My First Ever Qing Ming Trip To Klang

Okay, last Sunday (not the day after Nuffnang Music Bash..The one before that) I got up at freaking 6.30am for Qing Ming, and I slept at freaking 4.30am..Sheesh..

Honestly, it was my first ever Qing Ming trip to visit my grandfather and it’s in Klang, coz he died at his second wife’s home, hence placed over there..

Anyway, my father and his siblings did make a trip to Klang every year during Qing Ming, just that I didn’t follow..I also don’t know why and my dad didn’t once asked me to..

But this year a bit different, was being asked to get up early, to make a trip to Klang..So, I did..And I was the driver..

The only place I am familiar with Klang is somewhere Berkerley, the Jusco area where Qe Xiang BKT is situated..The cemetery is somewhere deep inside Meru..Not that familiar so wth..

At about 7am, met up with other aunties and uncles (my dad’s siblings la duh) at Pudu Majestic..Then sped off to Klang via Federal Highway..

Just before the Sunway Hanging Bridge or whatever you call it, just in front of Guinness factory, there was a serious shit accident..

A car (Waja if not mistaken) dragged for quite a distance on the highway in front of GAB and it hit the metal bar divider in the middle of the road, if you get what I mean..

It caused a massive jam at freaking 7.30am on Federal Highway on the way up to Klang..I think it’s quite a rare sight..

Then, at about, we reached the destination, don’t know what name of the cemetary..

*The cemetery in Klang*

So I was there, the cemetery where my grandfather is buried since……I don’t quite remember when..Year 1994 i guess?

Then parked our cars, walked up the hill, not that high up, so it’s fine..

Fortunately, the crowd wasn’t that packed as well..Still bearable and cars still movable..

Also, the weather was moody and cloudy..Very nice for outdoor activities such as Qing Ming, coz there are a lot of elderly people..

*My family and relatives*

Yeah, those are my cousins and father and sister and uncles..It’s my first visit okay, don’t play play..

Well it’s NOT my first visit to a cemetery of course..I mean my first tri to visit my grandfather..

Other than visiting my mom every now and then since 2006, this is really my first..

*The graveyards and all*

Well, I’ve known that usually this kinda event, cemetery or religious or temple thingy, involves the whole family members..

So, usually there are a lot of pretty girls or wannabes walking around following their parents or wandering off themselves coz they are already so familiar with the ritual and all..

And it’s no surprise for me to see some pretty ladies hanging around the cemetery with their family members, chit-chatting and laughing out loud..

*Lo and behold*

I actually wondered what’s with the culture and all..The people there laughed out loud, at cemetery?!?!

Okay, maybe their sense of believe is to bring happiness and joy to the deceased family member by LOL, lighting up firecrackers, and many other things..

But, how some might explain that you have to behave when you are at the cemetery as you might indirectly offend the “neighbours”..

That’s why, culture and beliefs of each family is totally different..

As for my family being all free-thinker, we are just doing it because it’s a Chinese custom, not because we are religious and what’s not..

So we skipped most of the hectic part and just went on with the joss sticks and the box thingy..

*Sunshine is bright*

Just about time when we were done, the sun is brightly lit up on the sky and it’s about 9.45am..

Then I suggested to bring my family to Qe Xiang Bak Kut Teh, since we were already in Klang..Why not a trip to Qe Xiang, it’s on the way exit to Federal Highway anyway..

So yes, we did and again, the breakfast cum lunch a.k.a brunch was splendid..

*Qe Xiang Dry and Soup Bak Kut Teh*

I’m so proud of myself that I brought my family to eat BKT in Klang..LOL~!!

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Well, it’s the month of October and I guess the most happening festive of the month is Halloween Day I guess..

Now when you think of Halloween you would think of trick-or-treat, jack-o’-lanterns, and costume parties..

Nevertheless when you think of jack-o’-lanterns and costume parties, one would think of something ghostly, scary, or horrifying..

People have been brought up with the idea being instilled in their mind that Halloween has something to do with scary stuffs..

I bet most of you people would love to watch horrors in the cinema for its surround sound effect and all right? Well I love watching horrors, with girls, that is =P

Do you remember that somewhere 2 years ago I blogged about a ghouls encounter in Pulau Pangkor? Yes, with picture to prove it, no joke..CHECK IT OUT HERE..

But, do you think that sound effect is that important? Or the make-ups and special effects played the bigger role in scaring people?

I would say the sound effect does played an important role coz it gives people the suspense and thrill, with different music background to match the different kinda scene..

It’s something like in this video..You can see the orb-looking thingy following the car behind..Can’t believe it?

Look closely..I think it even laugh out loud and amazingly it was caught on camera..Turn on your volume a bit and concentrate a bit..The sound and video quality kinda bad..


Now how’s that? It’s something special right?

So, what if Nokia XpressMusic Series able to do that? As in creating sound effects depending on the environment..

I would say if freaks the hell out of people, literally..But of course, each person has different feeling and one might turn out to be brave while another with trembling knees..

Imagine if you see a group of ghost people like this walking around in the shopping mall..

*Captured 3 years ago*

Looking at them, one might get scared and another might laugh at them for their sillyness and stupidity for walking around like that..

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Peak Time of Hungry Ghost Month

It was 2 nights ago, Wednesday midnight, ushering into Thursday..

That’s the peak time of this year’s Ghost Month, where the so-called hell gate opened at its full..

So it’s also the time where fellow Chinese started to burn joss sticks, candles, hell money notes, and many other things which I don’t really know..

This incident happened at the open field across the road from my house balcony..Ironically, the field is next to a surau..

Yes, there was an opening burning for the Hungry Ghost Month just right beside the surau..

*They are lighting up the candles around the burning spot*

*Getting ready to burn all of the hell money notes*

*There goes the burning*


Well I don’t know what to say but that’s the way it is in Malaysia..

On Fridays we have fellow Muslims double-parking and even triple-parking nearby mosques and suraus..

While for fellow Chinese we have time for “legal” opening burnings i.e Hungry Ghost Month, funeral,

Where as for Indians, they have “legal” time for street rally i.e Thaipusam, Wesak Day, etc etc..

Well I’m not discriminating but yeah, just stating the obvious..

Circuits And Electronics Components

Well, some of you guys/girls might not know what am I studying..

Some of you might thought that I’m doing Arts or Music because of my long hair..

Not exactly close to either one of that..I’m actually doing Communications and Electronics Engineering..

No, not Mass Comm that kinda Communication..I studying things related to satellites, radio waves, electromagnetic fields, electronic circuits, and the likes of it..

Yes, something you might relate to being a psychic wtf..

Nothing much..Want to show you what we usually do in the lab, and playing with hobby kits..

*Traffic Light System Hobby Kit* 

*IC – Integrated Circuit*

*Transistors (black), resistors (stripe), and LEDs* 



*Look like a mess* 

Well basically that’s what we engineering students do best during lab sessions..

I bet most of you who did Science stream in high school times did played with these things before..

Anyhow, if you found the result, it’s great..If you didn’t, it sucks..

Enjoy your weekend peeps..

Qing Ming Festival For Everyone?

This question has been boggling my mind ever since the death of my mom in 2006..

In conjunction with Qing Ming Festival, I went to Kwong Tung Yi San Temple to visit my mom on Sunday..

No, I have nothing against Qing Ming nor Buddhism nor Taoism nor Hokkienism nor Hakkaism, nor Teochewism..

It’s all based on my thoughts and nothing but a discussion of a Free-Thinker..

Yes, I’m a Free-Thinker myself..I have no religious belief nor any cult belief nor anything..

I just believed in what I do and everything that I do are of the best and not doing any bad things which I think are bad, and do the good deeds that I think are good..

Well, my discussion is, like this..

From what I’ve learnt about Qing Ming Wikipedia-style, Qing Ming is otherwise called Tomb Sweeping Day or Clear Brightness Festival..

It’s a directly translation that Qing is clear, and Ming is brightness..It’s somewhat like a cleaning day for their house tomb..

So other than cleaning, it’s a norm for the living family of the deceased to offer the dead some food such as cupcakes guai fah kou, fruits, and drinks..

Burning joss sticks to the dead is also another form of offering food to the dead or god..

I don’t really mind if the smokes are smelly or whatsoever as it’s always as smelly as in the clubs, but the smokes sting the eyes and it’s very hurtful..

Not to mention all the crowd pushing here and there..

The thing I don’t understand i, is this whole thing a compulsory for every Chinese?

I don’t think Qing Ming is applied to Chinese Christians right? Or mayb Chinese Muslims..Muslims have their own way of prayers or whatsoever..

So I don’t really think that I, as a Free-Thinker, am obliged to follow the customs or culture and everything to suffer myself, although I’m a pure Chinese..

Yes yes I know..Some argued that it’s a way to show your respect to the dead and do the best for the dead to compensate what you didn’t get to do when they are still alive..

But, what has been done, it’s done..

I’ve discussed something related to this, the “Chiu Dou” event, click HERE..

I don’t think there’s any need to repeat the same over and over again every year after one dies..

You have sent the soul to the netherworld, that’s it..Why keep on sending over and over again?

I thought Buddhism believed in reincarnation? Even if the dead doesn’t reincarnated is because they have reached Nirvana or whatsoever..

Even so, reaching Nirvana means they are at the peak of bliss and happiness..I don’t think they’ll be coming back to let us send them back to ‘the’ world again..

As for Qing Ming, you clean the tomb or the decks or urns placings, you offer food and drinks, that’s all..

I don’t see there’s any need for me to do all the things that OTHER people do during Qing Ming or Chiu Dou..

Furthermore, neither my family nor I know anything about the custom and rules and what to do during the whole commotion..

Doing it wrongly might even resulted in getting jeered, or perhaps they are good enough, you’ll get advice from them..

Also, different people from different family background is doing it differently..

Hokkien people have their own ritual..Hakka people have their own ritual..Teochew people have their own ritual..

So for me as a Free-Thinker Cantonese, which way should I follow if I were to do it?

I don’t think there’s any answer to my question..The ONLY answer is, do what you think is the best for the dead ones..

So what I think is the best is, clean up the place, place offerings, pray with several joss sticks, voila..I’m done..

Okay, no offence to any Buddhist or Taoist out there..It’s just another discussion in this world, ain’t it?

What say you? What’s your experience and what’s your argument?

Types Of Ghosts

We are still in the Hungry Ghost Month of the Lunar Calendar..

So I thought these things would be informative for you guys..

I think none of the followings match any of the Malay ghosts that we heard of, such as Polong, Penanggal, Hantu Air, Hantu Raya, Hantu Galah, etc etc..

Maybe they belonged to one of the groups but these Malay ghosts seemed to be famous for their own names and shapes already..


  • A spectral recording of a specific location that is played back later in time.
  • You can hear it on tape or see it with your naked eye. It’s often the echo of a traumatic event, like a murder or mutilation.


  • A being that inhabits nature, like goblin or an elf.
  • It is commonly described as “shape-shifter”, with the ability to grow or shrink at will and to change from a solid to liquid.


  • An entity that closely resembles a living person. You might not suspect that it’s not human, until it walks through a brick wall.


  • When a person, object or spirit is seen in two locations at the same time.


  • A phenomenon that takes several forms :
    • Sometimes a medium allows a spirit to enter his or her body, eithe partially or fully – in order to communicate with the living.
    • In demonic possession, an entity takes over someone’s body without permission and won’t leave.


  • A ghost that can only be seen in photographs.
  • It can take many forms, including an orb , vortex, an ectoplasmic mist or optical abnomality.


  • A spirit that exists without physical body. You know that creepy feeling you get when you walk through a graveyard? You’re probably being stalked by one.


  • Ghosts that don’t believe they are dead.
  • They can’t move on and spend eternity watching us, envying us – and often hating us just for being alive.


  • A ghost that is sentinent, and angry.
  • It will try to attract your attention by creating foul odors, moving things around, making noises, slamming doors, and hiding things..


  • An angry, mischievous ghost that can be traced to psychokinetic acitivity created by living beings, usually children, who live with great stress.
  • Events surrounding it can include objects that appear and disappear at random, electrical disturbances, water coming from no apparent source, foul odors, rocks raining from the sky or ceiling and spontaneous fires.


  • A spherical, translucent mass of energy that resembles a ball of pure light.
  • It is the most basic and most photographed type of spirit and it often appears in haunted places.


  • A subtance that emanates from a medium during a trance.
  • It can be a mist, a vapor, a gush of blood from the mouth or just a spume of putrid goo.


  • A being that is intense, powerful and very rare.
  • It is usually the ghost of an extremely violent individual, like a murderer, psychotic, or just plain evil person. Mayb it was never a human to begin with.]


  • A very strange and mysterious phnomenon that usually appears as a swirling funnel shape.
  • When it slows down, it looks straight and narrow and is often confused with a speeding orb.

Anniversary Entity

  • Appears only on a date that was significant to it, like the day the person was killed in a horrible accident or the day he was murdered.


  • A visual representation of a ghost, usually as a transparent figure.
  • It looks as real as a living person, and it interacts with the living – until it disappears into thin air.

Electromagnetic Field

  • Combines electric and lagnetic energy that radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays.
  • It manipulates these to suit its own ends – Have you ever felt your hair stand on end.?


  • A manifestation of the thoughts and fears of the human subconcious.


  • A spirit that possesses a living person and forces him/her to do evil.

So that’s all the types of ghosts that we got, from the western knowledge..

Infos taken from Haunted House NYC..