Nigel Barker Masterclass Photography Workshop @ Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi

If you have been following ‘America’s Next Top Model’ (ANTM), you would be pretty familiar with Tyra Banks and the panel of judges..

Nigel Barker, the renowned celebrity photographer is one of the judges and also the photographer in ANTM, is coming to Malaysia from 19 – 25 July 2011 to share his unique expertise on his photography style and techniques..

*Nigel Barker – Image taken from Google Images*

This Masterclass photography workshop is brought to you by Epic Voyage..

What : Langkawi Masterclass
Where : Tanjung Rhu Resort
When : 20 – 22 July 2011

The Langkawi Masterclass at Tanjung Rhu Resort (a luxury 5-star beach resort) is a 3 day 3 night Masterclass by Nigel Barker in the beautiful and inspiring setting of Tanjung Rhu..

*Tanjung Rhu Resort – Image taken from Google Images*

The programme includes practical sessions and “out-and-about” photoshoots culminating in an exclusive dinner-exhibition and an award ceremony for the Best Photos judged by Nigel Barker himself..

The winning photo bags Multiblitz studio lighting worth RM8,500..Top 5 images win Glitzo tripod worth RM3,000 each..

How much is the Masterclass workshop : Total Package Price – RM4,995

The total package price inclusive of :
- 3 nights accommodation at Tanjung Rhu Resort
- Langkawi airport transfers
- Full meals (excluding alcohol beverages)
- Closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition with Nigel Barker
- Autographed copy of Nigel Barker’s ‘Beauty Equation’
- Certificate of Participation signed by Nigel Barker
- Exclusive Tee shirt and cap with Nigel Barker’s embroidered insignia

Per-sign-up is eligible for the following top-up package :
- 1 Supplementary Guest at RM995
- room sharing basis with main participant
- full meals (excluding alcohol beverages)
- Closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition

Option :
- Participants can opt alternatively for the 2 full day Masterclass at RM3,500  excluding accommodation at Tanjung Rhu Resort..Includes 2 coffee breaks and the closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition but excludes lunch and first night dinner..

For more info, check out Epic Voyage’s website at Epic Voyage : Nigel Barker Photography Workshops..

Or, for bookings and further information, please contact Lee Adeline (+6016-4161914) or e-mail at

Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly Contest

It’s the time where you will see lots of drivers filling up forms at Shell stations for a contest called Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly..

Was at Bukit Bintang last week to witness the Shell campaign awareness by the Men In Red, handing out leaflets and contest forms to the public..

*Men In Red*

Together with me was Daphne, April, and Xiang snapping away photos of them doing their job under the bright sun..

Glad that day was pretty cloudy at times so it’s still tolerable..

*Girls In Red*

Okay I just made up the term Girls In Red but yeah, there were guys and girls promoting the campaign to the public and it’s no easy task coz I’ve worked as promoter beforeand it’s quite a hassle to make people stop for a moment to listen to you..

Okay enough of craps, what’s the deal with Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly contest..

There is over RM3 million and more than 4,500 limited edition Ferrari key ring to be won over the 15 weeks period..

*Image taken from Shell website*

The Limited Edition sets are each made up of 6 Ferrari championship models in chrome finish, comprise of Ferrari 156 F1 (1961), 250 GTO (1962), Ferrari P3 (1966), Enzo Ferrari (2002), F430 Spider (2005), and F2007 (2007)..

There are 304 Ferrari Key Ring sets up for grabs each week so don’t forget to fill-in the contest form after you’ve pumped at Shell station..

How to join this contest?

You just need to spend a minimum of RM30 on any Shell fuel (RON 95 and/or 97), lubricants, or any Shell Select items..

Here’s a catch..pump RM30 of RON97 you cant fill-in 2 forms while RM30 of RON95 just one form..So if you pump RM60, you get to fill-in 4 forms for RON97 and 2 forms for RON95 clipped to that one receipt..

Weekly prizes include :

  • RM30,000 + Limited Edition Ferrari key rings set x1
  • RM3,000 + Limited Edition Ferrari key rings set x3
  • RM300 + Limited Edition Ferrari key rings set x300
  • RM50 Shell voucher x600

The campaign runs from 21st December 2010 until 6th April 2011..

To check out if you are a winner from week to week, do visit for more details..

I’m so going to try to get myself a set of Limited Edition Ferrari key ring after being a loyal customer for such a long time :D

Also, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Good year ahead everyone! :D

P/S – Thanks to Ogilvy PR for inviting us to be there for the campaign :)

Puffy Lab – New Platform For Independent Designers

In recent years we could see more independent designers have emerged in the local fashion industry and at the same time received much attention and also support from the public..

Not to mention I’ve few friends doing pretty well in this line and there’s still a lot of room of improvement in this field especially among youngsters..

So now there’s this new platform for independent designers to showcase their work called Puffy Lab..What they have to say?

  • Puffy Lab ( is website selling tees from local designers. Designers submit their designs to us. We will then pick the design that we like, print it and distribute it in on Puffy Lab.
  • In the second version of Puffy Lab, we will let our community (designers and customers) to decide what design to be printed. In the second version, designers will submit their designs on our website. Then, our members will vote on those designs. The design with the highest number of votes will then be picked.
  • We do revenue sharing with designers. We will pay each designer up to RM1000 for each design. It depends entirely on the sale of the tees.
  • For now, we are having a launch event. Anyone who joins Puffy Lab at will have the chance to win an Awesome Red launch tee from the lucky draw (20 pieces).
  • If he/she invites more than 15 people to join Puffy Lab, he/she will get the Awesome Red launch tee.


  • If he/she invites more than 50 people to join Puffy Lab, he/she will get the Ocean Blue launch tee and VIP status for 6 months.


  • As a VIP member, he/she will be entitled for 5% discount on every item on Puffy Lab.
  • There is also an Ultimate Mystery launch tee only for the one who is on the top of the Leaderboard (bottom page of
  • We need designers now. Is it possible for you to ask on your blog, if there is any designer interested on tee design, please contact us at team[at]

*Design #1*

*Design #2*

Besides, once you sign up, you will be given a link where this is mine . Please do use it on your website, we use the link to track your invite count, so that’s how you can win/get the tees!

What are you waiting for? Join Puffy Lab and follow them on Puffy Lab Twitter and Puffy Lab Facebook now!

A Gleeful Moment By Winning Glee Notebook

The winners for the contest are :

Jonathan Luke Raj

Esther Ng (goingkookies)

Azlan Lalan

Zakwan Fikri

Nurhazwani Azri

Congratulations to the winners and do check your e-mail and please respond to it so that I know you’ve received the e-mail..

Don’t miss out on Nigel Tee‘s blog on 5th April for the same contest if you’ve missed out this one..


I bet many of you heard of Glee, watched Glee, talked about Glee, and some went gee gee gee gee gee..Eeeee~~geli~~~..

Okay, enough of nonsense..As much or as little as you know, Glee is an American musical comedy-drama that is something much similar to High School Musical (HSM) kinda thingy..

Well from this statement you would have already knew that I don’t watch Glee (nor HSM) but I’m not outdated as it seems..

I don’t watch series nor drama to begin with (I only watch HK drama and Japanese anime) so if you tell me so and so character like another so and so character or whatever, sorry I catch no balls..

But like I said, I’m an up-to-date person, I listened to their OST, at least..

Hey, they won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, so I must give face to at least listen to its OST right..


In their compilation OST of “Glee : The Music, Volume 1″ is a whole bunch of old and new songs but sang by the casts of Glee..It’s a 17-tracks album with the following songs..

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
2. Can’t Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon
3. Gold Digger – Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx
4. Take A Bow – Rihanna
5. Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
6. Taking Chances – Platinum Weird
7. Alone – Heart
8. Maybe This Time – Liza Minnelli
9. Somebody To Love – Queen
10. Hate On Me – Jill Scott
11. No Air – Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown
12. You Keep Me Hangin’ On – The Supremes
13. Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
14. Bust A Move – Young MC
15. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
16. Dancing With Myself – Generation X
17. Defying Gravity – Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoworth and the cast of Wicked

The opening “Don’t Stop Believin’ “ by Lea Michele and Cory Monteith is quite a warm-up before you go further into the rest of the tracks..

I can’t really tell you which one is my favourite because some of the hit songs sound good in their own version if compared to the original singers’..

The whole compilation album is pretty good nevertheless..I like it a lot even though I didn’t watch the series..

You can also check out other songs that were being featured in the series HERE..

Now we’ve talked about one of the most talk-a-bout series up-to-date, it’s time for some serious business..

As the title says, you get to win a Glee notebook, as in a a bunch of note sheets in the form of a book and not the laptop kinda notebook, here..Right here..

And I’m giving 5 of the following Glee Notebooks courtesy of SONY Music Malaysia and Starworld..

No this is not any April Fools’ thingy..It’s for REAL~!!

glee-notebook-001*Glee Notebook*

*Glee Notebook*

What’s the deal to win it? Easy..

Just complete the slogan “I am the BIGGEST Glee fan because……..” and comment it in this blog entry, of course..

There’s no 20 words limit, no 140 characters limit, no speed limit, and no glee limit..

Say what you want..Shoot me with your long creative thoughtful comment..Please be very thoughtful coz I’ll be choosing the 5 deserve winner, thoughtfully..

BUT, of course you have to meet the following criteria or more professional, the terms and conditions for you to join/win the contest..

  • You need to have a VALID e-mail address for me to contact you should you win it..Provide your blog address (if any) and/or Twitter username (if any)..
  • BE A FAN of SONY Music Malaysia on Facebook at facebook fan no glee notebook..
  • Do use the same name you are using for your Facebook when you comment in here..
  • Winners from Nigel, Ceddy, and Hsu Jen‘s blogs are not entitled to take part in here again..Fair and square right?
  • Most importantly, participants have to be a Malaysian resident..You know, staying in Malaysia..
  • The contest closed at 12noon, 2nd April 2010..Comments received after that tidak akan dilayan sama sekali will not be entertained..

So that’s it..If you like it, do follow SONY Music on Twitter (@sonymusicmy) for more giveaways in the future and I kid you not, they are giving away lots of stuff recently..

Most likely I’ll be announcing the winners via e-mail and a slight edit on the post before 12-midnight of 2nd April 2010..

So do check your e-mail to know if you have won it..ALL THE BEST!

Dog For Adoption

Timmy is excellent with family – especially with children..

Very interactive and clever and very human bonding..

Able to understand simple sit, stay and heel..Alert to be a guard dog and good companion.

Interested, please sms Julie : Zero-One-Nine-388 5119, state Timmy..

Will call back after 6pm..Location in USJ..

For more dogs and all can always refer to MN1 – Petzz Corner..