Email From A Reader

Well, the other day when I checked on my Yahoo Mailbox, nothing much in it..

The usuals Friendster’s notifications, Nuffnang incoming Ads notifications, and some forwarded mails..

I have the habit of not checking my Spam Mails in my Gmail..

Fortunately, I have the habit of checking the Bulk Mails of my Yahoo Mail and the Junk Mails of my Hotmail..

So in this Bulk Mails of my Yahoo Mailbox, I came across this mail with the subject “Hi Jenkinyat”..

Usually, mails with “Hi jenkinyat”, or “Hi nakata182 (which is my mail address)” are mostly spam mails..

But this particular mail is a bit different on it’s sender’s name..

So I thought I should have a check on it..

Here’s the content of the mail that I’ve received..

Hi Jenkiyat,

Hey there…my name is BenYi and I run a blog at

First of foremost, would like to say that I am a frequent visitor of your site :)

I am just an ordinary guy who loves to compose & sing. Having a true passion for music, I’d like to gather more people to listen to my music in order to improve myself, as a pure music lover. I’m hoping if you can give some comments on my songs (please feel free to critic). And you think it’s good to be shared with the rest of the readers of your blog, I really need a lot of comments from others as well…

Therefore I really really hope you can help me with it. Thanks for your time.

Below is the link to a few of my song compositions (I put up a amateur video to go with it :p), have a look J

First of all, I didn’t expect to receive such kind of mail from a so-called frequent visitor of my blog, which I have not seen any of his comment in my entries before..

Secondly, if he really is then I have to thank him for supporting my blog all these while :D

Third, I don’t mind to post of your videos in my blog as I’m open to reviews and stuffs..And I like to criticize to :P

So here it goes..

Here’s the first video that he made..


This D.I.Y video is quite okay IMHO..The song is nice too, albeit my illiteracy in Mandarin (Eh, I do listen to Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, Stefanie Sun, Soda Green and many more okayyyyy)..

Even though it’s just a ‘face-on’ shot on this MTV, the expression and all is not bad..What can you expect from a new-timer right?

And here’s the second video that he made..


About this second song, I like the first one more, in terms of the song and the MTV..This second MTV is more like a photo collage kinda thing..

So I think it’s a bit amateurish although the pics are all somewhat related to the lyrics or whatsoever (Eh, told you I don’t understand Mandarin already what)..

And umm, as for his future, I think he might make it big if he’s given a chance like Karen Kong, who made it into the music industry through Friendster Blog..

Well personally, the songs are quite nice and kinda emo, which I think a lot of girls would love it..I don’t mind it too, actually..And I prefer the first one..

To name a few odd ones, I also like songs from Project SuperStar Singapore‘s winner Chen Wei Lian’s (he’s blind by the way) Ai Hen Nan and Wo Zhi Shi Xiang Yao, and more from Julian Cheung Chi Lam, and many other..

But I would love to hear more songs that comes with their own uniqueness, such as Soda Green, or perhaps Jay Chou or Wang Lee Hom, or tunes like Eason Chan’s..

As you know, the standard of HK music industry has dropped drastically since the death of Leslie Cheung, the disbandment of Beyond, the very busy of old-time Four Heavenly Kings, and many others..

The new generation of Twins, Cookies, Muffins, EO2, Sun Boyz, Rain Li, and don’t know what shit what shit names already, are all total crap..

Luckily there are some stand out ones, like Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Joey Yung, Kelly Lam, and some others to name a few..

So, these are my comments and hope you can do it good in the future and everyone enjoy the song..

7-Weeks Dog For Adoption

Story behind- 8-4-08

Roger was found yellping in a dustbin..He was picked up by a schoolboy..Now Roger is cleaned, bathed and will be deworm and vaccinated this weekend..

Roger is still terrified, needs a lot of care and love and understanding..If you want him, you must have the above and the time to give attention..

He will follow you very close cos afraid to be abandoned and wants to be carried most time..Does not want to be caged and alone until confidence is dawned upon him..

Can be trained and is worth to take him..Very playful with big dogs too..

View at Subang Jaya and SMS Julie : Zero-One-Nine-388 5119 states : Roger and your name..Will call back after 6pm..

Anything else you can always refer to Petzz Corner @ Malaysia Number 1 Forum..

This is a community service message by Yatz..

The Lampe Berger Personality Makeover – Part 2

People *cough*..Let’s continue our debate on how *cough* Lam Pah *cough* Burger changes a person’s personality in just a mere short time..

Check out Part 1 if you don’t know what’s going on..

You see, Lam Pah Burger is very good at brainwashing people mind, especially those not very well educated or I would say, drop-outs..

Yes, I’m referring people like Gary as a retarded drop-out because he didn’t stand firm on the ground like any other people even though they didn’t pursue their studies after SPM..

Anyhow, I shall leave that to Part 3 where I’ll be discussing the idiotic of Lam Pah drop-outs and Lam Pah people..

Let’s continue with the conversation of Raven and Gary..

2/19/2008 1:31:09 PM raven – actually , how come u haven grown up ?
2/19/2008 1:31:17 PM raven – i am so surprised , u kNOw

2/19/2008 1:31:24 PM Gary – talking bout sinful u are the most sinful i have ever met
2/19/2008 1:31:34 PM Gary – i tot you have regretted what you have done. at least learn

2/19/2008 1:31:37 PM raven – u r stil childish
2/19/2008 1:31:38 PM Gary – and apologize
2/19/2008 1:31:44 PM raven – as i do
2/19/2008 1:31:44 PM Gary – u r talking about urself?
2/19/2008 1:31:53 PM Gary – did you apologize ?

2/19/2008 1:31:56 PM raven – walaU
2/19/2008 1:32:04 PM raven – u r damn fuNNy
2/19/2008 1:32:09 PM raven – pity ur wife
2/19/2008 1:32:15 PM raven – i must pray for her

2/19/2008 1:32:26 PM Gary – LOL…thats why i said in first place bad luck…for your bf
2/19/2008 1:32:29 PM raven – to realise the inner devil of u
2/19/2008 1:32:32 PM raven – so funny
2/19/2008 1:32:38 PM raven – u r ady 25

I really wonder how Gary knew that Raven didn’t regret of what she has done, by just bombarding her with silly statements in a childish manner and yet, he’s saying Raven is childish..

Bravo to Lam Pah people *claps and standing ovation*..

2/19/2008 1:32:41 PM Gary – look into mirror
2/19/2008 1:32:43 PM raven – pls , wake Up
2/19/2008 1:32:45 PM Gary – u r just talking about urself
2/19/2008 1:33:04 PM Gary – i felt so disgusted of u now
2/19/2008 1:33:15 PM Gary – tell urself to wake up
2/19/2008 1:33:21 PM Gary – not me..

2/19/2008 1:33:23 PM raven – my frens also laugh at u NOW
2/19/2008 1:33:33 PM Gary – from the way u talk right now…its sooo immature
2/19/2008 1:33:41 PM raven – just like u
2/19/2008 1:33:43 PM Gary – ya because ur friends and u are the same breed
2/19/2008 1:33:48 PM Gary – thats why they think like u r

2/19/2008 1:33:49 PM raven – we got nOt much different
2/19/2008 1:34:06 PM raven – taLKing wit u make us laugh
2/19/2008 1:34:12 PM raven – tq for those JoKE
2/19/2008 1:34:19 PM raven – n we r goiNg for meetiNg

2/19/2008 1:34:25 PM Gary – same breed ppl dun think out of circle

Who’s the one immature here? The one that kept defending herself or the one that kept bombarding with the word “immature” and “I don’t even want to talk to you” but still keep on talking and talking and talking X 100..

And excuse me, I’m in the same breed as well..So are your parents, your old friends, your girlfriend’s parents, etc etc..

So are our PM Pak Lah, Penang’s new CM Lim Guan Eng, PKR’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, and the list goes on and on..

2/19/2008 1:34:27 PM raven – thanks n goodBYe yea
2/19/2008 1:34:34 PM raven – u LB people
2/19/2008 1:34:37 PM raven – sot sot de

2/19/2008 1:34:41 PM Gary – u bitch
2/19/2008 1:34:43 PM Gary – LOL
2/19/2008 1:34:50 PM Gary – whore slavery slut

2/19/2008 1:34:55 PM raven – BItCh fucker!!
2/19/2008 1:34:56 PM Gary – LOl
2/19/2008 1:34:59 PM Gary – hahahaha
2/19/2008 1:35:03 PM Gary – i got ya
2/19/2008 1:35:04 PM Gary – lol

2/19/2008 1:35:11 PM raven – fuck more Bitch yea
2/19/2008 1:35:12 PM Gary – good bye and have a nice day
2/19/2008 1:35:22 PM Gary – talking about urself is it
2/19/2008 1:35:27 PM Gary – suck more cock

2/19/2008 1:35:30 PM raven – really a nice day to hav u make us laugh
2/19/2008 1:35:40 PM Gary – Haih…same breed
2/19/2008 1:35:42 PM Gary – same kind
2/19/2008 1:35:45 PM Gary – never change
2/19/2008 1:35:47 PM Gary – LOL

2/19/2008 1:35:47 PM raven – we r laughing louder n louder
2/19/2008 1:35:56 PM Gary – laughing urself… go ahead
2/19/2008 1:36:05 PM Gary – few more years u will realize

2/19/2008 1:36:14 PM raven – tq
2/19/2008 1:36:14 PM Gary – waste my time talking to you and telling how immature u r
2/19/2008 1:36:18 PM raven – tq
2/19/2008 1:36:21 PM raven – BYE la

2/19/2008 1:36:23 PM Gary – u r most welcome

So now I know..Lam Pah taught people to curse people’s daughter as bitch, whore slavery slut and cock sucker..Aren’t they really lampah?

And again, he’s the one telling how immature Raven is..

2/19/2008 1:38:36 PM raven – just glad tat i dumped u , regret cause i hav chosen u as my 1st bf , wut a dirty memories , it’s OK i ll forgive u
2/19/2008 1:39:02 PM Gary – talking about urself. i hv already forgotten u long long time ago lor
2/19/2008 1:39:10 PM Gary – if not i wouldnt know how nice my life now will be

2/19/2008 1:39:15 PM raven – u stil owe my dad ?
2/19/2008 1:39:18 PM Gary – enuf la little girl
2/19/2008 1:39:23 PM raven – some money ?
2/19/2008 1:39:24 PM Gary – i dun want to talk to you anymore
2/19/2008 1:39:41 PM raven – pls pay back if u got the debt yea
2/19/2008 1:39:48 PM Gary – u go back and ask him and dun tell people without investigate
2/19/2008 1:39:57 PM Gary – this is immature example of yours

2/19/2008 1:40:00 PM raven – u do pay back some
2/19/2008 1:40:09 PM raven – bUt nOt enuf rite?
2/19/2008 1:40:21 PM raven – walaU , u fucking JOker
2/19/2008 1:40:29 PM raven – like tat also Immature ,
2/19/2008 1:40:34 PM raven – siu sei Ngor

2/19/2008 1:40:41 PM Gary – u such a small girl

So, by saying someone’s daughter as bitch and are of a different kinda breed is matured? Now I learn new things from Gary..

I just want to say, “Gary is son of a bitch” and “Gary is of LB breed, which I deemed lampah breed“..

OMFG~~I feel so matured now..Everyone please kow tow to me wtf..LOL..

2/19/2008 1:40:56 PM raven – my fren said u stil LOve me wo
2/19/2008 1:40:57 PM raven – wahaha

2/19/2008 1:41:00 PM Gary – if u want tell, ask ur dad to call me
2/19/2008 1:41:01 PM raven – siu sei ngor
2/19/2008 1:41:13 PM Gary – ur ass lar….put u on my ass also i dun want
2/19/2008 1:41:17 PM raven – they said u cant forget me woo
2/19/2008 1:41:21 PM Gary – such ugly women with black heart
2/19/2008 1:41:21 PM raven – siu sei Ngor
2/19/2008 1:41:25 PM raven – impossible ma
2/19/2008 1:41:35 PM raven – all of them tell me the same wo

2/19/2008 1:41:47 PM Gary – of course lor..because they are same breed mar..
2/19/2008 1:41:51 PM Gary – all immature gang
2/19/2008 1:41:53 PM Gary – stupid

2/19/2008 1:42:01 PM raven – pls don simply judge people
2/19/2008 1:42:04 PM Gary – stop la. i lazy to talk to immature ppl

Hmm..I would love to hear those words come out from his very own mouth..It would only be an embarrassment to himself rather than the person he calls out..

2/19/2008 1:42:04 PM raven – they r here de
2/19/2008 1:42:08 PM Gary – so what
2/19/2008 1:42:10 PM raven – b polite K ?
2/19/2008 1:42:15 PM Gary – come over lar if dare
2/19/2008 1:42:18 PM Gary – polite
2/19/2008 1:42:22 PM Gary – talking about urself is it slut?

2/19/2008 1:42:23 PM raven – they say u r extinct ady
2/19/2008 1:42:27 PM raven – such JOker

2/19/2008 1:42:31 PM Gary – LOL
2/19/2008 1:42:34 PM raven – we nearly siu sei jo
2/19/2008 1:42:48 PM Gary – there is nothing i can do except laughing with you all these immature breeds

He’s laughing with us wey..So does that means he’s also one of us??

OMG..Preet~~*whistle*..People..We got new member in da house..

2/19/2008 1:42:48 PM raven – tq
2/19/2008 1:42:56 PM raven – my professor also here laughiNg

2/19/2008 1:43:00 PM Gary – malaysia is poor soon because of u ppl
2/19/2008 1:43:09 PM raven – nope
2/19/2008 1:43:14 PM raven – because of LB people

2/19/2008 1:43:23 PM Gary – ur professor no use…teach such kind of immature student
2/19/2008 1:43:25 PM Gary – u go out and ask
2/19/2008 1:43:30 PM Gary – how many ppl want to hire UM student
2/19/2008 1:43:39 PM Gary – less than 20%
2/19/2008 1:43:44 PM Gary – immature. arrogant
2/19/2008 1:43:49 PM Gary – no courtesy
2/19/2008 1:44:09 PM Gary – form 5 student have more better manners than u UM student

2/19/2008 1:44:15 PM raven – izit ?”
2/19/2008 1:44:19 PM Gary – of course.
2/19/2008 1:44:44 PM raven – k la MEeting
2/19/2008 1:44:45 PM raven – bye

2/19/2008 1:44:50 PM Gary – enuf la little gal
2/19/2008 1:44:58 PM Gary – dirty slut

Talk about how many people want to hire UM students..Why not we talk about how many people want to be friend with LB people..

Form 5 student have better manners than UM student? Hmm I’m not surprised at all..

Coz even a dog behave better than LB people..Dog will wag its tail when it sees a friend or its owner..

They don’t bark like nobody’s business like LB people..Dog only barks at strangers, not friends..

Okay okay..Here’s the highlight..Click HERE to go to Gary’s friendster profile..

Take a good look of his face and remember to stare at him if you ever see him at Menara HLA (Lam Pah Burger’s KL HQ)..

We’ll discuss further more bout Lam Pah in Part 3..I’ve wanted to talk about it 2-3 years ago but I held back..

Now I can let go and shoot “my friend” with all my might..Thank you..

The Lampe Berger Personality Makeover – Part 1

I guess most of you guys heard or have knowledge (less or much) about Lampe Berger (LB)or Estebel or DCHL, the company that sells lamp oil fuels and fragrances a.k.a aroma therapy oil from Paris, France..

I do believe that other than LB member itself, not much people like LB..

Anyway, here’s a story of a friend of mine..I would rather say a not-so-close old friend..His name is Gary Mak..Yes, real name, no cover up at all..

And another friend, name Raven..Both of them were couple few years back..

Back then, Gary and Raven were a loving couple and Gary WAS a good and kind guy..

He’s quite helpful and he respects people as who he/she is..But things changed..

As far as I know, they broke up due to differences in family background, education, and also some common relationship problems..

Friends in our circle would know who I’m talking about and don’t worry, it’s approved by Raven herself for me to write this entry..

So, Gary felt frustrated and vowed to succeed in life for not wanting to lose to Raven, which he’s fighting for his future..

I heard that his job of 3 years ago (2005) was quite good, earning him RM5k per month, but I’m not so sure bout his profession/job..

Then, he heard bout LB and joined the dark side, left his RM5k wage of job and did fulltime with LB..

I heard that he made quite a fortune with LB and most of us cut-off contact with him because of his aggressive approach..

Time went on and Raven got herself a boyfriend while studying in UMS (Sabah) and Gary got himself a girlfriend while doing in LB..

So now, after 3 years, Gary talked to Raven on MSN and I thought it’s actually quite awkward..

The following conversation is to show you the arrogance of most LB people, if not all, and you should distance yourself from them few light years away..

It’s to tell my dear friends how Gary has changed ever since..And also a warning to those without knowledge of LB..

Take note that the conversation was started up by Gary himself~!

2/19/2008 12:35:45 PM Gary - hi
2/19/2008 12:35:52 PM Gary - same 2
2/19/2008 12:35:57 PM Gary - u
2/19/2008 12:36:54 PM Gary - not working?

2/19/2008 1:03:28 PM raven – hey
2/19/2008 1:03:33 PM raven – working lo
2/19/2008 1:03:45 PM Gary – oh ok
2/19/2008 1:03:50 PM Gary – i tot u still study
2/19/2008 1:03:53 PM Gary – when get married?

2/19/2008 1:04:25 PM raven - Study in the same tIme
2/19/2008 1:04:31 PM raven - get married arrr

2/19/2008 1:04:53 PM Gary - when
2/19/2008 1:05:06 PM raven - depends when he wan me lo
2/19/2008 1:05:07 PM raven - hehe

2/19/2008 1:05:22 PM Gary – lol bad luck
2/19/2008 1:05:44 PM raven – who bad luck ?
2/19/2008 1:05:46 PM raven – u ?

2/19/2008 1:05:53 PM Gary – lol
2/19/2008 1:05:56 PM Gary – u

2/19/2008 1:06:18 PM raven – me ?
2/19/2008 1:06:33 PM raven – in wut sense 1st ?

2/19/2008 1:07:01 PM Gary – fm maturity prediction
2/19/2008 1:07:15 PM raven – HUh ?
2/19/2008 1:07:23 PM raven – u mean im stil young to get married?

2/19/2008 1:07:39 PM Gary – not mature enuf la
2/19/2008 1:07:49 PM raven – yea lo
2/19/2008 1:08:04 PM raven – i also Not ready for tat
2/19/2008 1:08:09 PM raven – but bf is ady 27
2/19/2008 1:08:13 PM raven – see how lo

2/19/2008 1:08:21 PM Gary – lol
2/19/2008 1:09:19 PM raven – u le?
2/19/2008 1:09:29 PM Gary – soon ler
2/19/2008 1:09:42 PM raven – will invite me o nOt de?
2/19/2008 1:09:56 PM Gary – no lor
2/19/2008 1:09:57 PM Gary – lol

This part is total son of a bitch..Even if he holds grudge against Raven and not even want to invite her to the wedding dinner or whatsoever, why start up the conversation??

Let’s continue..

2/19/2008 1:10:26 PM raven – aiyo
2/19/2008 1:10:29 PM raven – Ok lo

2/19/2008 1:10:33 PM Gary – lol
2/19/2008 1:11:46 PM raven – then good luck n all the best in ur life
2/19/2008 1:11:55 PM raven – wish u from bottom in my heart

2/19/2008 1:12:04 PM Gary – hahah thanks
2/19/2008 1:14:43 PM raven – just if u remember my grandpa
2/19/2008 1:14:47 PM raven – pls pray for hIm
2/19/2008 1:14:50 PM raven – he got cancer
2/19/2008 1:15:11 PM raven – my mum told me secretly de

2/19/2008 1:15:38 PM Gary – then what did u do for your family?
2/19/2008 1:16:05 PM raven – take k of him
2/19/2008 1:16:10 PM raven – help hIm massage lo

2/19/2008 1:16:15 PM Gary – ur grandpa in sabah meh
2/19/2008 1:16:20 PM raven – cause he doesnt kNow he got cancer
2/19/2008 1:16:26 PM raven – Im iN KL Now
2/19/2008 1:16:31 PM raven – takiNg master in UM

2/19/2008 1:16:36 PM Gary – u finished ur study already?
2/19/2008 1:16:47 PM Gary – what type of cancer

2/19/2008 1:16:47 PM raven – transfer to UM ady

Well, he kept interrupting and kept asking whether she’s still studying or not..

I believe that Gary was quite close to Raven’s family because of their past relationship..

In this scenario, I don’t see any caring or kindness in Gary’s mind or heart at all even Raven kept telling him bout her grandpa’s illness..

2/19/2008 1:16:56 PM Gary – so ur bf in sabah how
2/19/2008 1:17:02 PM raven – we r good
2/19/2008 1:17:17 PM raven – just tat if god can help me reduce his pain
2/19/2008 1:17:34 PM raven – i Need more praEr pray for hIm

2/19/2008 1:18:05 PM Gary – u r a christian?
2/19/2008 1:18:15 PM raven – Nope
2/19/2008 1:18:18 PM Gary – then
2/19/2008 1:18:27 PM raven – only christian can pray ?
2/19/2008 1:18:31 PM raven – don thiNk so

2/19/2008 1:18:48 PM Gary – i guess u r not a christian too
2/19/2008 1:18:50 PM Gary – lol

2/19/2008 1:19:33 PM raven – wutever religion it is
2/19/2008 1:19:47 PM raven – there’s some1 protecting u
2/19/2008 1:19:49 PM raven – us

2/19/2008 1:20:05 PM Gary – believing in religion is not to get protection
2/19/2008 1:20:18 PM raven – as long as u believe in wut u trust for
2/19/2008 1:20:20 PM raven – i KNow

2/19/2008 1:20:24 PM Gary – it is to tell you to do good things and not instill painful memories and bad things to others
2/19/2008 1:20:29 PM raven – at least some1 is listening
2/19/2008 1:20:57 PM Gary – do not do things to others if you do not want others to do the same thing to you. that is all what it is

Now first of all, my perception of believing in religion as a Free-Thinker, to be in a religion is NOT to do good things and not instill painful memories and bad things to others..

To believe a religion’s belief, it’s to get directions in life so that you will live life to the fullest..

Whether it’s a good or bad thing or painful or good memory is not a religion to decide..A religion’s belief is just to guide you the way that you think it’s best to follow..

Good or bad is to be told by history, not religion..

2/19/2008 1:21:16 PM Gary – i hv told u you are not matured enuf since last conversation
2/19/2008 1:21:27 PM Gary – till this year, you have not grown yet.

2/19/2008 1:21:55 PM raven – yea yea
2/19/2008 1:22:02 PM Gary – religion is not an excuse for anyone to run away if they have committed wrongful deeds
2/19/2008 1:22:13 PM raven – did i say so ?
2/19/2008 1:22:20 PM raven – u r weird
2/19/2008 1:22:27 PM raven – i din say anythIng bout tat

2/19/2008 1:22:31 PM Gary – you did not say any but you hv behave like one
2/19/2008 1:23:00 PM raven – i just Hope some1 up there pls take care of my granpa
2/19/2008 1:23:01 PM Gary – raven, step out of your circle and look around..there is so much things to see and to do
2/19/2008 1:23:21 PM Gary – you are keeping yourself in a circle of a box
2/19/2008 1:23:24 PM Gary – never grow

2/19/2008 1:23:32 PM raven – walau
2/19/2008 1:23:39 PM Gary – grandpa is one thing. the docs will be there to take care of him
2/19/2008 1:24:12 PM Gary – don’t you ever regret of something you have done wrongfully before in your past?
2/19/2008 1:24:23 PM Gary – did you really look into yourself and realize?

Here I believe the he’s referring to Raven’s idea on the break up part, which he deemed SINFUL and WRONGFUL..

2/19/2008 1:24:43 PM Gary – and try your very best to do more good deeds to the society?
2/19/2008 1:25:03 PM Gary – ur 24 yrs old rite

2/19/2008 1:25:06 PM raven – wut hav u done for the society
2/19/2008 1:25:07 PM raven – ?

2/19/2008 1:25:31 PM Gary – i ask u. hv u ever did something bad in ur past, that you feel regretted?
2/19/2008 1:25:39 PM raven – HmMM
2/19/2008 1:25:55 PM Gary – did u really apologized?
2/19/2008 1:25:57 PM raven – who doesnT make any mistake in life?
2/19/2008 1:26:07 PM raven – people learn from mistake

2/19/2008 1:26:17 PM Gary – did you really feel sorry and learn from mistake??
2/19/2008 1:26:24 PM Gary – and apologize?

2/19/2008 1:26:31 PM raven – as least I saYAng my bf NOw
2/19/2008 1:26:35 PM raven – never betray hIM
2/19/2008 1:26:41 PM raven – take good care for hiM

2/19/2008 1:26:52 PM Gary – u r a UNI student right now arent u
2/19/2008 1:26:54 PM raven – at least i do housework n CooK for hIm everyday in sabah
2/19/2008 1:27:07 PM Gary – how come you still have the broken english
2/19/2008 1:27:10 PM raven – i LOve hIm wit all my heart

From here again, when he can’t really condemn Raven regarding her good deeds or community service whatsoever, he switched to other topic..

He talked about her broken English..

Yes, I’m quite surprised that his English has improved tremendously considering he’s not very well educated and had stopped studying after SPM..

Perhaps it’s the LB effect..

By the way, I don’t think LB bring any good to the society as well..IMHO, it brings more harm than good..

2/19/2008 1:27:39 PM Gary – yeah how many victims u had before you finally get to learn from your mistake?
2/19/2008 1:27:52 PM Gary – world is round..better realize than too late

2/19/2008 1:27:54 PM raven – chattIng wit u doesnt require any good english
2/19/2008 1:28:17 PM raven – how u KNow the circle of my life NOw?
2/19/2008 1:28:25 PM raven – we din even chat more than 2 tImes?

2/19/2008 1:28:40 PM Gary – doesn’t require good english…this is the problem with UNI student…they read too many books till they have attitude prblms
2/19/2008 1:28:54 PM raven – Don judge a bOoK from it’s cover
2/19/2008 1:28:57 PM Gary – yea. it is because i do not even want to talk to you

Now, I thought he’s the one that started up the conversation yet, he said he don’t even want to talk to her..

And oh, Uni students read too many books till have attitude problems?

I beg to differ, so you were saying that it’s better leave the school at PMR level (or lower) and join LB instead? LOL, retarded I would say..

And umm, did anyone tell him that LB people sniff too much of those oil till they have attitude problem too? Heck with it..

2/19/2008 1:29:00 PM raven – tat’s too shallow
2/19/2008 1:29:16 PM Gary – you think i know you by cover??? LOL totally immature thinking raven
2/19/2008 1:29:24 PM Gary – and do you know what is raven means?

2/19/2008 1:29:27 PM raven – My gOd
2/19/2008 1:29:28 PM Gary – burung gagak. u know?
2/19/2008 1:29:42 PM raven – how many years ago , ?? we din keep in Touch
2/19/2008 1:29:47 PM raven – people do change
2/19/2008 1:29:52 PM raven – of cox i kNow

2/19/2008 1:30:00 PM Gary – the black bird that flies around in the city which people do not like and hate about it
2/19/2008 1:30:18 PM raven – yea , then u judge people by it’s name ?
2/19/2008 1:30:21 PM Gary – change…i do not even need to see you and i know where you are standing and progressing now
2/19/2008 1:30:32 PM raven – then ur name means u r sinful n dirty
2/19/2008 1:30:33 PM Gary – no. the name suites u much! LOL
2/19/2008 1:30:46 PM Gary – look into dictionary before you say anything raven
2/19/2008 1:30:52 PM Gary – i am not that easy for you to tease on

By the way Gary, raven is a type of bird of the same species as crow, not burung gagak you idiot..

Burung gagak is Bahasa Melayu, not English..

And yeah, crow is the black bird that flies around which people don’t really like..

But mind you, according to Wikipedia, ravens have high intelligence and are perhaps the smartest birds..

Their intelligence might be on par with canids such as wolves..Now who’s the smart ass here?

I shall stop here because the debate is getting too long..

We shall continue in Part 2..

MAPA 2007 – Part 2, Modified Automobiles

Let’s get going to the Part 2 of the MAPA Fair 2007, held at Midvalley Exhibition Centre recently..

It’s time for modified cars this time..Let’s start off with Proton aight..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The Satria Neo Race Rally Research*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Also called R3*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The price of R3*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Some kinda vintage car*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*With modified audio system*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Equalizer or something..Don’t know*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Don’t know what car..Is it Mitsubishi.??*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This one lagi lah tak tau -sweat-*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Err..Mitsubishi again.?*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This one for sure Mazda but don’t whether is it RX-8..Is it.??*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This one don’t know also..Honda Accord.??*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Superb audio system but don’t know belongs to which car*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Err..Don’t know*

So that’s all for my craps..Hahaha..I know nuts bout cars..Call me a girl if you want..Hahaha..

Serious..I go to any motorshows if just to see showgirls, cars come second..LOL..

The ending of this post meaning is the beginning of 3 posts of showgirls..Hahaha..So, be happy with it will ya..

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Yatz – MAPA 2007 – Part 1, Luxury Cars & Accessories

Requested : From Cash To Ash..

You might not believe what I will be telling in the following paragraphs..

Whatever it is, here goes..

My friend, Nicholas (Nick), drove an old Peugeot out on the Sungei Besi highway near-by Chan Sow Lin intersection, about 1 month ago..

Out of a sudden, smokes came out from the bonet..Without knowing what to do, he stepped out of the car..

More black smokes came out..The engine was burning hot..Then some small lits of fire was sighted..

Before even Nick could asked for help or tried to find out what was happening to his car, the car was set ablazed, like a rocket launched by Hezbollah guerillas had hit the car right on target..

Looking dejected standing right beside the car, tears flow down his cheeks..Hahaha..

Nah, just kidding..An old Peugeot company car is nothing to him =P

Within 5 minutes, traffic police arrived and helped ease the traffic congestion..

From an old Peugeot company car worth few thousands ringgit, now had turned into a burnt metal frame..

Just like a burnt carcass lying beside a 24/7 busy highway..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Nothing left*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Frame is all that left*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*All pics courtesy of Nick himself*