BERSIH 3.0 – My Experience At 428, Masjid Jamek – Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

I have missed the BERSIH 2.0 because I was invited to a friend’s wedding in Penang on the very same day, 9th July 2011, the fateful day of 709..

This time around, on 28th April 2012, the BERSIH 3.0 rally is up again seeking for a fair and free election..And I know I cannot miss this 428 event..

It made me even more excited when I know my groups of friends who have kept silent all these while, have decided to join the rally as well..That’s when I know I’m not alone..

At about 12.15pm, we took LRT from Pandan Indah and got off at Plaza Rakyat station..The moment we stepped out of the train, the situation was very intensed as we saw much more people wearing the yellow and green shirt..

The crowd stretched from Masjid Jamek on Jalan Tun Perak all the way til Puduraya, that we haven’t not take into account the people at Central Market, Jalan Kuching, Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, and Lynas people coming from KLCC, Jalan Ampang..

We started our journey on Jalan Pudu, walk passed Kotaraya and S & M then cut through the road to Leboh Pudu to Bangkok Bank..

It was a very rare occasion that the busy street at Jalan Pudu and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock is all empty, only people walking on the road side..

We were on an empty Leboh Pudu walking to Central Market, one of the gathering points of BERSIH 3.0..

Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) was on standby to keep the situation in control..Unit Amal marshals (in maroon uniform) were there to assist the crowd before the leading man of that gathering point arrived..

It was around 12.45pm and my group proceeded to the Malaysian Bar Council (Majlis Peguam Malaysia) along Jalan Hang Kasturi..

Get ready with a very long post ahead..

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Malware Attack By Innity Ads On Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

UPDATED (20th September 2010, 11pm – GMT+8:00)

Innity has clarified their issues and took swift action is trying to solve the problem..As quoted from Innity’s Announcement Page as of 20th Sept 2010, 6.20pm (GMT+8) :

Google has now completed a review of our domain and certified that has now been re-activated and has passed all checks.

We at Innity though are still looking to enforce additional layers of checks and confirmations before reinstating all advertising scripts so please bear with us and we will notify you in the next 24 hours to put up our ad scripts again.

Furthermore, if your site is still currently blacklisted and you are having difficulty getting it reinstated, please drop us an email with your site details to with a copy to and we will complete this process for you as quickly as we can.

For further updates you can proceed to Innity : Announcement..


I bet many of you have heard of and also never heard of Innity Ads..

Unlike Nuffnang and Advertlets where both companies aiming at blog advertising, Innity Ads target more on corporate websites, or so I heard..

As quoted from Innity’s website..

Innity Ad Network is a South East Asia network of premium quality news, editorial and entertainment websites that reaches more than 200 million consumers regionally, with over 2.1 billion ad impressions monthly.

Innity Premium Network campaigns are designed to provide high profile brand exposure with no limits on specific placement sites or creative structure on selected premium content publisher sites.

It’s presumed at about Malaysian Time (GMT+8:00) 5pm, September 19th 2010, more than 500 sites contained Innity Ads have been labeled as harmful as it is listed as suspicious..

The time of attack can be confirmed by the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for, where it’s updated 12 hours ago at the time this blog post is being written, 5am..

innity rojaks malware
*Printscreen of the page at Malaysian Time 5am, 20th September 2010*

In that page it’s also clearly stated that malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including

Here’s a printscreen of where you can’t view it on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers but they are working fine on Internet Explorer and Safari..

rojaks innity malware attack
* on Mozilla Firefox*

Here’s a printscreen of on Google Chrome..

rojaks-chrome innity malware attack
* on Google Chrome*

Using Internet Explorer is pretty fine, well I don’t know why as I’m not a tech guy but here’s a proof, visiting the blog at the same time..

rojaks-iinternet explorer innity
* bearing the Innity Ads banner*

So the question is what causes the “malware attack” that prevented those sites having Innity Ads from being visited?

After some research and discussion with Joshua, we found out that Innity is not at fault for causing the malware attack that paralyzed those blogs and websites..

If you visit you will safely enter the site without any warning at all..But when we tried, the warning page appeared and we found a better source of it..

innity-page malware attack google

Quoted from Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for says..

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days, appeared to function as an intermediary for the infection of 3 site(s) including,,

Other than the 3 mentioned sites, we also know that The Star is actually running Innity Ads but they have solved it pretty fast and The Star is working fine now..

But when Joshua searched on the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for, it says..

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 902 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 75 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-09-19, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-09-19.Malicious software includes 63 scripting exploit(s).

Malicious software is hosted on 3 domain(s), including,,

3 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including,,

This site was hosted on 3 network(s) including AS10204 (ARCNET), AS17547 (QALA), AS2042 (ERX).

innity-thestar malware attack
*Printscreen of the page to support what I’ve quoted*

People started noticing this “attack” after some people tweeted bout it where you can search “innity” it on Twitter Search page..

Other than proofs from Google, DataKL Solutions also blogged about “Innity Ad Code Causing Reported Attack Page”..

Now don’t be surprised if you found out your blog/website appeared to be harmful :D

The solution is to temporarily remove the ad code in your blog/website by using Internet Explorer or Safari because these 2 browsers were not affected by the malware..

To date as of 6am, 20th September 2010, it’s reported that this malware has infected more than 644 domains including,, and

Check out Joshua’s – Malware Attack on More than 600 Domains/Blogs/Sites With Innity Ad Code Affected..

Warning At Petrol Sation For Foreign Registered Vehicle

Malaysian Government has announced that starting on 1st of August 2010, all foreign registered vehicle is not allowed to pump RON95 petrol..

They are also not allowed to pump diesel of more than 20 litre at a time at any petrol kiosk within the vicinity of 50km from the border..

Good news is they can pump RON97 without any limit..

*Taken at Shell Station in Taman Connaught*

This warning notice is taken by me at a Shell Station in Taman Connaught..

Can you spot the mistake in this notice?

Now take a deep breath and read out loud the warnings written on the notice..

Still don’t get it?

Once again, the notice is a warning towards foreign registered vehicles, so it’s presumable that foreigners (without MyKad) are not allowed to pump the RON95 petrol..

So, foreigners include Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, Australian, Japanese, Korean, Caucasian, etc etc..

How the heck can these foreigners read the Malay notice?!?!?!

But on the bright side, I saw the same notice in other petrol kiosks in both Malay and English..

Get smart yo!

Traffic Congestion At Cheras Roundabout, Kuala Lumpur

On every weekday Monday to Friday, traffic congestion during off-work hour is kinda unavoidable, be it in KL city center, Cheras, Kepong, PJ, Damansara, Subang, or Shah Alam..

Unavoidable is one thing, but making it become worse is another thing..

I always freaking hate selfish irresponsible drivers who managed to get their driving license and driving around not knowing how to respect other drivers..

In this case, traffic congestion at a roundabout..The one in Cheras specifically..

Congestion usually happens when drivers on either side of the incoming road don’t give way to the other road despite blocking the road and causing massive jams..

I got fed up and made an impromptu video on that very roundabout and I know it’s kinda boring or whatsoever but hey, it’s my way of reporting reckless-selfish-irresponsible drivers!

So here’s the video and I’ll definitely come back with more videos..


This is a part of my Traffic Offenders series..Do check it out..

Boycott BH Petrol Taman Pertama, Or Something Else?

So there was the news where a female student died in a tragic accident where her MyVi burst into flame and of course, burning her alive for being trapped in the car..

The main essence of the news is focused on the cause of the death, the BH Petrol kiosk at Taman Pertama, which is just outside my house..LOL..Okay not like outside outside..It’s nearby my house..

The NEWS goes with “A man’s desperate attempt to save a woman from her burning car was in vain because petrol kiosk attendants refused to lend him their fire extinguishers despite his pleadings.”

And so the said petrol kiosk is the BH Petrol at Taman Pertama, right further down from Taman Pertama KFC or before the Cheras Cemetery..

In this case, BH Petrol’s attendants were at fault just because they didn’t want to lend the fella (Teo Chai Yong) their fire extinguisher..

Like some letters people have wrote in to newspaper columns and all, you can say that because what you read from the newspaper is the end result so your mind is being manipulated..

I bet the attendants were doing the right thing for not opening the door despite the pleadings and all..Robbers/Thieves nowadays are very good actors..

If the news is the other way round, saying, “petrol kiosk being robbed after attendants opened door to Mat Rempits robbers after being tricked for wanting to borrow fire extinguishers”, what’s your thinking?

I bet you would be laughing and feeling angered at the same time thinking that the attendants must be stupid to believe such lies and all..Aren’t we blinded by our hypocrisy?

Rakyat has even created a Facebook page to boycott the BH Petrol station and to be honest, I dun really see cars flocking that station anymore..It’s kinda quiet..So I guess they’ve accomplished their mission?

Back to the incident, why don’t you say the fella (Teo Chai Yong) is to be blamed because there were other operating outlets as well, Shell Station and 24-hours McDonald’s for example..

Both Shell and McDonald’s is just less than 1-minute drive from that BH Petrol station..

Of course we cannot blame him because he’d tried his best to save a live but to no avail..

So who we should blame?

I must say, the authority..Our security concern is so weak that the BH Petrol’s attendants were afraid to open the door to save a live..

If only the people’s safety and security is well maintained, such incident wouldn’t have occurred..

Not to mention bout fires and all..Let’s take another example..

Just say a person trying to hitch a ride on a road side with his hand bleeding..Well he might claim that he got robbed and wanted to make a police report so he needs a lift..

Good Samaritans aside, any Malaysian with a right mind will NOT stop for the man, in fear of getting robbed instead of helping the guy..

Our fearsome mindset is being set by our beloved Government, or should I say authorities because the people’s safety are at risk!

You can’t even guarantee that you would be fine if you are at a crowded place..

Once you are surrounded by 20 Mat Rempits, you are done for..If you are a female, pray hard that you don’t get raped..

All we hear all day and all night long was policemen taking bribes, giving summons for no valid reasons, etc etc..

I know not all policemen or authorities are like that, there are bound to be some good ones but the bad ones are giving them a bad image!

Worst of all, these complains and news fallen on deaf ears..Not like actions will be taken against those who take bribes and all..

Okay bribe is another thing..What I’m trying to say is that the authorities can’t even provide a proper security to the people that the rakyat have to live in fear!

Do you feel safe even when you are walking alone in broad daylight? NO~!!! Let alone night time!

So people please, look at the broader picture and think carefully whether you are doing the right..There are more to it than what you see with your naked eyes..

Think wise :)

I Don’t Want To Rest In Pieces Like Final Destination

This is a true story..Seriously..

Few years back, my friends and I had BBQ with few friends of mine..That time my hair was still short, spiky short..

We set up the fire pit on the roadside in front of the house gate..Everyone gathered and we talked, ate, and laughed..

Then a friend, I shall call him Mr C, suggested that we have a bit of ghost stories..

Considering he was in the boys scout, there are plenty of eerie ghost stories to be told..

Then, he started with something like this, I couldn’t really remember..It’s definitely not the same story but about the same concept, I guess..

Once a upon a time there was a hut in the rubber tree plantation cum thick forest..

In the hut, occupied by a mother and the daughter..Both of them were isolated from the others as they are rubber tappers and were given the hut to stay in..

So one night, after the mother and daughter finished their dinner, they cleaned the dishes and going to call it a night..

Suddenly, someone knocking on the front door..Knock knock..They got curious because there weren’t many people visit them unless it’s the end of month to collect the latex from the trees..

The daughter opened the door, peeked out..No one was there..Maybe it’s just some twigs or branches dropped from the trees, they thought..

Soon after they closed the door, someone, or maybe something, knocked on the door again..

Felt weird, this time the mother opened the door..Again, no one was there..

The mother thought it must be some wild animals running around and hit the door, just to make her and the daughter feel relief a bit..So she closed the door..

Not long after that, a knocking sound is heard again..They got scared, really scared..Goosebumps all over their body..

“Who’s there??”, the daugther asked..No answer..Knock knock, again..

“Oi chee bye..Who’s there lah??!?!??”, the daughter yelled a bit..Still no answer..Knock knock..

More goosebumps..They looked at each other, nodded, a sign of agreement to look at the door together gather..

They walked slowly to the door, the knocking sound is getting louder and harder..

The closer they got to the door, the louder and harder the knocking gets..

Frightened and trembling, they mumbled some verses from the Quran, braved themselves to open the door as there’s nothing to be afraid other than the Almighty God..

The daughter placed her hand on the door knob, the knocking sound stopped..

Then she opened the door, both of them peeked out of the house, slowly, slowly, slowly..

Then suddenly..


Mr C shouted ‘WAAHHHH’ and I got frightened coz I was too concentrate in his story..

Worst of all, another friend, Mr P, sitting beside Mr C, was holding a camera, it was a film camera..Snap snap snap..

It was a planned ghost story just to scare people and at the same time snap pic of the people to see their reaction..

SHIT~!!! Caught in the act~!!! Few days after that, he got the films developed, and the result?


It’s real yo..Look at the tense nerves on my neck wtf..