudu and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock is all empty, only people walking on the road side..

We were on an empty Leboh Pudu walking to Central Market, one of the gathering points of BERSIH 3.0..

Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) was on standby to keep the situation in control..Unit Amal marshals (in maroon uniform) were there to assist the crowd before the leading man of that gathering point arrived..

It was around 12.45pm and my group proceeded to the Malaysian Bar Council (Majlis Peguam Malaysia) along Jalan Hang Kasturi..

Get ready with a very long post ahead..

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Say NO To H1N1 Scare

The pandemic influenza A(H1N1) scare is on the rise and never been better..

Death tolls around the world such as The States and some other places are on the rise..Sorry, I didn’t really update myself on the outbreak..

I just know that it kills, it’s another flu outbreak with the name of swine flu and also codenamed A(H1N1), the danger is now labeled Level 6 or something by World Health Organisation (WHO), and umm, etc etc..

The outbreak also has reached our shore and yes, the first case ever heard in KL was in Sungai Buloh or something, and I was at The Curve within that week..

As time past by, rumors spread and all, the flu eventually reached my uni, UCSI..Yeah you read that right..

Heard that a student and lecturer from the main campus, Taman Connaught were infected or suspected with symptoms of H1N1..

The moment some of the close friends of the suspected victim heard about it, some of us from the branch campus already took pre-cautions..


On the other hand, there’s no notice nor alert from the uni to warn us about the suspected case..

Think twice, it’s a bad idea to alert the students as it might cause unnecessary scares among themselves, causing classes to be halted for no reason..

Of course, on the positive note, those who were suspected to have infected with the flu have been quarantined..So it’s definitely fine and all..

Then 1 week after the suspected case in the main campus, it has reached our North Wing campus, said to be 3 of them..

Of course, they were quarantined already, long gone..

Funnily, after the news has spread to our campus, none of the people wear mask already..LOL~!!

IMHO, the suspected ones already being quarantined, there’s nothing to be scared of, until the next victim comes..

I know it kills, but from what you can see in the news, those who got killed are either toddlers or elderly people..

If you are an active and healthy youngster, teenager or young adult, there’s nothing to be scared of because good and strong immune system in your body can actually fight it off..

On top of that, those who were suspected of H1N1 infection have already been quarantined..

If you are really afraid of it, then you should be very afraid of your health, as in do more exercise and live a healthy lifestyle..

So umm, say NO to H1N1 scare, only if you think your body immune system is good enough..

I think mine fares pretty well despite my constant nocturnal life..What about you?

My First Ever Nuffnang Cheque In 2 Years

I’d pressed the “Cash Out” button in 28th March 2009 in my Nuffnang account..

It’s my first time ever doing so in 2-years time, since I joined Nuffnang back in 28th February 2007..

Yes, I’m Nuffnang’s first few tens members, now that they have more than few tens of thousands members, or maybe blogs registered under their umbrella..


I’m a proud Gliterrati, the name for a so-called exclusive Nuffnang member (without putting in any other local or SEA ads in your blogs), for so many years..

Okay, I lied..I did joined the “dark side” for quite some time before I decided to become exclusive, because the “dark side” had been conning people, I mean, bloggers..

And my decision proved me right and no regrets at all..I enjoyed wonderful privileges by becoming Gliterrati, and I don’t see any reason for any blogger out there would want to join, or even try to join the “dark side” for few days..

Okay, about my first ever Nuffnang cheque..I wouldn’t say it’s a very big amount, since it stretched back to February 2007, but I must say it took a lot of effort to reach that amount..

A lot of newbie bloggers thought that earning side incomes by blogging is very easy and some even thought that should be paid at least half, if not as much, as the so-called pro-bloggers earned..

Honestly, making money through blogging is much easier now compared to few years back..

But then again, it depends on how much effort you put in and how patient you are in making money through blogging..

Some people got so frustrated when they earn nothing after joining Nuffnang (or even the “dark side”) for say, 3-4 months..

Or maybe some said they earn peanuts after putting in the effort and all after so many months..

Sit down and think again..Does your blog has HIGH traffic like Does your blog has UNIQUE or ORIGINAL content like some pro-bloggers out there?

I’m sorry to say that if you plan to start up a blog JUST to make money, NO, you won’t have that much of readership or original content..

Because you are blinded by the monetization concept and all you do is copy and paste other people’s content, and complain you are earning peanuts..

Reality check, you might just have slightly more than 10 unique visitors daily..Okay I’ll give you more, but not more than 40-50 unique visitors daily..

How can you complain that you are earning peanuts, if you want to compare with the likes of or many other so-called pro-bloggers?

But then again, I know, it’s actually a win-win situation where you give the advertisers a space for the ads, and of course the advertisers have to pay back (royalty) the bloggers for lending out the space..

It depends how much effort you put in and all coz logically, advertisers would want to advertise in a space that has more readers than the one that has none..

Even if for you, if you are an advertiser, for sure you want your product to be advertised in a space that has high readership..

But then, I would say you didn’t lose anything when you get to go to so many movie premiere screenings and events, all for FREE~!!

Okay, back to my cheque again..I knew it’s about time for my cheque to arrive my mailbox anytime now coz it needs slightly more than 1-month for the cheque to arrive, provided that you cash out at the end of the month (applies to Gliterrati ONLY), where in my case, I cashed out on 28th March..

So by calculation and assuming that the cheque won’t get lost while it’s on its way here from Pos Malaysia, it’s right about now..

And I was right..

*My letter*

I’m not sure whether the letter is from Nuffnang but the possibility is very, very high..

So I opened the letter..

By the way, for those who didn’t know, Yat is my surname :)

*Cheque statement*

As expected, my first ever Nuffnang cheque is here..Wheeeeeee~~!!!!

Okay, this is just the statement..The real cheque is here..

*Money money money*

Yes that’s right, RM1,107.89..

Like I said, the amount might not be a lot since it’s a duration of 2-years earnings, but it’s the effort that pays..

Really, some people thought I earn a lot and making fast money..I can honestly tell you that I put in a lot of effort and patience..

Don’t believe me? Right-click on the image below to view the larger image..That’s my entire earning of RM1,107.89..

*My 2-years long effort pays off*

To see my patience, see the bottom part when I first joined Nuffnang..See how much I got paid..

Few cents or even RM1-2 for the first month or so? I didn’t even write complaint mail..

No ads appeared in my blog? I didn’t even write complaint mail..

Why I know? Because I’ve heard it from few acquaintances and friends that they actually HAVE friend(s) whom wrote a complaint mail and were sent into Nuffnang’s helpdesk..I was like wtf???

The problem with money-minded bloggers nowadays, is they think that Nuffnang MUST pay them after they have registered with Nuffnang..

IMHO, I must say that Nuffnang doesn’t owe you anything, coz you are signing up for free..

BUT, Nuffnang does owe you your cash-out cheque IF you are able to press that “Cash Out” button..

And I must say that Nuffnang WILL pay the bloggers, albeit how much they cash out..

If the cheque doesn’t arrive your mailbox, it’s not Nuffnang’s problem..It’s either the bank, or Pos Malaysia problem..

You cash out, they gaodim the procedure and all, the delivery part is the responsibilities of the bank (HSBC) and Pos Malaysia..

Yes you can write in INQUIRY mail to get Nuffnang check your cheque status, should the cheque not reach your mailbox in say, 2-months time (provided you are Gliterrati)..

Hope more people understand this and also, if there’s no ads or so-called business, it’s not because Nuffnang is having a hard time to survive..

But it’s all depends on advertisers..Nuffnang is just another advertising agency..If advertisers decided to cut down on cost, it’s not even Nuffnang’s fault..

Blame the global economic crisis, will ya?

That’s when you seldom see ads appearing in your blog..Open up your mind and think..You are not only study to pass the exam but also to make you think logically..

Last but not least, THANK YOU NUFFNANG~!!!!!

Cova @ Gardens

If you have know me long enough, you’ll know that I usually eat out before I go to shopping malls instead of eating in shopping malls..

The reason is simple..I would prefer nicer and cheaper food..If I’m eating in malls, most likely I’ll choose fast food over other restaurants or Japanese restaurant..

Firstly, I’m not a fan of raw Japanese sushi nor sashimi..Secondly, eating in other restaurants most likely are noodles or fried rice and such..

Of course, that led to my first ever eating session in Gardens, Midvalley Megamall, in Cova, a cafe cum lounge cum bistro..

If you didn’t know, Cova is situated at the bridge connecting Midvalley and Gardens, where Cova is on the Gardens’ side..

All photos credit to Ken, Chung Lern, and David..

*Cova in Gardens..A cafe, lounge, and bistro*

As you can see, the interior design and set up are pretty cozy and I like it very much..The tables and seats are not cramped up which gives diners a tad bit of privacy..

Cova is a restaurant where you can have almost everything, from local food to Western steaks to Italian and lots more which I don’t really know their origins..LOL..

*L>R – Cova Citrus Crush and Passionate Blue*

First up, we were served with drinks to clear our esophagus before we proceeded to stuff in all kind of food..

The Cova Citrus Crush, a favourite among the diners that night, a non-alcoholic drink with lemon and lime juice, and soda water..

As much as I wanted to like it but I have very very very (repeat 100 times) low tolerance on sourness..So, I guess it’s not my glass of drink wtf..

Passionate Blue, if you didn’t know, most blue color drinks are made with blue caracao..This blue caracao drink, is an alcoholic drink, with rum and pineapple..Somehow, it gives a different feeling when I drink it..

*L>R – Chocolate Crazy, Strawberry Surprize, Cova Evergreen*

Both Chocolate Crazy and Strawberry Surprize are non-alcoholic and they are normal smoothies..Of course, I love smoothies! Chocolate Crazy made me go crazy..

The Cova Evergreen, an alcoholic drink with Midori, soft liqueur made of melon, vodka, and Triple Sec..It’s a pretty good drink with slight taste of vodka, just like the color itself, I feel so green..

*Hot Mocha, Hot Latte, Heavenly Hot Chocolate*

If you are not in the mood for cold drinks, Heavenly Hot Chocolate is very good and I definitely love it a lot..Hell, I love chocolate drinks since I was a kid!

If you are a coffee-lover, Hot Mocha and Hot Latte are good to drink..Both are too bitter for my liking and my taste bud can’t really take it..So yeah..

Beverages are priced between RM6.50 to RM12.50, applies to Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, and Soft Drinks..Not quite sure bout the Cocktails..

*Soft Shell Crab Salad, Cova Nasi*

For starter, the Soft Shell Crab Salad would kill anyone with its creamy cilantro dressing, together some mixed greens and cucumber..How could you not love the soft shell crab?!?!

Next, Cova Nasi..No, it’s NOT nasi lemak..It’s ulam rice with the choice of beef rendang or dried chicken, salted egg, mango salad, and some veggies..

Well I don’t know bout the others but for me, the rice and beef rendang, mm-mmm~..It’s so, so, Asian! And I love Asian food, win hands down..

*Portobello Mushroom Salad, Barbeque Beef Ribs*

Portobello Mushroom Salad, another starter, is cooked with balsamic vinegar, grilled potatoes, and butter lettuce..Being a carnivor, I found myself quite fond of this salad especially the fried potatoes..It’s just lovely..

Barbeque Beef Rib, a new dish that is not in the menu at the time we ate it..Not quite sure bout now and god, it’s so nice that it’s finished in no time..It was everyone’s favourite!

It comes with tortilla chips, mashed potato, and tomato salsa..Yes, the mashed potato..You gotta love the chef’s mashed potato..It’s heavenly, kimochi-desu~!

Available Salads are priced between RM18.50 to RM27.50..

Scroll on for more mouth-watering food and desserts~!!

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Anti Bar Council Forum Rally

WARNING : Content MIGHT contain disturbing remarks over religions issue or such but I’m not condemning any of it, yet, I’m discussing it as a FREE THINKER and as a Malaysian who knows nothing bout Malaysian Law in specific..You’ve been warned..

Last Saturday, a bunch of Muslims protested at the Bar Council building at Jalan Lebuh Pasar Besar (nearby Central Market)..

They were demonstrating against the Bar Council’s forum on conversion to Islam forced the forum to end early than scheduled..

Apparently it’s an so-called open forum in a private premise, which is the Bar Council building itself discussing problems faced by some Muslim converts..

Well, I was not present at the scene that day so I didn’t how serious or heated the situation was..Everything just from Malaysiakini‘s Video..



So from what we can see from the videos, this group of umat Islam actually going against the forum which they saidwas undermining Islam and the Constitution stated in Article 121 (1A)..

Well, I ain’t a law student so I don’t really know what’s stated in the Article..

I’m not here to condemn Islam or Muslim or being a racist or whatsoever..It’s just my view as a liberal Malaysian..

From what I can see from the video, it’s a group of people gathered illegally and interrupting a forum in a private premise..

Yes, you can say that the Bar Council was trying to challenge and opposing the Constitution even they themselves should know the law better..

What about gathering illegally and stormed into the Bar Council’s conference room? Are these acts deemed legal and courageous?

Can’t they do it with manner? And I think I heard some racial slurs from some of the fellow demonstrators..

Malay-Muslim is NOT the only race in this world that holds Islam..I guess most of them didn’t know that China got loads of Chinese Muslims..

Or they’ve forgotten that Middle Easterns aren’t Malay as well? Or maybe they thought Muhammad Ali the boxing champion is a Malay as well..

Well, I’m not picking on Malay nor Muslim here..It’s just that their mindset are too shallow and that reflects the others too..

If they want to protest, do protest in a proper way coz their silly act would definitely affect the good ones..I know NOT ALL Malays are that shallow-minded..

There are some smart Malays as well..And I didn’t say that all Muslims are stupid either..It’s all about what you do and that reflects your personality..

Same goes to other races and religions as well..I myself as a Chinese I do think that Mainland Chinese are quite dumb too..

Their attitude are dumb in a way, or perhaps their jakun attitude looks dumb..

And I always thought Americans are dumbass..Look at their President, George W. Bush..That’s a real dumb..

But anyway, back to the Bar Council forum issue..

In the second video, you can actually see political blogger Mahaguru58 got pissed off with one of the demonstrators, said to be PAS Youth leader or something..

Anyhow, the funny thing was even PAS Research Centre or whatever it is, they agreed on the forum..

Now that’s what I call matured thinking and they are focusing it on a larger scale, unity of Malaysians..Therefore we have an open forum..

I’m thinking, why all these Malay-Muslims were so afraid of their religion being discussed by others? They can discuss about Christianity or Buddhism if they want to..

These Muslim converts they discussed about Islam because they want to continue their life in a better way..

Say if they are not devoted enough to uphold Islam, what for they continue on because they were converts, just to marry an Islam partner..

Do you think they feel better living as a Muslim but not practicing it..

Worst come to worst, they wanted to eat pork but they can’t coz they are still a Muslim..In reality, they aren’t practicing Islam teachings, they aren’t fasting during puasa, etc etc, just to name a few..

If they discuss it doesn’t mean they are challenging the status of Islam for being the national religion or whatsoever..Why they have to be afraid of their religions being discussed?

And they even booed and jeered the people when they left the building..

With these kind of attitude, whoever wanted to marry to a Malay-Muslim anymore? They got booed and jeered for God’s sake..

Anyhow, I rest my case..

Jilat Incident At Protes Carnival

Last Sunday, the Protes rally was held at Kelana Jaya Stadium..

It was an anti-oil hike rally, organized by Pakatan Rakyat..The objective is to gather 1-million people and sign a petition to be handed over to the Parliament or something..

The gathering was going on fine until, this happened..


The performer, Carburetor Dung, got mobbed by most people in the stadium, because of the lead vocalist, Alak’s gesture..

IMO, considering that most of the people there were PAS and PKR members, I’m not surprised with the mob thingy..

But the problem is, why they have to tarnish the image of their own race or religion, Islam?

I’m NOT saying that all of the Muslims in the world are terrorists but that’s what is reflected in most of the incidents..

I don’t see the reason to hurl object missiles onto the stage even if they’ve behaved indecently..

Can’t they just boo or jeer the performer and kindly request to the organizer to stop the performance?

Why they have to be offended and make things worst?

Well I ain’t racist..As a matter of fact, I fully support the rally, by heart..I didn’t make any noise about the roadblocks made in 2-3 before and during the rally..

Carburetor Dung was not supposed to perform in the first place, considering they are an underground band..

For sure their music is different from the mainstream’s..Think Ben’s Bitches..Their lyrics are absurd..

But have you ever heard of any mob or anything from the Chinese or Buddhists or Christians who react over those lyrics?

I don’t think so..Most people would have just brush it off as some kinda humor or won’t take it seriously..It’s just some lyrics of a song..

Anyway, the crowd should have acted decently and not violently..They are representing the Opposition parties and that reflects their image..

To turn over the current Government, who have always been violent, literally, we should counter them with polite and manner..

I’m utterly disappointed with the members of the Pakatan Rakyat who have behaved childishly and take things on their own hands..

If they thought they can take over the Federal Government with this kind of attitude, be ready to lose all of the seats in the next General Election, and I’m sad for that..